Common Mistakes in Naughty Castle Management
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2019-12-23 16:02:38
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Now the country is developing rapidly. The city is getting bigger and bigger, and there are more and more high-rise buildings, but fewer and fewer playmates. Parents are afraid to let their children go out. Although there are many toys, the children are still lonely in their hearts. Today's children have faced competition from the starting line since childhood. Intellectual development, physical growth, mental training, and character building are all indispensable. They must both play and learn.

The indoor children's playground naughty castle is not only a pure entertainment occasion, but also has significant educational effects. Various devices fully mobilize the child's thinking ability and imagination, and help the child improve their intelligence. Therefore, the development trend of children's naughty castle Come the better. However, according to incomplete statistics, there are still many children naughty castles that have failed to operate. Below, We and everyone try to analyze the mistakes that businesses may make in operating a naughty castle.

Common Mistakes in Naughty Castle Management

1.Children's Naughty Castle is in a sparsely populated place

There is no individual in an area. Where can anyone go to your naughty castle?

First analyze the first reason, no one knows his naughty castle. No matter how good the naughty castle is, no one is here. Therefore, when choosing the address of naughty castle, you need to consider the local flow of people and spending power. Enterprises need to choose cities and regions with good spending power, comprehensive shopping malls, rental malls, supermarket shopping malls, facades near high-end neighborhoods, large squares or parks.

2, Naughty Castle publicity is not in place

In the era of the mobile Internet, if you are still waiting for customers to come in or attract consumers as usual, then you are really out. If you are behind, you will be behind. In the information age of the Internet, grasping customer information and promoting operations are a very important part of publicity.

Common Mistakes in Naughty Castle Management

Full industrialization has become one of the main trends for children's business formats. Different formats are integrated, and retail or catering is superimposed through entertainment formats. As children grow, they can meet the needs of different stages. If the brand can provide products or services across the entire industry chain, It will definitely increase the consistency of customers and brands. For example, distributing some consumer badges for free to nearby kindergartens and elementary schools can play a certain drainage role; do some related activities with some merchants with common consumers, buy children's clothing, and play for free at the children's playground, etc. It can achieve resource sharing, after all, the collective power is greater than the individual; you can jointly organize some cultural and sports activities with well-known local child training institutions, this way will allow children's parents to subconsciously link the child training institution and the children's playground, will Make parents feel assured that their children are playing in the children's playground. Win-win cooperation is the key to attracting people.

3. The Naughty Castle Homogeneity is serious and cannot attract people.

Businesses want customers who come to the children's naughty castle to want to come in, and there is a reason why they must come in, that is, the feeling of regret for life if they do not enter. How to do this is a matter for the majority of operators to carefully consider. It is best to avoid homogeneity. With the development of the industry, more and more people come to eat the cake of children's format. Homogenization has become more and more intense, so Naughty Castle will not leave people without features. Make a sharp impression.

Common Mistakes in Naughty Castle Management

The market is always new and old, and the most effective way to fundamentally solve the problem of insufficient passenger flow is to introduce new equipment. For small and medium-sized operators, it is unrealistic to update equipment on a large scale, but in fact, small changes, the addition of two video games, the doll machine may inject fresh blood into the park, bringing unexpected results. You also need to highlight other features, and try to choose those with bright colors on the selection device, which can attract children's attention at a glance.

4. There are few repeat customers and no repeated consumption

Common Mistakes in Naughty Castle Management

After ensuring that customers come to Naughty Castle for consumption, how can they make them repeat consumption? The quality of naughty castle is the focus. Product is the most important factor in marketing. Equipment is the main body of children's naughty castle. Without product, there is no market. Only high-quality products can gain a foothold in the market. The children's park must resolutely put an end to counterfeit and inferior goods and defective products, pay attention to the first-in-first-out, and keep the park tidy to win the trust of consumers with high quality.

5, Naughty Castle service is not in place

Naughty Castle is a semi-service industry, and a large part of the focus of doing Naughty Castle is due to service. Service is very important for the operation of the children's naughty castle park. The personnel of the naughty castle park directly contact the children, which will have a great impact on their behavior. Therefore, we must also pay attention to the training and cultivation of the practitioners. When selecting the staff, we must choose the one with good affinity and better comprehensive quality.

Common Mistakes in Naughty Castle Management

6, did not grab the hearts of parents

The depth of the naughty castle is mainly to improve parental identity. Although the consumer group of children's naughty castle is children, parents are also real, so how to grasp the parents' heart may be the key to solving customer stickiness. In order to allow parents to take their children to the naughty castle safely, you can post tips after each cleaning and disinfection. Because parents are also very concerned about the health of the venue, especially during the spring and autumn seasons when the flu is high, even a separate toilet can be set up for the parents and children to enter the venue, which can better reflect the operators' naughty castle and Attention to children's health.

Common Mistakes in Naughty Castle Management

In the early stages of domestic children's business, businesses did not pay much attention to the importance of parents bringing their children. Therefore, the adult's ability to consume has not been brought to the extreme, it is simply for children to experience and play, and it cannot really form business value. It often happens that two adults send their children to play, but they have nothing to do, no place to shop or rest. With the development of the children's entertainment industry, it will be better complemented with other adult formats in the future to increase adult consumption. As far as brands are concerned, the contribution of adult consumers to sales should be valued; for commercial projects, children's formats should be emphasized to form interactions with surrounding formats. Through a reasonable mix of formats, the relevant consumers brought by child subjects must be able to directly Or indirect situations to return to the business.

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