Game room ... ready to open! This entertainment and work place work guide is available for reference!
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2020-03-30 09:48:13
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With the adjustment of the emergency response level of the epidemic prevention and control, we also noticed that the service industry companies in some regions will no longer implement the "negative list" management system. Entertainment venues ... when will it open? What are the requirements to start a business? This is a matter of great concern to the industry.

It is understood that many indoor service establishments are preparing for the return to work. The following is a work guide issued by a certain place. Recreation and entertainment venues and other places can meet the requirements to resume work and open business. It is necessary to inform the local (township, street) Culture and Tourism Bureau 2 days in advance. Everyone can prepare for business with local realities! Although it is possible to resume business, prevention and control cannot be relaxed.

Guide excerpt: management of entertainment venues.

1. Amusement and entertainment venues should strictly implement the consumer's "health code + temperature measurement + real-name registration" system, and do a good job of accounting records. Consumers who refuse to wear a mask, provide no health code, or are not green and do not provide their identity information should be denied entry. Consumers who are found to have a measured body temperature exceeding 37.3 ° C or who have suspected symptoms (fever, dry cough, sore throat, chest tightness, fatigue, etc.) should refuse to enter and advise them to seek treatment at a designated medical institution.

2. Amusement and entertainment venues must strictly control the number of consumers. The number of consumers received must not exceed one-third of the number approved by the venue, and those who exceed the control of the number of visitors must not accept new customers. For multi-player game amusement machines, consumers should be arranged at intervals and the distance between them should be more than 1 meter.

3. Amusement and entertainment venues should provide consumers with disposable gloves, disinfectant and other epidemic prevention items free of charge. Arrange employees to strengthen on-site inspections to remind consumers to wear masks throughout the process. Consumers are strictly prohibited from smoking in entertainment venues. Discourage non-entertainment and entertainment consumers from entering entertainment venues.

4. Amusement and entertainment venues should do the daily disinfection and disinfection work. During the business period, disinfect the public areas (entrance halls, bars, exclusive corridors, exclusive elevators, stairs, bathrooms, door handles, etc.) inside and outside the venue at least twice daily. .

5. Amusement and entertainment venues should strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of public goods and appliances. After consumers have finished spending, they should immediately use the buttons, joysticks, tokens and auxiliary equipment (game guns, VR helmets, etc.) of the game and entertainment equipment they have used. Clean and disinfect to achieve "one customer, one use and one disinfection". The physical tokens recovered from the game equipment should be sterilized before being sold again. 

Game room ... ready to open! This entertainment and work place work guide is available for reference!

6. Recreation and entertainment venues should strengthen natural ventilation. If air conditioners are used, the air supply of the air conditioning system should be ensured to ensure sufficient fresh air input, and all exhaust air is discharged directly to the outdoors. Central air-conditioning can not guarantee safety and should be suspended.

7. Amusement and entertainment venues shall be operated strictly in accordance with laws and regulations, and any violation of relevant requirements for epidemic prevention and control shall be dealt with seriously.

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