Today, lets take a look at the “karaoke” in racing entertainment: karting
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Have you played a go-kart?

Speaking of karts, I believe that many of the 90-year-old friends will think of the "Crazyracing Kartrider/Popkart" when they were young, or the small go-kart that was played in the playground when they were young.

Crazyracing Kartrider/Popkart

In recent years, we can find that the karting, which was originally an outdoor sport, changed from outside to inside, and gradually appeared in major commercial centers and was loved by everyone. why? What is a karting? How to play? What should I pay attention to? I will discuss it with you below.

KartING's English name KARTING refers to "a car with or without a car, the wheels are permanently and permanently in contact with the ground, and the first two wheels drive the first two wheels." The karting is the transliteration of English KARTING, which means micro-sports car. The karting movement began to appear in Eastern Europe in 1940. It was popularized in Europe and the United States in the late 1950s and developed rapidly. In addition to adult karting, Yamaha of Japan has designed a K30 karting for children, which can be driven by 7-year-old children. This is the earliest child kart. Because it is easy to drive, safe and stimulating, it quickly swept the world, and it can be aptly referred to as "karaoke" in motorsport, that is, men, women and children, whether or not they can drive a car, can drive a kart.

Crazyracing Kartrider/Popkart

It is a simple structure, high safety and very competitive characteristics. Therefore, it is extremely popular and popular in countries such as Europe and Japan. Most of the world famous F1 drivers are: Brazilian car Senna, French famous Prost, German driver Schumacher, Finnish flying man Hakkinen, Japanese star Okamu Hiroshi was started by driving a kart and stepping into the car. Therefore, the karting has been hailed as "the cradle of F1." 

Crazyracing Kartrider/Popkart

Karting is divided into two types: stepless speed change and belt type. It is divided into popular type and competition type. Popular type is also called "leisure type". The speed of this type of car is not very fast. The maximum speed is 80 km/h. driving license. The racing kart can reach speeds of up to 130 km/h. Due to its extremely low chassis (only 4 cm from the ground), the relative speed felt by the driver is 2-3 times higher than the actual speed, which means that the speed is 300. Km/h, especially in the corners, will produce 3-4 times the lateral acceleration of gravity, so that the driver can not experience the fun of the general car.

Simple and safe structure

The karting structure is very simple, consisting of a steel tube frame, steering system pedals, fuel tank, transmission chain guard, driver seat and anti-collision bumper. The karting is easy to operate. The driver wears a protective helmet and gloves. Just remember the left foot brake and the right foot with the throttle. The steering ratio is 3:1 to 5:1. The karting chassis is very low, only 4 cm from the ground, the runway is smooth and flat, which makes the driver feel swaying, plus roaring roar, to experience the fun that can not be realized. Once it slides out of the runway, the karting will automatically stop and stop, and will not roll over, which will ensure the safety of the driver.

Crazyracing Kartrider/Popkart

The structure of the children's go-kart is extremely simple: a frame, a two-stroke engine, and four separate wheels form the entire child kart. Easy to drive, safe and stimulating. The shape is realistic, the color is beautiful, the operation is convenient, and the function is dexterous, so that the child can achieve the movement of the limbs and the senses in the play, and has the effect of entertaining and entertainment. Once you slide out of the runway, you won't roll over and protect the safety of your children.

Why are karts popular?

01 kart driving is easy to learn

“Kart driving is easy to learn, it is easy to get started, as long as the control: throttle, brakes and steering wheel can ride the track.” The driving requirements of the kart are that the height of the baby should reach 1.4 meters or more, and the feet should be able to step on the throttle and brakes. can.

02 is good for both body and mind, and can enjoy parent-child music.

Driving a kart can exercise sensitivity and coordinate the brain, eyes, hands and feet, and other parts of the body. It is the best choice for exercising bravery. It is a healthy sports and entertainment activity. The structure is simple, the operation is flexible, the cost is low, and the safety is good. Parents can also accompany the children to play and enjoy the fun.

How to drive a go-kart

01 novice driving kart

Let's first explain the basic steps of getting a kart on a car for friends who have not been exposed to karting and who are interested in driving karts in the future. If you already know the karting step and get the correct sitting position and precautions, you can skip to the karting driving skills section and continue reading.

The frame under the pedals on both sides of the karting is a double-steel reinforcement design that fully supports the driver's weight when getting on the bus.

Crazyracing Kartrider/Popkart

Since the karting seat is very low, the process of sitting in the karting is as if the standing person is sitting directly on the ground, so grab the steering wheel as a support by hand, so that the posture will be "elegant" when sitting down.

