Water Park Equipment Maintenance Instructions
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2019-11-26 16:17:17
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Most outdoor water parks are usually closed at the beginning of September, while a small number of outdoor water parks will be closed after National Day, and the operators are faced with the same problem. How to maintain the water park equipment.

After the water is stopped in the winter swimming pool, the inner wall of the filter system and the components of the equipment should be cleaned. After drying, place the desiccant in the pump box and cover the lid. 

Regularly check whether the pump box is dry and clean every month.

Water Park Equipment Maintenance Instructions

Second, the slide should be covered with plastic cloth or coarse cloth during non-use to prevent aging, fading, cracking, etc.; the cracked slide groove should be repaired, if necessary, replaced, the slide interface is not smooth, inverted or leaking It should be handled in a timely manner.

Maintenance and cleaning of waterways: waxing: At least two high-quality waxes should be waxed twice a year. The slide can be waxed after the park is closed. 
Before waxing, black spots and faded areas are polished to the original gloss with a good polish. Waxing prevents fading caused by long-term exposure of waterways to ultraviolet light. 
The longer the surface, the longer the wax can last. It should be noted that when using tools such as polishing, you must be very careful not to overheat the surface. The polishing overheating will cause fine sand particles on the surface of the waterway, causing blisters and streaks, which will require repainting. 
Repair: Normal use can also cause debris and cracks in the FRP waterway. Repairs must be repaired with a qualified glass glue. Resins and gel coats used by Daxin are imported from the United States.

Third, if the winter water park facilities are not used, the water should be drained. Since the water is frozen in the cold in winter, the volume will increase after icing, and the volume ratio is 1:1:1. The volume becomes larger and the swimming pool and its equipment and pipelines are damaged.

If the water park facility is used in winter, measures should be taken to prevent icing and the water temperature should not be below 0 degrees. The cheapest method is: a spiral mixing device that periodically agitates the water to prevent the water from freezing.

Fourth, for indoor swimming pools, many winter swimming pools have relatively few people swimming due to cost reasons. In order to ensure water temperature, the water in the swimming pool must be heated, and the environment must maintain a certain temperature. This will result in a significant increase in operating costs. Therefore, most of the swimming pools in winter are operated at a loss. This is why many swimming pools are closed in winter.

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