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How to promote indoor childrens park management
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2019-11-12 16:51:32
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Everyone has their own dreams. The development of today's society has made more and more people enter the field of investment and entrepreneurship, and hope to gain more wealth. Looking at the whole market, the children's consumer market is booming and has spawned. A wave of investment, soon after opening or in the future, the parks are inseparable from promotion, so how to promote it?

How to promote indoor childrens park management

First, the theme activity strategy

From time to time, we organize a variety of funny children's competitions, or parent-child themed activities, attracting children and parents, and accumulating popularity.

Second, the store celebration strategy

At each celebration, the strategy of implementing a membership card to offer discounts helps foster customer loyalty, increase revenue, and enhance the brand influence of indoor children's parks.

Third, the toy sales strategy

Specializing in the preparation of a variety of novelty and fun toys for children, children can not only play in the park, but also buy back and play at home.

How to promote indoor childrens park management

Fourth, free experience strategy

On the day of business, perhaps special holidays, it is open to the public free of charge, so that children can experience the beauty of the indoor children's playground, attract parents to watch, and carry out the match for a long time.

Fifth, holiday promotion strategy

Implement different discount policies at major festivals to attract more new customers and increase revenue. There are three points to note about this.

1. Don't just fight the price and maximize the customer's benefit.

If the promotion itself is a shopping price, there is no other gimmick, then it is necessary to extract the maximum benefits created by the activity to the customer and serve as the propaganda theme. For example, if the cashback method is used, the “maximum cash back xx yuan” is more attractive. However, if the cash back is turned into a consumer interest point, it becomes “the highest can save xx yuan”, and then it is even more Can impress consumers.

2. Don't use the "violence" theme

Straightforward is not violence. Some parks like to use the words “bottom-hunting”, “crazy” and “1 fold” in the theme of promotional activities, etc., which are mainly used to cut prices. However, it should be noted that these promotional themes can not impress consumers. The promotion must consider the sales profit during the event, as well as the usual sales and brand image after the event. Too much "violent" promotional themes may affect consumers' trust in the brand. Most consumers want to be able to get benefits from the promotion of the business, and do not want to be labeled "love cheap", therefore, must be comprehensive analysis The positioning of your own park, should not blindly "violent" packaging.

3, do not matter, but use emotional themes to impress customers

Emotional marketing is recognized by consumers because it can satisfy consumers' specific needs of products and preferential purchases, and it can also stimulate consumers' emotional appeals in a certain aspect, form resonance and establish lasting relationships. , which leads to consumption habits or brand loyalty. The emotional theme of the promotion theme actually means that the theme should have a certain cultural nature. For example, some parks are on the promotion theme and like to use the “dream plan”.

How to promote indoor childrens park management

Sixth, trade-in strategy

The child's old toys can be replaced with new or different toys (by way of lottery tickets, etc.), and through the trade-in strategy, the indoor children's playground is more sticky to children.

Seven, children's file strategy

Freely build a common growth file for each member's children, let the indoor children's playground go deeper into the child's life, and pay more attention to the child's growth.

Eight, mutual benefit and mutual benefit strategy

Collaborate with various training organizations, such as English training classes, to let children practice English in a happy and playful way; cooperate with major kindergartens and primary schools to provide them with support for various competition activities, perhaps provide commercial funding, expand influence, increase income.

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