Since the steering ratio of the kart is 1:1, the only correct position to hold the steering wheel is the 9:15 position. Because there is no power, the kart steering is more laborious, so the steering is more smoothly turned by one hand and one hand. For example, when turning left, the left hand pulls the steering wheel to the arms, and the right hand pushes the steering wheel forward.

No matter what car you drive, you must fasten your seat belt after you get on the driver's seat. Kart is no exception.

02 Kart driving skills

In a sense, driving a kart is also a process of competing with oneself. It is the key to maintaining a high concentration of spirit during driving.

1 straight track must be stable

The go-kart track is generally long. We must control the go-kart in the straight lane, grab the steering wheel and control the brakes and throttle. The best way to keep the speed is to try to widen the line. This will make You have a faster exit speed.

Crazyracing Kartrider/Popkart

2 how to turn

During driving, if the line of sight is only focused on the front of the car, it will have an impact on the corner. Before entering the corner, you must keep an eye on the entry point of the curve. When you exit the corner, you should focus on the next corner. Road and entry point.

The track of a general entertainment kart will consist of three bends, a U-bend, and a high-speed bend. However, each track is not only different in width and length, but also the characteristics and combinations of straight and curved roads are different, so the route selection is very important.

Because the speed of go-karting is generally very fast, how to turn the corner at the fastest speed is a problem that many racers are very concerned about. Unlike other types of racing cars, go-kart tracks are generally short, and there are fewer straights, more corners, and the most fun is the corner. There are roughly three types of curved bends, U-bends (hairpin bends) and high-speed bends in the karting track.

Crazyracing Kartrider/Popkart

Let's take a quick look at the cornering techniques and precautions for these three corners.

(The blue part of the picture below represents the fuel, the red part represents the brake, and the depth of the color indicates the depth of the force. The yellow star is the area that is prone to collision on the side of the track.)

3 keep an appropriate distance from the front car

If you want to keep your speed, it is best to keep a certain distance from your nearest front driver to prevent it from getting too close, and the front driver is too slow, so that you can't surpass him and affect your normal play. .

4 Avoid hitting obstacles and other go-karts

During driving, be sure to avoid hitting other karts or obstacles on the track, as this will interfere with your control of the kart and you will have to slow down.

Let's take the most difficult to grasp U-bend as an example, and share with you a more common way of cornering.

When decelerating the brakes before entering the corner, be sure to keep the steering wheel straight, so that the speed can be quickly and smoothly lowered to prepare for the bend. If you strike the direction when braking, it will cause the vehicle's center of gravity to be unstable or even slippery, which will affect the driving rhythm and increase the time spent on cornering.

When exiting the corner, it is best to wait for the direction to return to the throttle and accelerate the exit. If the direction is not correct, plus the large throttle, then the karting is easy to cause oversteer, which is the "tail", which will also drag your lap. time. Of course, if this kind of instability is properly controlled, it will be helpful to improve the performance. The matching scale of the throttle and the brakes should be slowly experienced and summed up by the driver during the actual operation.

Crazyracing Kartrider/Popkart

Grab the road: rely on the friction of the tire and the ground, along the curve of the curve, smooth driving.

Sliding: rely on the brakes and steering system to control the car into the corner. It's fun, but the car has a lot of power loss.

Here's a little trick to help drive a go-kart: which direction the steering wheel turns, and which direction the driver's head is heading. This can offset some of the centrifugal force during cornering, reduce the lateral G value that the body is subjected to, and prevent sports injuries.

What safety regulations must be followed for driving a kart

1. The driver must have a helmet and fasten the helmet belt;

2. Long hair must be pressed inside the helmet;

3. Note that the left ankle is the brake and the right ankle is the throttle;

4. Do not press the left foot on the ankle until the brake pads are worn out.

Crazyracing Kartrider/Popkart

5. Don't overpower the right foot;

6. Not sure, don't force overtaking;

7. Obey the command of the site staff;

8. Do not drive in reverse;

9. The engine is turned off on the track, raise your hand and ask the staff for assistance;

10. Raise your hand when you are finished driving and enter the parking area.

Crazyracing Kartrider/Popkart

In recent years, the frenzy of national fitness, people began to pay attention to physical health, and the most direct way to improve physical fitness is exercise, this national identity is the advantage of outdoor sports, karting is in this fitness trend, the fire, But how can it be operated? Will it be the next big hit in the amusement industry?

The future of karting is inseparable from the joint efforts and discussions of the peers. We also welcome readers to leave a message and post a look at your views.

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