Fewer customers? Come see if you went into the misunderstanding
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2020-01-03 15:40:22
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When the children's park first opened, through various publicity methods and promotional activities, the park's customers increased. Over time, there are fewer and fewer customers in the store. Why are there fewer customers in the park? Come and see if you went into the misunderstanding.

Any store will be faced with a high concentration of publicity and promotion at the time of opening. It is normal for people to reduce the flow of people in the future, but it is abnormal if the flow is greatly reduced. And usually these are the problems that the site itself has in the management and management. If there are any problems, do n’t be afraid. Let ’s discuss and solve them together.

Fewer customers? Come see if you went into the misunderstanding

1. Safety, security, or safety

The services provided by children's parks are all about how much money they should make if safety issues arise. Therefore, it is the rule for children's playgrounds to ensure the safety of children. So how can we ensure security?

① The equipment should be safe;

② The site shall have safety measures.

First of all, the quality of amusement equipment must be qualified, there are no hidden dangers, and it should be harmless. And it cannot have sharp edges. The combination of its parts must be very strong, so as not to loosen and cause children to eat by mistake, which brings safety risks. In addition, infants or toddlers should prevent toys with long strings and small parts.

2. The location of the children's playground is important

The operation of the playground also has an important relationship with its location. In places where crowds are concentrated, such as in front of shopping malls or in shopping malls, as long as it can attract the attention of children and parents, business will naturally be good.

3. Hygiene and clean

Children's playground is played by children every day. Sanitation, clean, bright, and tidy are also very important. Unhygienic and clean amusement equipment, let alone contagious diseases, even from the visual senses. It's daunting. Imagine if parents saw the dirty device, would they feel comfortable letting their children play?

Fewer customers? Come see if you went into the misunderstanding

4. Choose children's play equipment

How to put in devices that attract children is fundamental to determining the quality of your business. First of all, we need to investigate what equipment exists in the surrounding children's playgrounds, and strive to be different, to be surprisingly successful. Good amusement equipment can provide appropriate sensory stimuli, such as: special sound, different touch, bright colors And beloved shapes, they can be used to stimulate children's vision, hearing, smell, touch and so on; children like to play with children of the same age or adults at home, so good toys to enable more than two people to play together, more importantly , Selecting a device that allows parents and children to play together can promote parent-child interaction and will naturally be welcomed.

5. Position your customer base correctly

No matter how good the amusement equipment is, it is impossible to satisfy the preferences of all children. The children's favorite things are different for each age group. This is also what the operator should think about. The so-called positioning means that the operator must understand: you must At what age children are served.

In addition, excessive attention to the development of new members, the lack of maintenance services for old members, the lack of customer segmentation, incomplete collection of member information, and the lack of long-term awareness of member operations are all problems for customer loss.

Fewer customers? Come see if you went into the misunderstanding

How to solve? ?

Member management

1. Collecting member data requires mastering customer information

Under normal circumstances, children's playgrounds will be promoted on the day of opening or holidays, attract new members to do membership cards through preferential activities, and enter basic customer information. We can also collect customer communication addresses by sending member gifts later, send vouchers through WeChat to collect WeChat signals, and collect customer's ID by swiping the customer's ID card during card processing, etc. At the same time, it is also very important to handle the relationship between the client and the children's playground. The park can send condolences on the client's birthday and the day when the child enters school, so that the relationship between the two becomes closer.

Fewer customers? Come see if you went into the misunderstanding

2. Employees must have professional knowledge and be able to provide advice to customers

Children's playground staff need to have certain expertise in products, childcare, etc. When customers have doubts and questions, they want to hear professional answers, not blind sales or "don't know", because advisory sales have become an important tool to build customer trust and build long-term customer relationships.

3. Classified management of customers

Children's playground should be concerned about customers and value them. The core of membership management is the customer, so in order to ensure the efficient operation of the children's park management, the children's park should first define the customer standards, that is, who is a general customer, who is a suitable customer, who is a key customer, with customer satisfaction as the goal, and then How to build a relationship with them, and according to this classification provide targeted and appropriate services, so that the children's playground value goals and customer value goals are coordinated.

Fewer customers? Come see if you went into the misunderstanding

Therefore, we need to use the venue management system of the big data customer group segmentation to conduct in-depth analysis of members to meet the increasingly fine consumer demand of different customers.

Only through the management of member data can we understand members and continue to dig out their true value. The purpose of the membership of the children's park is to be a repeat customer, achieve word of mouth, and attract more new members.

Popular equipment

01. Popular equipment

For some very popular children's amusement facilities, or some newly introduced children's amusement facilities, managers should place these amusement facilities in a sufficiently conspicuous place, so as to increase the popularity of these amusement facilities and make new ones Rides are known to tourists and are even more popular. For example, the beautiful scenery in the playground, the place with a lot of people in the playground, and the ticket office in the playground are also places where popular amusement equipment can be placed. In addition, it will also have a good effect when placed on popular rides.

02. The principle of complementarity

When placing children's amusement facilities, pay attention to the principle of complementarity between amusement facilities. For example, educational amusement facilities should be placed with sports amusement facilities. This is also an important technique for placing amusement facilities.

03. Different models and different positions

At present, almost all large-scale playgrounds have different types of children's play facilities. When placing these play facilities, different types of play facilities must be placed in different positions. In doing so, children can be guaranteed to play. The safety of the time can also make the layout of the amusement facilities in the whole playground very well, giving people a clear sense.

04. Functional classification

Many children's amusement facilities of the same category may have different functions, so when placing the same category of amusement facilities, you should try to put together different types of amusement facilities as much as possible, so that children can enjoy the fun to a large extent Come and have fun.

05. Reserve space

There must be a considerable space between children's amusement facilities, which will help children not to cause physical injury when they play too much.

If you want to successfully open a profitable children's playground, you must master the technology and use it proficiently. Only by keeping the customer's heart can you retain the customer. As long as you keep people, you will definitely get more market wealth.

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