Inflatable Trampoline: Give Kids A Jumping Space
Guangzhou SQV Amusement Equipment Co.,LTD
2019-12-26 18:22:13
shikewei    2019-12-26 18:22:24

Inflatable Trampoline: Give Kids A Jumping Space

The inflatable trampoline uses the principle of continuous inflation. It filled with air, therefore, when kids play on it, they will receive the tension of the air cushion making them have the spirit of adventure and will not be injured even if they fall. And as long as it’s kept inflating, kids can play all the time, helping more kids have fun.


The traditional steel trampoline can only be played by one person at same time, and the steel structure needs a soft bag. However, the inflatable trampoline can protect kids very well. The softness of the inflatable trampoline allows kids to relax when jumping. The variety inflatable equipment with the bright colors deeply attracted more and more kids to join, let them gradually feel the attractiveness of the inflatable trampoline.


Playing with an inflatable trampoline with friends not only enhances the interaction between each other, the happiness and friendship , but also know more friends on the inflatable trampoline.

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