Playground settled in the mall competitive? Give you some negotiating skills
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2019-11-11 16:10:23
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When we visit the large-scale supermarkets, we usually see there are video games and children's parks. With the development of the economy, many places have begun to build large-scale commercial supermarkets. At the same time, more and more playgrounds want to settle in, but competition Intense, if you want to negotiate with the operators of the supermarket, you need to master some skills.

The playground has to be stationed in the supermarket, and the negotiating objects to be found may be different. Some merchants negotiate with purchasing personnel, and some go to the promotion department.

Usually the store manager has a big decision on the rent. The size, location, and passenger flow of the supermarkets are different. The cost of the venues is different, and the deduction points are different.

Playground settled in the mall competitive? Give you some negotiating skills

Negotiations generally have the following contents:

Rent, decoration period, rent-free period, rent-free period payment method, area measurement, pool area, property, water and electricity, heating, air conditioning, contract period, rent increase, a few pay, entrance fee, facade advertisement , internal advertising space, middle-aged celebration, anniversary celebration, event promotion method, whether it can be sub-lease, whether it can be transferred, whether it can change the business content, whether the owner assists in the industrial and commercial tax fire protection, if the opening of the business is delayed, how to compensate and so on.

Before the negotiation, you should clearly define the benefits that your playground will bring to the mall: the playground can drive a large number of passengers and shopping malls, and often organize group activities to create a crowded atmosphere for the mall.

At this stage of business negotiation, the main points and precautions of this stage of business negotiation are:

Analysis Stage (AnalysisStage): It is also the negotiator's analysis of the negotiation situation between the negotiating parties to reach the stage of knowing oneself and knowing each other.

Playground settled in the mall competitive? Give you some negotiating skills

The main point of this stage is to use the available means to obtain information as much as possible, organize and think about the information and make judgments on the overall negotiation situation:

(1) Regarding human factors, negotiators should consider what opinions are held by all parties involved in the negotiations. Do the two sides have any differences in understanding the same issue? Are there any hostile emotions? What kind of communication barriers exist?

(2) Regarding the interest factors, the negotiators should consider and recognize the interests of all parties. Does the two parties have common interests? Are there contradictory but compatible interests?

(3) Regarding the program factors, the negotiators should review the established negotiation options and whether there are alternative negotiation solutions.

(4) Regarding the standard factors, the negotiator should be aware of the negotiation criteria proposed as the basis of the agreement. Is there a fair standard that can be divided into interests?

Playground settled in the mall competitive? Give you some negotiating skills

In addition to yourself, there will be other peers who want to enter a certain shopping mall. At this time, the competition mall needs to know: Prepare the plan, project plan, and talk with the head of the China Merchants Department:

1. Demonstrate the brand strength of the company's brand image brand project and the case of brand entry. 

2. After entering the mall, the impact of brand parks on the flow of people in the mall.

3. Brand Children's Park is different from other non-brand park marketing strategies. 

4. The park can be associated with shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants and other projects. 

5. The playability, attractiveness and richness of the project sections.

The conditions to be won: 

1. It indicates that the new venue takes time to advertise, publicity, decoration takes time, training staff takes time, equipment logistics assembly takes time. 

2. In the first year of operation, we must bear the risks and financial pressures of the industry, so that the China Merchants Department can provide customers with appropriate renovation and rent-free periods, and talk about the actual area of customers.

3. Control of the incremental increase in rent during the lease period.

4. Whether the outdoor advertising space in the mall charges or so.

(1) Fully prepared before the negotiation

1. Learn more about the general price of shopping malls and supermarkets, and determine the psychological reserve price and the maximum price limit for this negotiation.

In grasping the market conditions and their trends, you can determine the approximate price range based on the recent cost price and your own business intentions.

2. Correctly evaluate the status and influence of children's parks in supermarkets and supermarkets, and estimate monthly sales.

3. If possible, understand the negotiator's situation: including personal background, hobbies, work tasks, current evaluations of his superiors and colleagues. This information may be used at some point.

4. Learn to collect intelligence and observe the words.

Playground settled in the mall competitive? Give you some negotiating skills

(2) Winning the initiative in communication

Good at using off-site relationships. For the first time dealing malls, you should be good at using off-site relationships, get information on "important people" through various channels, and invite relevant personnel to negotiate on the sidelines. This can take the initiative in the psychological, if there is a "contact person" It will do more with less, and it will be easier to get along.

Know yourself and know each other. Often the more formal large shopping malls, the more concerned about the qualifications and brands of new owners entering the mall. They are generally willing to introduce mature brands, because the mall will not provide growth time for the brand. If you don't have this, the negotiations may be deadlocked. On the one hand, the new brand has limited strength and is unable to deliver more fees to the mall in advance; on the other hand, the demand for such owners in the mall is to take the upper limit of the store fee and will not easily lower the threshold. At this time, we must know ourselves and understand the factors such as the regional economic environment, business district, and consumption characteristics, and give commitment to the shopping malls in terms of popularity and promotion activities, so as to increase the weight of negotiations.

Playground settled in the mall competitive? Give you some negotiating skills

As the saying goes, the details determine success or failure. When signing up and negotiating, we must pay special attention to and clarify the following details to avoid future disputes.

1, the store sales space confirmation: location map and square meters are best with drawings.

2. Confirmation of contract term: Confirm the cooperation period and whether there is a breach of contract clause.

3. Confirmation of arrival time: Countdown work for product entry.

4. Confirmation of renovation time: decoration date, decoration period, official opening time, etc.

5, shopping malls storage problems: shopping malls storage costs, methods, locations and other issues are the focus of attention.

6. The date of settlement and the period of payment: ask for the four elements of the date of reconciliation, the date of invoice, the date of payment, and the method of payment. (If it can be included in the contract)

7. Date and method of payment: The date and method of payment of all types of fees must be clearly stated.

When negotiating with a supermarket, in most cases we are in a weak position, that is, we are asking for people. Of course, people should make appropriate concessions, but how to give them a little knowledge. Sometimes the other party asks for 5% of the profit on the A issue, but we say it unexpectedly, 5%? Too little, your company is so famous, 7% must be given to you (of course, you should calculate an account, this 2% is really no big deal). The other party must be very happy, then talk about B. The B problem is actually the most important benefit, but you can insist on it: "We can't make concessions on this issue. You can't negotiate anything with me. Just now you have 5% on A, but I am I gave 7%, so I really can't make any concessions on this issue. I will take the initiative to attack and use the small profits to highlight my own principles.

Playground settled in the mall competitive? Give you some negotiating skills

(3) Breaking the deadlock in the negotiations

Negotiations sometimes fall into a deadlock because of the persistence of both sides. At this time, we should learn to stop at the right time and re-arrange the time for the next negotiation. For both parties to the deadlock, this period is very valuable. We should think more about ways to make the follow-up negotiations go smoothly.

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