Key Elements Of Theme Water Park Design
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2019-12-31 17:22:35
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In recent years, the domestic water park is full of bloom, and the competition situation is hot. With the rapid development of the tourism economy, the demand and expectation of the tourism products are becoming more and more important, and the cultural and creative spirit is becoming more and more important. The pure water park equipment can not meet the more tourists' experience demand, and the future water park competition will be the competition of the theme culture. We call it a "Theme water park" of this type of water park.

theme Water Park Design

The so-called theme water park is the water park equipment with water as the core carrier, depending on the water space, and giving the special theme to the park. Compared with the general water park, the theme park has a clear and prominent theme orientation, integrates elements from all over the world, and at the same time combines the local elements, which is more prominent in the aspects of scenery, artistic expression and theme culture. Form panoramic architectural construction art. At the same time, the function compound is stronger, has the huge pull function to the surrounding environment and the commerce. This stage of theme water park is not only an entertainment space, but also a landscape and architectural art.

The overall creativity and design is the first step in the development of the theme water park. It is necessary to consider the theme clue of the theme park, the creative design of the theme scene (i.e. the connection between story clue and landscape), the fusion of story clue and amusement project, etc.

theme Water Park Design

In addition, such as water park equipment and water recycling special processes, other related planning and design work (such as wave-building equipment, swimming pools, large-scale slide and special amusement equipment site selection design and layout design, etc.), All require careful consideration by the theme water park designer. Experiential theme water amusement is the main direction of future development. With the emergence of more and more water parks, water parks with unique themes will stand out in the fierce competition.

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