Still having a headache for Video Games City? Let's see how other industries do it
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Seeing that the store business is not good, do you want to open a new place? However, renting, logistics, and equipment purchase costs remain high. No new store decoration, opening activities, publicity, and employee training are worry-free ... Opening a new store blindly is not the way. practice. How to keep the store fresh and attractive to customers so that it will last forever?

Still having a headache for Video Games City? Let's see how other industries do it

Still having a headache for Video Games City? Let's see how other industries do it


The author will take stock of some examples from other industries,

For everyone to learn and learn from.

Retail Industry: Starting Visually

Compared with other industries, the retail industry has a wider scope and a wider range of customers. How do they keep customers fresh?

1.Continuously update products and make terminal display more beautiful

How to maintain freshness in the retail industry? In terms of products, keep the freshness of the products, and keep out the fun of shopping by constantly eliminating old products and adding new ones. Products that cannot be sold for a long time should be promoted or removed from the market, and obsolete products should be eliminated in a timely manner. Based on customer needs, make good product development plans, actively seek new products, and give customers a fresh feel when shopping. The continuous updating of products can increase the competitiveness of the products, guide the consumer's consumer demand, and form a unique product positioning for the store.

In addition to regular product updates, if consumers are faced with the same shelves every day, the same products will remain the same throughout the year, customers will be prone to aesthetic fatigue, and sales will decline. Combining seasonal and holiday conditions, constantly adjust the product display to meet the environmental atmosphere. Regularly changing the location of products not only keeps consumers fresh, but also helps other products.

In contrast, the video game city is also a good choice to keep the device fresh and regularly update the device and change the location of the device. Let customers see different equipment through the storefront to generate curiosity, which will drive into the store to spend. The creative display is silent advertising, which can bring visual enjoyment to customers and give consumers a fresh look when they enter the store. While attracting the attention of consumers, it can also stimulate consumers to produce consumer desires.

2. Optimize marketing methods

What marketing model does a retail store generally use? One is to use the membership system to stimulate customer spending. The implementation of the membership system not only allows customers to enjoy a variety of tangible benefits, but also further stimulates the customer's repurchase rate, consolidates customer loyalty, and further integrates the customer-customer relationship; the second is to guide customers with appropriate promotions consumption. Promotion is the best way to stimulate consumption, thus turning customers' uncertain consumption into a fixed habitual consumption. The interactive promotion of the lottery lottery, the limited promotion of 50% off the top purchases, the 50% off on the first day, the 40% off on the second day, the 30% off on the third day, the holiday theme promotion, and the regular customer feedback promotion, etc. Promotional methods are used interchangeably, which can keep customers in a sense of freshness from beginning to end, can effectively stimulate customer consumption, and maintain strong purchasing power.

Still having a headache for Video Games City? Let's see how other industries do it

Gaming City can also make good use of the membership system to increase the secondary consumption of customers, highlight the differences between members and ordinary customers, and improve customer loyalty; in operation, adopt non-repetitive discount plans to continuously provide customers with surprises and inspire Consumer desires.

Gaming City operation can also refer to this idea. Operators can think about what are the most unexpected changes for players and the overall style of the store? A show or event you never thought of? Players think we are the least likely to do what we do, so as to give players the greatest freshness and impact. But of course, such a decision has certain risks, and a full investigation needs to be done before the decision to reduce potential risks.

Tea: Product Series Development

Still having a headache for Video Games City? Let's see how other industries do it

After a meal, a cup of milk tea has become a habit of many young people. It would be strange to go out without a drink. There is also a milk tea shop from a former street one to a few dozen meters now. The biggest feature of Chinese people is that they are easy to "love the new and hate the old". They always go to the same restaurant for dinner, and it is easy to get tired of delicious food. Milk tea shops have representative products, which is not enough. In order to compete for young people passing by and takeaway businesses, it is crucial to constantly introduce new products to attract new customers and maintain old customers. You can launch a series of products according to the product positioning of the restaurant, or seize seasonal factors to timely launch seasonal products, so that there are suitable various products throughout the year. Only by constantly innovating and matching new ones can we catch consumers' hearts and retain them for a long time.

Still having a headache for Video Games City? Let's see how other industries do it

In the video game city, is there any division of the same type of amusement equipment for different operation and promotion schemes? Do a good job of analyzing the store's data at the venue. During this time, what type of equipment is popular. You can customize event packages or find the latest products of this type of equipment to better increase the customer's secondary consumption.

Tourism: New Intelligent Technology Experience

Still having a headache for Video Games City? Let's see how other industries do it

In recent years, the driving effect of technological innovation on the high-quality development of the tourism industry has become increasingly apparent. The transformation of tourism from high-speed growth to high-quality development is facing a new round of upgrades and changes. The application of new technologies in the field of tourism has attracted much attention, promoting iterative updates at various levels of tourism consumption and supply. Technological innovation has made travel services smarter, and the user experience has been comprehensively improved.

In recent years, artificial intelligence has been a hot spot. For example, "a mobile phone tour in Wulong" jointly created by Tencent and Chongqing involves technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, etc., through personalized line customization, expert recommendation, intelligent customization, and intelligent navigation. Tourists provide one-stop intelligent services in the areas of tourism information acquisition, itinerary planning, product booking, travel notes sharing, and characteristic e-commerce purchases, making tourism more humane, more intimate, and a better experience.

Still having a headache for Video Games City? Let's see how other industries do it

In addition, China has officially entered the first year of 5G commercialization, and 5G + and other technology applications have led to new tourism trends such as immersive experience, interaction between people and the environment, and overtime experience. In May this year, China World Tourism Group ’s Tourism Investment and Operation Business Group ’s World Window Scenic Area reached a cooperation with China Unicom. During the summer beer festival, it used 5G + 4K + VR technology and 5G + VR 360-degree panoramic technology to bring a new online and offline linkage carnival. In the future, Window of the World will also explore more in-depth applications of 5G technology in the field of cultural tourism on multiple projects such as 5G + AR Hawkeye, 5G + AI travel services, 5G + social sharing, integrated scenic area management and control, and scenic big data analysis platforms. The window is built to become the nation's leading 5G large-scale cultural theme park.

With the popularization of artificial intelligence, major playground management systems have introduced functions such as analyzing user portraits, intelligent member management, and so on. According to different preferences of users, different packages are pushed to make customers feel intimate and improve the sense of playing experience. At the same time, it can also stimulate customers to shop. As a video game city operator, you can make the most of the latest technology, so that younger generations of customers feel that your video game city is advancing with the times and can keep the video game city fresh for customers.

Write at the end

The market is always changing, and the needs of users are changing with each passing day. In the face of the problem of homogenization of the venue and the increasing cost of opening stores, maintaining freshness is a compulsory course for every video game city operator. What is needed is the tirelessness Study and inquiry. Mr. Lu Xun once said: "There is no way in the world, so many people will walk, and it will become a road." Take the first step, boldly make assumptions, be creative, and take every step down to the ground. Maybe The next industry leader is you.

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