FAQ: Initial Investment In Indoor Theme Park?
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2019-11-14 16:51:31
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1. What is the area of an indoor theme park?

Consider the local economic situation and the size of the competition. In the urban area, it is generally more than 200 square meters, about 150 square meters in the county, and 100 square meters in the township.


2. Can the indoor theme park earn money?

As a children's playground, safety, hygiene and puzzles are more popular among parents and children. Of course, choosing a good venue is also very important. Second is the diversification of operations, and the details must be handled well. The normal rate of return, equipment cost recovery is generally about half a year, is also reflected by everyone, but some parks will lose money, so investment is risky, need to be cautious!


3. Why can't my indoor them park earn money?

There are many reasons, such as health conditions, event promotions, gifts, etc. Although it may seem inconspicuous, it does bring popularity. Details, safety issues, care for children, and communication with parents are the main factors.


4. How to do the health of the indoor theme park?

Parents have strict hygiene requirements, and the health problems of children's playgrounds are not only to be done, but also to be done thoroughly. It must be cleaned and disinfected daily. UV disinfection lamps can be used for sterilization. In the obvious location of the children's park, hang the disinfection record card to reassure the parents.


5. What are the issues that need attention?

If it is a relatively large children's playground, the staff must be equipped in the venue to find problems in time, which plays an important role in the safety of the children. It is also necessary to teach the children how to play and do some small games.


6. What are the skills for site selection?

Large shopping malls, supermarket shopping malls, large residential quarters, large square parks, commercial streets, and separate facades, as long as the population is large, the population is more concentrated in the location is more suitable to open a children's playground.

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