Looking back on 2019 and looking forward to 2020
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2020-01-07 10:35:52
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In 2019, it is an extraordinary year for both the manufacturers of animation equipment and the operators of the venues. With the upgrade of the entire industry and the transformation of business models, it will drive the transformation and upgrading of the industry, the survival of the fittest, and a major change It will be fully launched in 2019 and will continue in 2020.

How did such a change come into being and develop? Some people would say that it was caused by the entire large economic form, while others said that the paradise of the paradise is serious and lacks innovation. Let's take a comprehensive analysis of the development history of the domestic cartoon industry in 2019 and the development direction of 2020.

Playground equipment production has changed from a doll machine in 2018 to a lipstick machine and a bag machine. The model that guides the development of venues by animation equipment has completely changed to the era of market-oriented and demand-driven equipment development. Already. This is also the main reason the industry is facing reshuffle. So what makes the venue change so drastic and turbulent, this is what we think about.

Looking back on 2019 and looking forward to 2020

01. The market has no direction, and the company has no direction

Many times in the past, manufacturers of animation equipment were digging through design products and creating business models to drive the development of the site. The development of new products has entered a bottleneck from the idea. Once there are new products, they are swarming. This is an unhealthy state of the industry. Only the diversification of the venue's business model will lead to the diversification of equipment needs and the diversification of production enterprises. The demand for entertainment venues will always be the driving force behind the development of this industry.

Looking back on 2019 and looking forward to 2020

02. Competitive pressure on site management, prompting site upgrades

Due to the continuous increase in the number of commercial entities and the continuous influx of new practitioners, the entertainment venues also experienced explosive growth from 2014 to 2018. The serious homogeneity among industries and the intensified competition have prompted venue operators to upgrade the software and hardware of their stores. Strength, the operation is more professional, no longer simple decoration in the past, just put up some machines to run, the time to lay down to make money has passed, not only the store decoration is better, strengthen service management, and the choice of equipment is also increasing Pay more attention to quality, failure rate, collection rate, value, not just price. The brand effect and careful selection of the venue operator itself will eliminate those manufacturers who do not pay attention to equipment and do not pay attention to site demand. The operating capacity of the venue operator is constantly improving, and the statistical capacity of the data is continuously increasing, such as clearing data, membership data, activity data, and gift data. It is no longer a past state, so the venue operator has no control over the machine. The feedback of the information is getting clearer and clearer, and the results are more and more predictable. In addition, the profit model of operators is also changing. Now more and more venues have changed from the original pure-play children's venues to the integrated venue model with lottery for gifts. This integrated venue model is just like the author said a few years ago. The adultization of children's playgrounds, and the childification of adult playgrounds will be a trend in the future.

Looking back on 2019 and looking forward to 2020

03. Blind expansion of chain stores

In the past few years, the expansion of chain stores has been declining. Whether it is its own development or the involvement of capital, many problems are concentrated in the two areas of dissatisfaction and the team's inability to keep up. The simple business model cannot replicate the regional differences. The lack of professional management human resources is also a headache. Therefore, in the past year or two, large chains are also good, as are regional chains. Of course, some chains are still doing well, but the overall number of chain stores is not increasing, but decreasing.

04. The burden on venue operators is increasing

The burden of the site operator is mainly reflected in the large investment, decoration investment, and equipment investment are not a small amount, as well as rising rents, labor costs, event promotion, equipment depreciation, and Uncertainty, such as license application, business supervision, etc. These are the real problems that we must face directly, and these burden problems will be transmitted to the upstream production enterprises. It is only natural that the payment in installments and the increase in credit will gradually occur.

05. Weak innovation

Due to the development of the society and the industry, it has become a consensus and mainstream to adapt the development of mobile amusement equipment in accordance with laws and regulations. The machine is becoming more and more standardized, and it is required to redefine the profit model of the venue. The machine with high viscosity tests our equipment manufacturers. From the perspective of adapting to social development, people ’s living and entertainment space is now being compressed, and industry traffic is decreasing, mainly reflected in the fact that entertainment time is being compressed. The rise of mechanical lottery machines in 2019 is actually in line with the current trend. We This can also be seen from the coin collection data of the venue. The screen-type lottery machine has a decline in the number of coin collections. From one side, it is explained that the player's game time is shrinking. And our current products can't keep up with the development requirements of the venue. At the same time, the data shows that the revenue of retro machines (remodeled standard machines) and experiential simulators in 2019 is rising, so to some extent Insufficientness is opportunity, and trend is opportunity.

Looking back on 2019 and looking forward to 2020

2019 is a year of industry adjustment and site management adjustment. The taste of this is what my colleagues in this industry have experienced. In the face of this form, equipment manufacturers and venue operators must have some thoughts on how to adjust. Product structure, strengthening the service attributes of enterprises, and how site operators can adjust their business models. To create a boutique entertainment venue, I hope that my analysis will bring you some new inspiration and thinking. I believe that the adjustment of this industry will continue in 2020. We also believe that our equipment manufacturers and venue operators will review the situation. Go ahead, because you are all good enough!

Here, We would like to express our gratitude to the readers and friends who have always paid attention to us. In the new year, we will continue to accompany everyone and bring more venue operation information, live up to expectations!

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