"Lack of tourists, lack of money, lack of attitude", how theme parks spend the "3 lacks" moment?
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2020-03-28 11:11:11
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A global epidemic, a series of shutdowns, how to "self-help" the theme park industry that originally brought "happy attributes" and "consumer flow"?

Globalization of the epidemic affects paradise performance "Diving" With the closure of the world ’s paradise, the theme park industry full of laughter and laughter ushered in the embarrassing situation of "the peak season is being drunk" as the global epidemic is expanding. 

At present, the theme park's experience and the income from its peripheral products are still the main source of income for the park. From the perspective of data analysis, fans are more willing to play and play in the park with their families. Closing the park has begun to jeopardize the slow growth of revenue . Faced with the sudden epidemic situation, many domestic theme park vendors are also facing the test after the park is closed. The outbreak of the epidemic made the theme park businessmen in the golden age of China's theme park development fall hard. The first quarter of 2020 should have been the "harvest season" of Chinese theme parks, but the "empty window period" of nearly 40 days made nothing happen in February.

"Lack of tourists, lack of money, lack of attitude", how theme parks spend the "3 lacks" moment?

Of course, with the improvement of China's epidemic, some industry experts said: "The second and third quarters of 2020 will be the time when companies will focus on fancy subsidy policy marketing shows. Not only that, the following 11 Golden Week and Double Ten A major promotion festival will definitely make theme park merchants make a big profit, thereby steadily increasing to more than 80% of the original annual revenue performance plan. Faced with “lack of tourists, lack of funds, lack of mentality” (three shortages) ) Situation, how can China ’s theme parks live safely?  “Turtle and sit back” or “strive for self-rescue” In the days of being hit hard, countless theme park vendors in China are also suffering. The number of tourists entering the park was affected by the epidemic compared to the same period last year. The decline is obvious, and the sales volume of various retail products in the park has also dropped significantly during the same period. Relevant staff members said: "After the opening of the park, the operation and maintenance costs of amusement equipment, the wages of front-line employees, and protective supplies are all not small. Expenses. Not only that, how to increase the number of visitors to the park in the short term has become the primary issue after the theme park reopens. "

"Lack of tourists, lack of money, lack of attitude", how theme parks spend the "3 lacks" moment?

Faced with the problem of theme park opening and resumption, major theme dealers in China also expressed their views. Reopening and resumption of parks in various regions will definitely be carried out in accordance with the resumption policy of each region. " However, due to the impact of the epidemic, many theme parks are still waiting to be opened, and newly opened theme parks may also be postponed. . According to the latest news, "the reopening needs to wait for further national notifications, and the specific opening time is not yet notified. " In addition to the traditional theme park projects, the theme parks with the theme of "sea life" and "tourism performance" also encountered the same Dilemma. Taking Haichang Ocean Park as an example, the operation mode of high fixed asset investment and high debt ratio, more than 100,000 heads of marine life, one million square meters of venues, and a huge operation and maintenance system, are related to the "cash flow" every minute. "Struggle to fight . Relying on the "park + tourism performing arts" model, Songcheng Performing Arts has a theme park performing arts market share of 67% in 2018, and has become a leader in theme park performing arts. However, in the face of the epidemic, Songcheng Performing Arts It was announced that its tourism performing arts project was temporarily closed. When asked again when the park opened, it was too late to give a reply. In March, "wait and wait" seems to have become the "self-help rule" of most theme park vendors. However, these "self-rescue rules" may be completely changed by waves of emerging forces. 

"Cloud Tourism", "Streaming Media" What other tricks have celebrities said: "Wikipedia lets humans know the world, and the Internet accelerates the rapid development of human history." Once, you and your friends crossed mountains and mountains, and they were impatient. The mountain to be climbed, the sea to listen to. Now, just use your mobile phone and download the corresponding APP program, and you can share with friends in the 5G era of high-speed information dissemination. 

