Business Analysis | How to break through the bottleneck of homogeneity in children's playground?
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2019-12-24 16:38:08
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The children's playground market is highly homogenized, and there is basically no difference in the experience projects of children's playgrounds. Looking at the overall trend, especially under today's comprehensive second-child policy, children's playgrounds have broad prospects, but if the homogeneous operation and management of children's playgrounds are not addressed, the development of the children's amusement industry will fall into a certain direction. Dilemma. Due to lack of reasonable planning and blind copying, various problems have occurred in the operation of some children's playgrounds. How to deal with the homogenization of children's playgrounds? How to break through the bottleneck of the children's playground?

Age targeting

Children of different ages have different requirements for play. In order to provide suitable play spaces for children of each age, they must fully understand the children of each age. Their preferences and needs are different. In a broad sense, children can be divided into the following stages: 0-3 years old, children at this stage have initially gained life experience and began to learn to control their movements. They often play alone and experience the surroundings through their senses. At this stage, they are suitable for sand, mud, water, swings and slides, and need to be accompanied by their parents. At the age of 3-6, children at this stage have started to be socially conscious. They often participate in multiplayer games to develop their interpersonal relationships and sociality. At this stage, children like to play with tables, benches, swings, slides and other sports equipment. From 6 to 8 years old, children at this stage are more inclined to develop their organizational skills and physical activities or sports. They like to test their agility by climbing simple or complex structures. At the age of 8-10 years, children at this stage are developing towards adolescents. They can participate in multiplayer games alone without parental supervision or intervention, and they can follow the rules of the game. They like to show their balance and cooperation on more complex climbing equipment.

Business Analysis | How to break through the bottleneck of homogeneity in children's playground?

Core positioning

The so-called core positioning means the core project of the children's playground, which is the main product line of the park. As we all know, all successful marketing is a process of promotion and expansion from point to surface. Only by making a point professional, precise, detailed, and thorough, will your children's playground have characteristics or features. Be labeled a specific label by the consumer. Everyone usually consciously pursues big, uniform, and comprehensive, and feels that the more product lines, the more points that can attract consumers. This idea is undoubtedly ideal; but often such children's playgrounds are not available. It was very successful. First, the investment cost was large, but the benefits were not ideal. There was another reason for doing this and then doing it. In the end, it was a pot of stew without its own characteristics. Proficiency in expertise is probably the reason.

Business Analysis | How to break through the bottleneck of homogeneity in children's playground?

Soft power, safety, health

What do parents care about most when choosing a children's playground? Are parents satisfied with the children's playground? According to relevant survey results, 77.8% of parents are most concerned about safety when choosing a children's playground. Consumers are concerned about issues that we should pay attention to and study. How to dispel consumer concerns is an urgent need to be resolved. The security issue is difficult to say, and simple and simple. The key lies in whether the operator is attentive and attentive. Solving the safety problem is nothing more than choosing safe and reliable amusement equipment, improving the service quality of the staff, maintaining a comfortable and healthy amusement environment, and so on. As long as the details are carefully and carefully done, is the safety issue still a problem?

Business Analysis | How to break through the bottleneck of homogeneity in children's playground?

Improve service quality

You must always remind yourself that tomorrow's service will be better than today. Only in this way will an atmosphere, a habit, and finally its own unique corporate culture be formed.

(1) Check if your appearance and appearance meet the specifications.

(2) Keep the park tidy and beautiful, and check the product display before opening the store.

(3) Adjusting the mindset, that is, regardless of the mood before opening the store, you must adjust the mindset to a relaxed, happy and confident state five minutes before opening the store, and maintain the best state to leave the best first impression to customers.

Business Analysis | How to break through the bottleneck of homogeneity in children's playground?

Marketing Planning

"Good wine is still afraid of the alleys." In the era of the mobile Internet, if you are still waiting for customers to come in, or follow the same old rules to attract consumers, then you are really out. If you are behind, you will be behind. There are many practical marketing methods, such as free distribution of some consumer badges to nearby kindergartens and elementary schools, which can play a certain drainage role; or do some related activities with some merchants with common consumers, and buy children's clothing can go to children's playgrounds for free Playing once and so on can share resources. After all, the collective power is greater than the individual. You can jointly organize some cultural and sports activities with well-known local child training institutions. This way will allow children's parents to subconsciously integrate the child training institutions and children. Linking the playgrounds will make parents feel assured that their children are playing in the children's playground.

Business Analysis | How to break through the bottleneck of homogeneity in children's playground?

Upgrade update

No matter how good the amusement equipment or the best experience project, over time, the attraction to children will also decline. At present, the speed of updating the amusement equipment is accelerating. When other children's playgrounds are constantly being upgraded and updated, and you are still "eating old books," the results can be imagined. Therefore, children's playgrounds should be updated from time to time with some good amusement equipment, appropriate introduction of some good amusement items, to continue to remain attractive to children and increase the stickiness of children's consumption.

Especially in today's hot virtual interactive technology, the children of the aboriginal people who were originally in the era of intelligent technology are long tired of old playground equipment in children's playgrounds.

Today's children prefer technology-based amusement equipment that makes them excited and screaming, such as cool animations such as creative animations, interactive projection slides, magic sand pools, and 3D large-screen interactive smash balls. And if the amusement park still manages by luck, it will be eliminated by the times.

crisis awareness

"Be safe without forgetting danger, save without forgetting death", crisis awareness is indispensable for both individuals and enterprises. Since ancient times, there have been countless examples of vigilance and preparation for victory. Only by maintaining a sense of crisis can we remain competitive. The same is true of the increasingly competitive children's playground. As a children's playground operator, you should promptly update excellent amusement projects, improve and improve service quality, enrich playground marketing, and planning schemes ... You must walk in front of others and in front of crisis. To cope with homogeneity, to implement differentiation, to fully mold and display the unique charm of your children's playground, to form exclusivity and exclusivity with differences, only in this way can you be ahead of the competition and win in business!

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