Team building is not so easy, it needs to be human core
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In modern society, chain management has dominated the service industry and retail industry. Supermarkets, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, specialty stores, etc. are common in the streets and alleys. Chain management is now the most dynamic and fastest-growing mode of operation. How does the video game city enter the chain “besieged city” and establish the status of the rivers and lakes? From the point of view of the original chain, the video game city chain is only a branch of the service industry chain. The creation of the video game city chain should also start from the perspectives of team, operation, competition and innovation. Today we talk about team building.

Team building is not so easy, it needs to be human core

1, team building

According to Stephen Robbins, a well-known American management professor, a team is a formal group of individuals who work together to achieve a goal. This definition highlights the difference between a team and a group. All teams are groups, but only formal groups can be teams. Some scholars have also defined 5P elements for the team: Purpose, Place, Power, Plan, and People.

2, team spirit

Teamwork builds attention to the following general ones:

1 Establish a clear vision and goals.

2 create an organizational atmosphere of mutual trust.

3 Use punishment with caution in the organization (punishment is negative and incentives are positive).

4 Establish an effective communication mechanism.

5 Establish and improve an effective management system and incentive mechanism.

6 gradually form the team's own behavior habits and rules of conduct, but also the team's behavior style and guidelines.

7 for humanized management.

8 attitude does not determine everything (ability > attitude).

9 Focus on training and create an excellent platform for employee growth.

10 Improve the leadership requirements of team leaders: care, love, patience, good use, trust, respect, leadership, fair incentives, values, cultural accomplishments, rewards and recognition, policy continuity.

3, team management

Team management is a difficult point in team building. Even the best chefs have the time when they are difficult to adjust. But we can solve most of the management problems by grasping the key points.

Effective communication

“Working together and brainstorming” is the usual method of efficient teams. A good team must have good communication channels, and there is an organizational level relationship between the teams, but there is no communication class relationship, everyone in the team is equal, good ideas, good ideas often come from front-line personnel. Team leaders are equivalent to the role of a blender in team management, organizing meetings, discussions, learning, tackling and leisure activities, forming good communication with members and ultimately forming informed decisions.

Team building is not so easy, it needs to be human core

Granting talent power

Granting is not just a formal appointment, but a real right. It is necessary for the authorized person to feel that he is in the "single-leaf" and shoulders a complete responsibility. One way is to let all relevant people know the rights and responsibilities of the authorized person; another point is that once authorized, they will not interfere.

The team needs to develop good rules and regulations

The rules and regulations include many levels: discipline system, organizational system, financial system, confidentiality system and reward and punishment system. Good rules and regulations may be reflected in the fact that the executive can feel the existence of the rules and regulations, but does not feel that the rules and regulations will be a constraint. The implementation of rules and regulations needs to be orderly, similar to the theory of broken windows: if a window breaks, no one will repair it. After a while, other windows will be inexplicably broken. On one wall, if some graffiti appears, it will not be washed away. Soon, the wall is full of messy things that are unsightly; a very clean place, people are embarrassed to throw garbage, but once there is garbage on the ground, people will not hesitate to throw, not at all ashamed. This theory shows that violations of the rules and regulations should be stopped in a timely manner. Otherwise, in such an atmosphere of public insensitivity, some unhealthy norms and violations will breed, spread and prosper. Although managers are the makers or supervisors of the rules and regulations, they should become the model for complying with the rules and regulations. If managers are difficult to comply with themselves, how do they ask team members to do it?

Establish clear common goals

The classic fable story: A hound dog drives the rabbit out of the nest and keeps chasing him. He hasn't caught it for a long time. A shepherd saw this scene stop and laughed at the hound. "There is a lot of difference between the two of you." The hound replied: "You don't know that our two runs are completely different! I just want to Running in a restaurant, but he ran for his life." The fable story reveals a common problem in many companies that eat big pots: the goals are inconsistent and their motivation is different. In the daily management of the video game city, although the employees' goals in different positions are inconsistent, as a member of the team, the team spirit leads to their big goals. Everyone coordinates the various parts of the work and finally forms a big overall goal.

Team building is not so easy, it needs to be human core

Create a positive working atmosphere

The operation of a company consists of a large number of individuals. Each individual has the right to express different constructive opinions. Some people will be emotionally emotional, and some will be rational and wise. We must report warm applause and sincerely encourage others to appreciate and respect others. Because this is a team, not an individual, centripetal force, cohesiveness comes from the inner motivation of the team members, from the values of consensus, if there is no team that demonstrates self-opportunity, common goals and vision, and consensus values, it is impossible to form a real Centripetal force; there is no possibility of a willingness to cooperate and a way of collaboration; it is even less likely to form true cohesion.

