Is there a good internal organization and marketing method for your video game city?
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2019-11-25 13:34:49
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The country gradually relaxed the management of the game industry, which made the game culture have a greater development, but also made the game industry prosperous, many people began to get involved in the game machine industry. Video game city is a direction that most people choose to develop. How to manage a video game city? Today, We analyzes the internal organizational structure and marketing methods for you.

Is there a good internal organization and marketing method for your video game city?

Internal organizational structure

1. Personnel training (the means of pulling consumers, the use of software)

Early training is the focus. It is important to offend consumers or hold consumers. The taboo of video game business is that it is invisible to offend consumers, and our managers still don't know. Therefore, the training of personnel is very important. As a service staff on the spot, to make a consumer complaint to him, he is the supervisor, that is, the maintenance worker, that is, the marketing staff, to help the consumer comprehensively handle the problem.

Is there a good internal organization and marketing method for your video game city?

Operators often find that consumers complain about the phenomenon of machine card currency. At this time, how to deal with it is very important. We ask the waiter to immediately pay the consumer one coin, play other machines first, and then deal with the problematic machine. The consumer's grievances have subsided. When the machine is repaired, let him play, so that the consumer has a feeling of earning. He will come here to play next time. He will tell his friends that he will not eat coins here and come here to play safely. This is the way to pull in. Another method of processing allows consumers and other maintenance workers to come and wait for the store manager to pay, so that consumers will be impatient. I will tell my friends that it is very troublesome. Without friends, we will have fewer and fewer consumers. Our managers still don't know, they will go to a dead end.

Is there a good internal organization and marketing method for your video game city?

2. The structure of the manager

(4 major structures: store manager, finance, mechanic, marketing staff)

"A good man has three gangs, one fence and three piles." Just like a complete skeleton, this one can't be inverted. If you fall, this person won't stand up. Either it is incomplete and flawed. This is also a team. To have good leadership, but also to have good support and cooperation, these people are indispensable. Like a good team, a good coach has to have: a tactical coach, a physical coach, a goalkeeper coach, a doctor and other complete teams. In order to guarantee victory.

Is there a good internal organization and marketing method for your video game city?

3. Service staff responsibilities (purchasing staff with tools)

The movement of the smile service, the tool bag is equipped with neatness. The record of the record is complete. The atmosphere of the scene is mobilized, publicized, clean and hygienic. The movement of emotions before going to work every day, and so on.

4. Responsibilities of maintenance personnel (requirements for good mechanics)

The division of the level of maintenance personnel. Qualified mechanical repair is to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Good machine repair can adjust the difficulty of the machine according to the size of the flow of people, so that the machine can produce the maximum benefit; the best is to modify the machine, indicating that he For the circuit, development has been studied. The top can cooperate with the manager to engage in marketing, he can be the director of mechanics.

Is there a good internal organization and marketing method for your video game city?

5. The duties of the manager (the main Ming is down, the heart of the official thinking)

A good leader wants to see the whole picture. Arrange reasonably and keep checking. On the right, you must have the skills to communicate with the boss; right, you must have the ability to allocate work reasonably.

Marketing method

1. The role of marketing staff (multi-channel development of the market)

The five steps of marketing staff communication, the way to know. How to ensure long-term interaction requires financial support. For example, if you want to interact with a movie theater, then you must know who you are in the first step, and gradually understand the manager from the bottom up. The final operation is to establish a relationship with the ticket seller, and to withdraw the reward by ticket.

Is there a good internal organization and marketing method for your video game city?

2. Arrangement of the event competition

The day is in the morning, the year is in the spring, it should be prepared.

Organization of activities, conduct, summary of results, etc. What kind of results were obtained after the game was over. How many members have been developed, this is fundamental, equal to how many consumers you have stabilized.

The operation of a video game city has its own rules of operation. Just like the reason that the people grow crops, it is planted in spring, grown in summer, harvested in autumn, and closed in winter. Understand this truth, I understand the video game city. It is a service industry. From Monday to Friday, students go to school, parents work, and who comes to play. At most, there are some unemployed people who do not have a stable source of income, so the revenue of the video game city is also unstable. Therefore, to attract household consumption and guide normal consumption, we can survive for a long time. "The right path is the vicissitudes of life", "the gentleman is long, the little man is worried", understands the true meaning of these words, and will have great benefits for your life philosophy and attitude towards life. In this way, on Saturdays and Sundays, the activities of big holidays have become the focus. The people have worked hard for a quarter, just waiting for the harvest in the autumn. If they catch it in the past few days, they will receive wheat and rice, and they will be in the barn. His heart will be solid, and there will be no sorrow for one year. Therefore, the operation of the video game city must seize the big festivals such as May 1st, 11th, Spring Festival and Summer Holiday. These big festivals have been seized, and the business of one year is guaranteed.

3. Production of advertising (first make a promotional film)

This is currently the majority of venues without this awareness. From the boss's supervisor, there must be awareness of making a promotional film. The time of the commercial is generally controlled at around 3 minutes. It is also possible to use banners and bus advertisements, which are not costly and have a good effect. The posting of the guidance marks on each floor, and the like. How to communicate with relevant personnel and other skills requires communication skills.

Is there a good internal organization and marketing method for your video game city?

To run a video game city is not a one-time process, you need to use certain skills and appropriate methods. Only if you have a correct and effective management method, are you still not popular with your video game city?

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