"Cloud tourism" check-in is not only a special marketing method at the moment, it is believed that after the epidemic is over, it will also become a tried and tested marketing method for most theme park vendors. Take the Beijing Wildlife Park as an example. On the day of the online "opening of the park" , it attracted millions of fans who loved animals. The "yachts" and "luxury airplanes" that kept flying out in the live broadcast room were all fans of CALL. Best illustration. In addition to live broadcasting, the AR Zoo opened by Beijing Wildlife Park not only allows visitors to see the real environment and animals in the park without a blind spot, but also forwards all kinds of rare animals in the park to friends for viewing. Wu Liyun, an associate professor at the Institute of Chinese Culture and Tourism Industry of Beijing Second Foreign Studies University, said that "online zoo" as a branch of "cloud tourism punch" has lower operating costs, and puts some interesting and rare small animals into the live broadcast room. Not only can it maintain market enthusiasm, it can also pave the way for operators to establish their own IP and develop derivatives. Secondly, for zoos and theme parks, there are popular IP stories that adults and children love. The private domain traffic generated by IP culture and the new channels that extend the industry chain behind it will produce inestimable and huge Consumption torrent, "cost-effective" live broadcast, is the key to unlocking the torrent. After seeing the "Online" mode opened by Beijing Wildlife Park, most theme park vendors may say: "We need real tourists to visit, and the revenue from live broadcast can be described as nine cattle and one hair." "Nine cattle and one hair" or "Ying Qianlei" Million ", industry boss Disney's first quarter 2020 earnings report, will tell you the truth. To sum up briefly, Disney's first quarter 2020 financial report has four highlights, including content related to "cloud tourism".

In November 2019, Disney launched a streaming service. As of the first quarter of 2020 financial report announcement, Disney + has 28.6 million subscribers. In just 60 days, Disney has increased the number of users from 10 million registered users in November 2019 to 28.6 million paid subscribers. The revenue of US $ 7.3 billion in the first quarter of 2020 ranked second in revenue reporting channels, which is enough to see the huge potential of Disney + services. "Hardcore fans" are an indispensable presence for any paradise. As early as two years ago, Disney realized that the onset of the online business was about to come, and decisively entered the unfamiliar streaming industry, and gained countless hardcore fans through a program "Mandalorian", earning "eyeballs" "And" cash. " After talking about the "Disney +" service and strolling through the "cloud travel", we next brushed the circle of friends. WeChat was born in 2013 and has been developing rapidly for 7 years. WeChat has become a marketing tool in the "Internet +" era. Using the "Everyone Effect" of the circle of good friends may ease the dilemma of lost tourists. Sunac China, during the outbreak, based on the various formats of Sunac Cultural Tourism City, adopted the "online +" multimedia promotion form, with the help of "friend circle", "vibrato" and other efficient, multi-flow media platforms, Through the daily release of a fun, fun, and knowledge-based short video to achieve the purpose of continuous brand influence. Taking Kunming Rongchuang Cultural Tourism City as an example, its daily short video content, including the flying world series of the movie world, the cold knowledge series of sea animals in the sea world, and the skiing series of online lessons in the snow world, have received a lot of love from Kunming. Many fans of Sunac Paradise “Like”. Whether it's Disney's "Disney +" service, the Beijing Wildlife Park's "Online Zoo", or even the "brush circle effect" of Rongchuang Cultural Tourism City, they can always break away from the existing business model thinking and borrow the most current Good tools, relying on their own characteristics, go out of different ways to obtain customers. Therefore, when the majority of theme park vendors "sit and wait" for customers to visit, it may be worthwhile to consider that there are "handy" tools at hand and work hard, even if they cannot earn "cash", they can at least win "eyeballs". 


Looking at the development history of China's theme parks, you will find that in 2018, the industry was nicknamed the "theme cross-border" year. This year, the words "theme" and "cross-border" belong to parallel spaces. In terms of scarcity of capital and consumption, In the end, it was "confused". "Cross-border" gave "theme" skills, and "theme" also gave "cross-border" its unique face. Entering 2019, "skilled" and "face-saving" theme parks are transformed into Gao Fushuai inside and outside the industry, but Gao Fushuai without "soul" is like a "starter" holding a huge sum of money, without a true love club like. Therefore, this year, everyone has to "hold it" for engaging in "cultural" and very "subjective" theme park IP. So, facing the "segregated economy" in 2020, as a service provider, operator, and builder of Chinese theme parks, what do you want to say? doing what?

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