The outstanding design of the children's area will make the family love shopping
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At present, the children's format of shopping malls is becoming more and more powerful in the direction of experiencing. Not only starting from the emotional experience of customers, but also through humanized open space design, creating an interactive type that integrates culture, entertainment and leisure Comprehensive venue.

So how to design an excellent children's space that allows a child to drive family consumption? How to make children's business stand out in today's serious commercial homogeneity and get out of the market? Let's analyze the points that need to pay attention to when analyzing the children's space design of the shopping center:

Essentials of children's experiential business planning and design

1. Overall positioning and business layout analysis

The outstanding design of the children's area will make the family love shopping

Should have a theme plan, integrate the spirit of the place, and consider the overall positioning plan of the shopping center. Integrate supporting resources for surrounding children's activities, provide a one-stop children's consumption environment, and ensure continuity of people flow in the business plan; according to the different purchasing power and consumption habits of consumers, they should be distributed horizontally when planning and layout, on the same floor Brand positioning or facing consumers should be at the same level.

In terms of overall positioning, from the first floor to the high floor, the grade of goods gradually decreases from high-end. The lower floors are mainly retail formats with a strong ability to bear rent, with appropriate allocation of catering and ancillary services; the high floors are mainly catering, entertainment, and leisure with a lower ability to bear rent but can attract a large number of passengers, and are appropriately configured with retail formats and ancillary services Format. In order to achieve this goal, the main store is planned to be located at the two ends with relatively few people or at a distance from the main street.

2. Building scale analysis

The outstanding design of the children's area will make the family love shopping

Children's themed commercial development area is large, and the development volume of first- and second-tier cities is different: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other first-tier cities have larger children-themed commercial real estate development volume; Nanjing. Projects in second-tier cities such as Shenyang and Wuxi have a building area of less than 10,000 square meters and are mainly developed based on the current market capacity and demand of each city.

3. Fun street, strengthen the interaction of people

The outstanding design of the children's area will make the family love shopping

Architectural design should integrate the unified layout of the main body of the building, interior decoration, and landscape; tap as much cultural resources as possible behind the theme to create a cultural experience. Pay attention to environmental shaping, and build squares with stories. The external performance can be fully expressed through the theme elements of architecture, landscape, mythology, environment, atmosphere, supporting facilities, and commercial promotion. There are the following aspects:

Overall Planning

This refers to the children's area to be integrated, unified style, color, IP planning and design, can not be scrambled out, otherwise it will lower the overall style. It also makes consumers feel boring and not worth it.

A fully designed children's area can also be used as one of the highlights of the shopping mall.

Facade design

Good-looking, colorful facades will greatly attract consumers' attention. You can also put some well-known cartoon images on it, which will make children especially interested. It plays the role of attracting passenger flow and promoting consumption.

Theme Space Design

There are many types of children's zones in shopping malls. When designing districts, pay attention to the coordination of the main space and the overall coordination.

Landscape Design

The landscape design of the children's area is mainly childish, safe and environmentally friendly.

Lighting and decoration design

The lighting should not be too bright, it will cause children discomfort. Should meet national design standards.

4. Security measures to make children and parents more at ease

The outstanding design of the children's area will make the family love shopping

Safety is one of the first considerations in shopping centers, especially in children's areas, where safety requirements are even more stringent. Generally speaking, the safety of the children's area of the shopping center is mainly reflected in the hardware facilities and visual areas.

Hardware facilities

The furnishings and facilities in the children's area, such as armrests, seats, sculptures, and amusement facilities, are generally obtuse and curved to prevent bumps. Some places have been soft-packed. In terms of materials, materials that meet national environmental protection standards should be selected. Flammable and fragile materials or materials that are too hard should not be used. In addition, the ground must be non-slip, because children run more and the pace is not so stable.

Visual area

At present, many shopping centers do not use excessively high shelves in children's areas, and also use or block dead-end areas, and strengthen monitoring and manpower in this area. The goal is to reduce visual blind spots, prevent children from separating from their parents, and prevent loss. It is also a responsibility to customers, children, and society.

Children experience operation management strategy

The outstanding design of the children's area will make the family love shopping

1. Increase theme types and increase consumption stickiness by using points and currency.

2. Increasing income types. In addition to playground tickets and implanted advertisements, increase the entire system of children's industry projects such as early education, training, sports and fitness, and increase the consumption type of adult groups.

3. Increase parent-child interaction links, focus on the cultivation of family emotions, increase the space for parent-child interaction in product and format planning, provide parents with a space for communication and rest, and increase the subjective consumption space, etc., and improve business efficiency.

4, charging mode: flexible charging methods and experience time, tailored to local conditions.

5, through planning a variety of activities to solve the problem of time bluntness, solve the problem of customer source Monday to Friday.

6. Integrate the government and children's education system resources to the greatest extent, and jointly operate to ensure continuous flow of people.

7. Integrate supporting resources for surrounding children's activities, and provide a one-stop child consumption environment for children, a segmented market, to ensure continuity of people flow in business format planning.

Tip: Parents' attention in the children's area

The outstanding design of the children's area will make the family love shopping

In recent days, the case of the trafficker "Aunt Mei" has aroused great attention throughout the Internet. Everyone is deeply disgusted with the traffickers. Every time they commit a crime, they will destroy several families.

The design of the children's section of the modern shopping center is quite complete. Not only does it have playful appearances and facilities, a wide range of goods, but also security measures, such as high-definition cameras, one-click alarm facilities, security personnel, etc. .

However, under the bright sun, there must be evil.

After many days of visiting the shop and communicating with the shopping center staff, I found that many parents would relax their vigilance in the shopping center, especially in the baby room, children's area, and playground. local. I even saw parents screaming and sleeping near the gate of the playground, or putting their children there to play, smoke or play mobile games by themselves.

Many shopping center staff and shop salespersons also said that they would encounter a few irresponsible parents almost every day, and their children had gone a long way, and they did not know anything about it.

Shopping centers should be responsible for every customer, so parents who are guardians should be responsible for their children!

Remember the following:

Take your child out shopping, please don't let the child leave their sight.

Don't let strangers get too close to their children.

Do not eat drinks and food from strangers yourself and your children.

Don't turn a blind eye to indifference when you find something wrong.

Lost with your child in the shopping mall, please ask staff and police immediately for help.

Summary: The significance of doing a good child experience is profound

The outstanding design of the children's area will make the family love shopping

A well-established shopping mall for children, the average stay time is 4.3 hours. The "4 + 2 + 1" effect of the children's park brings people flow to the mall, drives family consumption (including catering, supermarkets, movies, KTV, clothes, toys, beauty salons, etc.) and brings comprehensive consumer income. Especially for some large-scale shopping malls that target the target consumer group, this experiential consumption can effectively counter the impact of e-commerce. Where children like to go is more likely to trigger consumption.

An excellent shopping center with children's experience can not only bring continuous benefits, but also leave a beautiful and pleasant childhood impression on thousands of children, becoming a birthplace of feelings and a new landmark of the city.

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