How to manage the staff as a children's playground venue manager
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2019-11-28 15:47:19
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No matter which company, leaders will face different types of employees. For the management of on-site employees, different management methods and management skills are required. The following summarizes relevant information on management skills of different types of employees, for reference only.

No matter what the shopkeepers do, if there is no follower response, it is doomed to fail. However, in reality, it is always difficult for leaders and followers to keep pace. And many young post-90s employees at the children's playground venues nowadays. In this age of advocating their own personalities, they have strong personalities, think they are good employees, and give supervisors headaches.

How to manage the staff as a children's playground venue manager

01. As a store manager, how to manage "strong personality" employees?

Solution: If the supervisor feels that the employee's personality is strong, the supervisor's personality is often weak. Employees have strong self-esteem, but they have some abilities. For employees with “strong personalities”, supervisors can adopt two strategies. One is to change the tough personalities of employees in order to soften them. Furthermore, only the ability of employees is used, but his qualities are not reused, and the “strong target” is gradually “tamed” through the “target management” strategy.

02.Employees are susceptible to outside temptations. How to improve their ability to resist temptations?

Solution: Employees are tempted not only for money, they may have gained some respect in your company, but they may not be reused. If the value orientation of employees differs from the company, it is inevitable to have new ideas. If employees do it for you, it's hard to entice outsiders. If employees are doing it for money, there is no other way than to raise it. If your management charm is greater than the charm of money, it is most reliable to use management charm to eliminate outside lures.

How to manage the staff as a children's playground venue manager

03. It's too difficult to find trusted employees today. Is there any way to quickly identify employees' loyalty?

Solution idea: If it is too difficult to find a trustworthy employee, the boss is likely to be uneasy about any employee, have low trust, and have a "paranoid" personality. To identify employees quickly, the boss must first have the ability to identify himself. I do n’t know myself.

How to manage the staff as a children's playground venue manager

04. How to make employees who talk more and work less "do more and talk less"?

Solution idea: Dayu's management thought in water management is to reward good and not criticize bad. Negative incentives tend to hurt employees' self-esteem. For the purpose of protecting themselves, employees will spend a lot of time and energy to justify themselves. In order to make employees who talk more do less, they should be more rewarded and encouraged, and less criticized and punished employees who talk more and do less. Once "do more and talk less" has become a team culture, people who "say more and do less" either become "do more and talk less" or fall off the team by themselves.

How to manage the staff as a children's playground venue manager

05. Employees with different abilities can use the same goals to manage and evaluate, and the enthusiasm of employees with low abilities will be frustrated; if they are evaluated with different goals, the enthusiasm of employees with high abilities will be traumatized. 

Solution: The internal competition mechanism is often easy to make the stronger and the weaker. A team cannot use two sets of standards. The reality is that there are weaknesses and strengths. It is better to use the strong to the weak and use the "strong to help the weak" in the team. The concept of "strong and weak integration" group, the strong and weak opposition to strong and weak mutual assistance.

How to manage the staff as a children's playground venue manager

06. Can you use "management charm" to manage employees who are not reasonable?

Solution idea: The employee who does not speak of reason and reason actually emphasizes the "reason of reason" in his mind. He is likely to be dissatisfied or untrustworthy with his superiors. For such an alternative employee, he should use "management charm" for management. But the general "management charm" cannot be used. Otherwise, it is not only ineffective, but also very dangerous. This requires managers to work harder to improve their management charm.

How to manage the staff as a children's playground venue manager

07. How do you, as a supervisor, help employees who are generally “self-righteous” in their abilities to be practical and practical?

Solution: Self-righteous people are generally capable but face-saving, self-esteem is strong, most of them are high-minded, and they are somewhat disdainful of people and things. If managers are more powerful, they will often see their negatives. This type of employee usually has the skills and desires the boss to have specific requirements instead of just suppressing them. They should be less critical, less blameful, and more encouraged and praised. Give them opportunities to grow and match their abilities with their positions. This is a basic strategy to promote their ability to improve, and also a chance for their bosses to improve their management charm.

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