Off-season marketing plan for children's playground
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2019-11-30 17:20:35
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At present, from the perspective of the market, children's playground is a big cake, because changes in national policies have promoted the rapid development of the children's industry. Many inexperienced people who want to join this industry have been hesitant, especially during the off-season of the park, which is the most troubled period for every operator. During this period, children's parks generally face three major operating difficulties:

Three Difficulties in Operating a Children's Park in Off-season

1. Reduced traffic and severely shrinking revenue,

2. High operating costs and serious labor waste;

3. The brand promotion is weak, and there is no bright spot in the marketing promotion content.

Off-season marketing plan for children's playground

How to get rid of the off-season embarrassment

1. Publicity in place

For children's playgrounds, publicity has always played a very important role. Whether you are in the early or low season of business activities, you must pay attention to publicity and promotion. The promotion method can be traditional outdoor promotion, such as sending leaflets, balloons printed with event information, commemorative small gifts with logos, or promotion through WeChat, Weibo, QQ, circle of friends and other online channels to increase exposure, Let more children visit the children's playground. Of course, during the promotion period, event posters, direct magazines, doll toys, cartoon costumes, smiling faces, etc. All advertising media in the children's park can carry the message or image and idea to be shaped by the children's park, and spread to consumers and customers.

Off-season marketing plan for children's playground

2. Activate dormant client

It is said that maintaining some old customers is much easier than developing new customers. Tapping "sleeping customers" in the park can also greatly increase sales. This requires active contact with some customers with entertainment needs, usually through promotions, discounts or feedback activities for regular customers to attract customers to spend in the park. Be sure to know the customer's details before contacting and be fully prepared.

3.Off-season discount promotions

Children's indoor theme park can be implemented at low passenger traffic, capacity utilization is not high ticket discount strategy, such as: do gift card recharge 200 yuan 50 yuan; who introduce new customers to do the gift card 100 yuan; who come to play Customers can get a beautiful gift and more. Or set group discounts for some children's play equipment. For example, one person spends 10 yuan, two people spend 16 yuan, and three people carry out a promotion at 20 yuan. The copy can be similar to "bring your partner, play together! "

Off-season marketing plan for children's playground

For customers who come to the store for the first time, they can also give them coupons of different values (credit coupons are widely used in the catering industry ) .

4. Innovate

According to statistics on the use and operating income of various equipment in the park for a period of time, less popular equipment can be targeted for promotion, such as allowing children to enter the park for free to try, and if the effect is not obvious, you can consider replacing the equipment. In addition, the novelty of the children's park can be maintained or enhanced by regularly changing small entertainment equipment, but it must have its own characteristics. In addition, because school-age children go to school, children ’s amusement parks on weekdays have less traffic than Sundays, so during this period, children ’s amusement parks can market non-school-age children aged 0 to 3. Promotion, such as early education courses, special offers at the best time, etc.

The above are some strategies for children's playground during the off-season. Children's park managers should always have a calm mind and market analysis ability, be able to respond quickly to market conditions, make appropriate adjustments, and carefully analyze market development trends and customer needs, so as to better promote the park's popularity and income generation .

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