Top 10 promotion plans for trampoline park marketing
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2019-12-25 17:27:32
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Today we will talk about the marketing solutions commonly used in trampoline parks.

What is the main purpose of the marketing activities in trampoline parks?

The first is of course to increase turnover, the second is to establish a brand image, and the last is to expand brand awareness. So, what marketing methods do trampoline parks generally have?

1. Experiential marketing 

Experiential marketing has become a common marketing method in the digital, cosmetics, education, and children's playground industries, driving potential consumers into the store experience and driving transformation in the experience. The trampoline park can offer free vouchers for a limited time. Distribution through preferential activities, publicity and promotion, especially at the beginning of opening, free play on the day of opening, the popularity will surely continue to be a sensation. Similarly, the free experience is the best way to spread the word of mouth and image of trampoline park stores.

Top 10 promotion plans for trampoline park marketing

2. Coupon marketing

Coupons are a very popular way of promotion in the United States. The earliest record of use was in 1895, started by CWPost, which produces breakfast cereals. It is a common marketing method for consumers who hold this voucher to enjoy the discounts and benefits listed on the coupon when they purchase certain products However, it is not suitable for long-term indiscriminate use. It can be used in specific consumption scenarios for specific consumer groups, such as giving coupons to first-time consumers to encourage them to consume again, or to consumers who have consumed a certain amount of money.

3. Lottery

The lottery draws on the consumer ’s chance to win great profits, sets up the chance to win, and uses the form of the lottery to attract consumers to buy goods. That is, you can set a bottom line for the lottery, such as how much you can spend to participate in the lottery. Regardless of the industry, lottery is one of the marketing methods that can directly see the marketing effect.

4. Competition

Similarly, the competition is a marketing method that can directly see the marketing effect. But compared to the lottery promotion, holding a competition is a greater challenge for the trampoline park manager. It requires sufficient funds, strong publicity and excellent overall planning ability. But at the same time, the competition is more meaningful than the lottery promotion. After all, a lottery cannot form a brand effect, but the competition can.

Top 10 promotion plans for trampoline park marketing

5. Giveaway

How gift marketing works is actually a science. First, the choice of gifts must meet the target audience positioning of trampoline parks, that is, choose the gifts that appeal to them based on factors such as age, gender, family composition, etc. of the trampoline park consumers. It is not fake to be greedy for cheap, but small cheap does not mean that it is really cheap. Rough, poor quality gifts will actually affect the brand image of trampoline parks and even cause consumer dislike. Third, the choice of gifts is best related to products, such as Free trampoline socks. Finally, to enhance the "value" of gifts, you can use means such as copywriting and time-limited gifts.

6. Question and answer marketing

Question-and-answer marketing is an interactive marketing method that can not only interact with consumers but also implant business advertisements. It is one of the good marketing methods for brand reputation and interactive marketing.

7. Renewal marketing

The loyal fans in the park will continue to consume even without the method of renewal purchase rewards, but people generally prefer immediate returns, so the use of renewal purchase rewards to maintain player loyalty to the brand is not necessarily better than the effect of advertising. But when trampoline parks use advertising to improve their brand image, they can use this method to help marketing.

8. Marketing from media platforms

The self-media with social attributes has a spreading influence that exceeds traditional media and ordinary online promotion platforms, especially the marketing promotion of paradise. It is particularly suitable for attracting fans such as Weibo and WeChat and headline tremolo to cultivate potential customers and benefit The establishment of trampoline park store image and influence increase to win more consumers. 

9. Cooperative Marketing

Carry out mutually beneficial cooperation with communities, school kindergartens, local big coffee or group purchasers, and even organizations with industrial chain relations with trampoline parks. For example, cooperate with kindergartens and carry out some activities on a regular basis; cooperate with children's products vendors in the region, implement advertising swaps, and so on.

10. IP Derivatives Marketing

Starting from the brand positioning of the trampoline park, the development of matching derivatives can instantly enhance the brand image and value of the trampoline park and make it easier for consumers to remember. After applying for membership or services, consumers can appropriately give away related derivatives. In addition, by designing scenes with a sense of screen, interaction and fun, it is easier to get consumers' favor.

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