Indoor Constant Temperature Children's Water Park Features
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2019-11-24 18:10:37
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The indoor constant temperature children's water park has better water quality. The water park uses imported copper ion sterilization equipment, water is filtered through 24 hours of uninterrupted sand filtration, carbon filter, precision filter, physical filtration, ultraviolet disinfection, ozone disinfection, water quality up to drinking water standard.

indoor constant temperature children's water park

Your baby's skin is very delicate, preventing your baby from damaging the skin by exposure to chemically filtered water.

The indoor heated children's water park has safer facilities. The water park uses 360-degree soft packs. There is no need to worry about bumps. Even the entrances to the place where the baby enters are all rounded, and the curious little fingers will not fit in.
Squeeze it; the entire building is decorated with natural and environmentally friendly materials to ensure the baby's healthiest environment.

The indoor heated children's water park is comfortable enough. The temperature is constant at room temperature, the room temperature is constant at 27 °C, the water temperature at the park is constant at 33 °C, and the water temperature in the pool is constant at 35 °C.

The central air conditioning and fresh air system ensure that the air environment in the park is always at the most suitable temperature and humidity for the baby.

Nearly a thousand square meters of ultra-luxury indoor water park, a gathering of rides and swimming pools in the 0-12 year old children's play paradise, let the baby swim, is a good place for children to play a child.

The indoor heated children's water park has plenty of fun equipment. The indoor water park is equipped with large-scale amusement facilities such as water rushing, speed skating, overflow rafting, rainbow bridge, water park rock climbing, rotating pool, fish pool, sand pool, deep pool. As well as fun water spray facilities and viewing facilities, there is also a water carnival event.

Rapid water slides - feel the splashes of water, the children see you play so sly, is it super exciting!

When the children meet the water slide, the children are of course excited and don't want it!

Rushing down from above, it is exciting and fun!

There is staff supervision throughout the journey, to protect the safety of children!

Water slides have always been a favorite of children, dare not play fast?

Don't worry, there is a constant speed slide, fully satisfying the nature of the baby's love of playing with water!

Ring-shaped rafting river - can let children play, stimulate children's enthusiasm for play, give children a different childhood memories.

The circular rafting river - look, the crystal clear swimming pool, the lower water level, the more water recreation projects, the more suitable for the little children to play in the water.

Each of the playful rides here is designed for children of all ages.

The child sits on it and can follow the water, carrying the child to swim in the ocean!

Climbing Pools - Baby, in the face of difficulties, is it a persistent or fearful challenge?

Is the brave fearless or afraid of failure?

Do you want to challenge yourself?

Water fountain - let every baby feel the coolness of the water column, the best experience for children to enjoy the fun of water.

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