Do You Know How Wave Pool Works
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2020-01-02 14:14:40
shikewei    2020-01-02 14:17:23

Wave Pool, as the popular attraction of a water park, is our strangest natural re-creation. Unlike the uncertainty of natural waves, water is chlorinated in wave pools, beaches are concrete, and waves arrive like a clock every few minutes. Vacuum wave pool design 

In the ocean, most of the waves are caused by wind. Pentium air pushes some water molecules together, 

creating a disturbance on the surface of the ocean at a particular point. These molecules push the molecules next to them, they push the molecules next to them, and so on. In this way, disturbances propagate along the ocean surface, while individual water molecules remain in roughly the same area.

Wave pools reproduce ocean motion in one of two ways, depending on the size of the pool and the required wave size. In a wavelet pool, pressurized air is blown to the surface, or the oars generate force in the water to produce small wavy waves. Other techniques use the accordion mechanism, which is turned on and off to suck water into its abdomen (opening) and push it out (closed) to cause waves. However, in a mass wave pool, large quantities of water are soon allowed to enter the far end of the pool, forcing it to flow evenly and produce considerable waves. In these large wave pools, excess water is discharged through the return channel, where it can be used again to produce another wave.

Vacuum wave pool design

In this system, water is circulating. It moves from the deep end of the pool to the canal, to the pumping system, and back to the deep of the pool. The return path is enclosed so that the swimmer will never be exposed to the pumping device.

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