How does the video game chain create such a “formal group”?

Proper leadership

1. First of all, self-discipline and self-motivation. Take the lead in role, use effective leadership methods, encourage the morale of employees, improve work efficiency, lead their employees to complete the tasks of the field and the company, meet the relevant departments to check, the action is fast, the machine disassemble fast, replaced The entertainment board strives for a fast time, and resumes business after the inspection (including installation, exchange, currency, reserve, reconciliation). According to the specific circumstances of the time, the local, the partner, etc., the company will timely reflect the actual situation. If the situation is urgent, the exit in the special case should be fast: quick release, fast loading, and leaving the field.

2, pay attention to team building

1 Pay attention to the needs of frontline employees, and strive to improve employee morale and reduce turnover rate;

2 Create a good communication channel for this video game city, timely feedback, tracking, and active handling;

3 Integrity is the basis of business management, and is committed to establishing a working environment of mutual trust;

4 Support all actions and ideas that are conducive to improving the service, and give everyone the ability to solve the problem;

5 have the motivation to improve themselves, and actively improve and share according to their own opportunities;

6 Pay attention to the overall employee development of the video game city, and provide counseling and tracking according to personal opportunity points to help others grow up, more positive, more encouragement, less criticism and complaints;

7 Know how to make good use of people, and take timely measures for those who perform poorly.

3. Communicate and coordinate with the partners, do not engage in small circles, and put the operation of invigorating venues in the first place. According to the actual situation in the local area, develop a publicity and promotion plan to increase the popularity of the playground.

Team building is not so easy, it needs to be human core

Clear goals

People should be targeted at all times. The team is a formal group of people, so the goal is indispensable. Without the goal, there is no direction. Without the goal, the team has no motivation. A clear and workable goal is the key to success. When implementing this goal, there are certain clear guidelines for the implementation process. The team not only has a clear understanding of the goals, but also believes that this goal contains one or more important results that are worth pursuing. Team leaders need to identify and grasp core tasks and goals, and encourage members to sublimate their personal goals to team goals. In an effective team, members are responsible for the team's goals, know what the team expects them to do, and understand how they can do together to achieve organizational goals.

The right person

1. The selection must match the strategic goals of the video game city.

Human resources are the guarantee for the implementation of strategic planning and the realization of strategic objectives. Each video game city will formulate different overall strategic plans that are compatible with reality at different stages. When selecting talents, we must consider the realization of resource allocation and strategic goals. Adapted. If there is no strategic goal, it will not be able to talk about human resources planning, let alone the implementation of human resources planning, and will blindly follow when selecting people. For example, opening a new store should focus on the planning of the site, and later pay attention to the maintenance and repair of the machine.

2, the selection of people should be appropriate to the industry environment

Different industry environments will also affect the specific operations of our talent selection. First of all, it is necessary to analyze the environment of the industry in which it is located, and how it is in the entire industrial structure. Secondly, it is necessary to analyze the position of the video game city in the industry. The level of talents corresponding to different industries and status is different, and it is tailored for the video game city. Formulating a talent selection strategy will not lead to the abuse or loss of talent. The consumer groups in the video game city are mostly young people. Then you can choose some people who are interested in this industry from 18 to 25 years old to be the guides or duty managers. Because they have their own hobbies, they will be enthusiastic about their work.

3. The selection of people should consider the supply status of the talent market.

The supply and demand of the talent market is generally not controlled by the enterprise. However, the video game city can not escape the influence of the supply and demand situation when selecting people. The so-called plan does not change quickly. The video game city needs specific analysis and timely adjustment. Recruitment plan. When the market talents are booming, increase the number of talents recruited and strengthen the talent pool. When the market talents are in short supply, the number and standards of recruitment can be appropriately reduced to adapt to market changes.

4. Selecting people should consider the cost of human resources

Human resource costs are expenses incurred in obtaining and developing human resources, including human resource acquisition costs, usage costs, development costs, and separation costs. The selection of personnel should be based on the quality requirements of the position, choose the right person, and avoid using high-ranking people everywhere. Using high-ranking people will not only increase the cost of direct wages, but also easily lead to brain drain, resulting in higher opportunity costs.

Mistaken employment is the real cause of brain drain, and the selection of people is not in place, which is likely to lead to the loss of talent. Therefore, selecting a good person will not only promote the realization of the goal of the video game city, but also greatly reduce the cost of human resources.

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