Water Park Planning And Design Process For Profit To Build A Good Step
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2019-11-16 16:34:47
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Water park planning and design of construction in the rapid economic development in recent years, emerge in endlessly, and the phenomenon of blossoming across the country, most of the provinces and cities have had a water park, large-scale novel stimulus is the development characteristics of this period water park in almost every city planning are launched in the larger population or landing operation, extreme hot trend in general on the whole, water park, what is the design process?

Water Park Planning And Design Process For Profit To Build A Good Step

A,Investment planning

Namely research project to the tourism market of social and economic competition, etc., to determine the project market positioning based on the principle of optimal return on investment, determine the reasonable project investment as well as the core of the investment proportion of each function module is good steel used in the blade, with good money, under the certain investment mold project investment attraction of the same project, the stronger the attraction, the higher value.

B,Brand Planning

Namely according to the investment planning ideas, carry out market positioning and build attraction, determine the project brand strategy and competition strategy is the core target consumer groups, identify customer needs, from the Angle of the project the future marketing, entertainment ideas, planning point and selling point of the project, build the project process play a unique tourist experience, it is the key to the project characteristics and differentiated products is attractive, shaping high-quality goods can guide the tourists consumption habits of the new one is seeking difference, this is the basic starting point of modern people travel; Second, participate in innovation; The third is to experience joy; Four is to create joy, this can be interesting water park equipment and rich connotations, let visitors fully enjoy the relaxation and pleasure also can and children's amusement park equipment manufacturer cooperation, take advantage of factory research and development design production jointly build high-quality goods project brand is the guarantee of long-term development of indoor water park for children, children's water park should pay attention to the brand, brand shaping children's water park is beneficial to form industry series, children's water park around late formed a series of service area that involves operations.

(1)service brand

Improve the quality of service in the park, including the quality of staff services and improve service facilities.
The high-quality service enables visitors to feel the unique humanization and personalized service of the park, so that the hearts of the tourists are touched, so that the children's water park forms a tall image in the hearts of tourists, ensuring the stability of the number of tourists.

Having said that, I have to mention Disney's famous "six-in-one" management model.
The so-called six-member integration is to let all service personnel have the awareness of security officers, waiters, tour guides, administrators, promoters and sanitation guards, so that each employee has the role consciousness of the master and give full play to his potential.

The domestic children's water park can learn from the international advanced experience and create a service brand that conforms to China's actual national conditions and characteristics.

(2) Manage the brand.

The key to the success of a business is that management plays a vital role.

Cultivating and selecting professional management talents, formulating and perfecting professional management systems, and even creating a unique management brand is the only way for the development of children's water parks in China.

(3) Social brand.

Each enterprise must also consider its own social value and environmental value while creating economic value for profit.

(4) Industry brand.

With the acceleration of the process of social openness and the deepening of the integration of global economic cooperation, tourists' curiosity and curiosity about foreign cultures will become stronger and stronger, and the culture of cross-regional space will become the dominant direction of children's water park selection theme.

The Chinese nation with its origin culture has been eagerly understood by the outside world since ancient times. With this opportunity, we can shape our own industry brands, let our water parks go out of China, go to the world, and let the world know more about a fresh and authentic China.

C,Strategic Design Planning

According to the investment planning and brand planning around the transition to the designing of the project characteristics and differentiated, to design the overall organization and deepen the core content is put forward the planning idea, determine the construction contents and functional partition, select architecture cultural theme aquatic amusement facilities, and analyzes the feasibility, for subsequent design provides the key domain function controlling technical index requirements or guidance on

D. The overall planning and design.

The overall planning drawing is used to express the construction content and layout of the project, to determine the spatial location of each functional area of the project and its connection with the outside, to propose the main landmark building modeling scheme and the important node landscape scheme, and to point out the key points of the design, and to reasonably arrange the water amusement equipment.

E,Preliminary design

According to the overall planning drawing, further deepen the specific design link of the partition, refine the key content of entertainment creativity and core project, and determine the solution technical scheme and main parameters.

F,Construction documents design

Water park planning and design preparation of detailed general drawing and sub-professional detailed drawing construction budget, express the details of the specific size of the material practice and other technical requirements, the goal is to guide the construction of each professional.

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