Children's Paradise plus, makes parents more willing to pay!
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2020-04-07 16:33:59
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At present, homogenization is one of the most serious problems facing children's playgrounds. Especially for small and medium-sized indoor children's playgrounds, amusement equipment and business models are almost the same. With the increasing number of children's playgrounds everywhere, intensified competition is inevitable. How to crack the homogenization, there are those who advocate avoiding homogenization through the subjective design, some advocate the creation of a culture to achieve differentiation in children ’s playgrounds, and there are suggestions to upgrade the software and hardware (facilities and services) of children ’s playgrounds to break the situation.

Children's Paradise plus, makes parents more willing to pay!

01The homogenization of children's playgrounds is obvious

To break through the bottleneck of homogenization, we can only make a fuss about digging into customer needs. The opinions of the experts are not unreasonable. They grasp the root of the problem and propose solutions from the deeper needs of children. But here, I want to remind you that children are customers of children ’s playgrounds, and parents are also very important customers of children ’s playgrounds. Even to a certain extent, parents are more important than children!  Because where to take children to play, the main deciding factor is Parents, not children. When did you see a child go to a children ’s playground alone? Since the children ’s playground can seek breakthroughs in digging into the needs of children, similarly, we can use our brains to meet the needs of parents.

Children's Paradise plus, makes parents more willing to pay!

I often hear complaints from some friends, "Sometimes it is the weekend, and I have to take my children to the children's playground." Most parents regard taking children to the children's playground as a task, not a treat. In China, where exam-oriented education dominates, the intensity of learning carried by children is very high. Children ’s requirements for play may not be as high as expected. Usually, some simple children ’s play equipment can also make them have fun. Similarly, for parents, after accumulating a week of work pressure, they also need to find a way to release it. While satisfying the needs of children, should the operators of children's playgrounds consider meeting some of the needs of parents, so that parents can "walk" their baby from a task to a pleasure.

The needs of parents cannot be satisfied by traditional children ’s playgrounds. To meet the needs of parents, cross-border operations or foreign alliances may be required.

02Cross-border operation-"Children's Paradise plus"

At present, with the development of the market economy, various industries continue to grow stronger and larger, combined with the manifestation of multiple formats, this "cross-border" model of "crossing multiple links" has also become the development of various industries. A trend. Among them, the cross-border of the Internet industry attracts the most attention. In 2015, "Internet plus" was also included in the work report. How dazzling is the cross-border of the Internet? Internet + Market has Taobao, Internet + Department has, Internet + Bank has Alipay, Internet + Matchmaker has Century Jiayuan, and Internet + Transport has Didi. The power of "+" can be seen from the fact that its essence is not a cross-border operation.

Cross-border operation

In the children's playground industry, how to "cross-border" the formation of a new mode of operation for children's playgrounds requires constant exploration and practice by industry professionals. Nowadays, children's paradise has become a rigid demand, how to use this rigid demand to create greater value? "Diversion of children's needs to meet more needs of parents." It is a feasible idea. At present, the very hot farm amusement park is the practice of this idea, and the business model of "Children's Paradise + Ecological Farm" has also been recognized and sought after by the public.

Children's Paradise + what? This requires us to understand parents' needs in a deeper level. In fact, the cross-border operation of children's playgrounds has a precedent, such as children's playground + bookstore, children's playground + video game city, children's playground + cafe, children's playground + Internet cafe, children's playground + dining, children's playground + billiard hall, children's playground + indoor golf , Children's Paradise + Photography . Of course, the best way is to target a local parent group and do a detailed market questionnaire for reference.

Children's Paradise plus, makes parents more willing to pay!

Children's Paradise plus, makes parents more willing to pay!

Children's Paradise plus, makes parents more willing to pay!

Inter-industry alliance

When funds are insufficient to support cross-border operations, inter-industry alliances are also an option.

A cross-industry alliance is a horizontal cooperative relationship with mutual marketing and mutual benefit. Relying on each other's brand image and fame, to attract more ethnic-oriented customers, thereby creating a win-win market benefit. Different industry alliances are more used in promotion and marketing, such as children's playgrounds and children's catering, children's education and other forms of joint activities, customer resource sharing, and mutual promotion of public accounts. In the children's playground industry, the main bodies of different industry alliances are mostly different fields of children's formats, and their target customers are the same . There is both competition and cooperation between these main bodies.

If the children ’s playground wants to focus on meeting the needs of parents, the circle of the foreign trade alliance must expand, and the attractive formats for parents must be absorbed. Another point is that the main bodies of different industry alliances can try a deeper level of cooperation, gradually expanding from promotion and marketing cooperation to other aspects, and even reaching joint operations.

The business model of any industry is to meet the needs of customers, the difference is only whether you meet a small number of people or a majority, meet one or multiple needs of customers. In the future, the business model of children's playgrounds must be based on the actual needs of customers and the in-depth needs of children and parents.

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