The era of intelligent operation of gift machines is coming. Are you ready?
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2019-11-09 17:23:16
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In the 1980s, Japanese video game makers such as Sega and Bandai Nanmeng Palace began to engage in the production of doll machines (also known as gift machines) and promoted them to cooperative game centers. In the early years, the game halls were mainly video games of fighting, shooting, racing, chess and sports, mainly young male players. In order to make up for the needs of the female market, the game hall gradually introduced a doll machine that is easy to operate.

After years of development, in addition to Japan, in the country, gift machines have been spread all over the major commercial centers, and gradually become familiar with people, talking about gift machines can be described as no one. However, in recent years, the gift machine market has begun to be saturated, the novelty is decreasing, and the heat of the gift machine is gradually weakening.

The era of intelligent operation of gift machines is coming. Are you ready?

How can we make the gift machine's heat boom again? It has become one of the headaches of many gift machine operators. In the "4th Playground Marketing Sharing Conference", Zhu Hezhu, deputy general manager of Shiyu Technology, put forward the "smart management" of gift machines, "smart management" What is meant? I will talk to you specifically below.

Beautiful appearance

The era of intelligent operation of gift machines is coming. Are you ready?

The gift machine is usually placed in a conspicuous place in the store, or in the aisle inside the mall, want to attract the player experience? Equipment manufacturers and terminal operators began to look at the appearance, the design of the doll machine can be said to be varied, colorful, like a landscape. People are attracted, but can they stay? Just like the network red language in recent years: "The beautiful appearance is the same, the interesting soul is one of the best." The gift machine is not enough to pursue the innovation in appearance, and should pay more attention to the inner things. We can observe the "original ancestor" of the gift machine in Japan. We will find that the appearance of the doll machines in Japanese street shops is very uniform. It is not like the appearance of our domestic gift machines, but their doll machines have gone through decades. The development is still very popular, and there are even many visitors who come here to experience it. why? This is related to their flexible business methods and strong hand-based culture.

The intelligent era of gift machines refers to the transition from a fool's day to a smart age. Mr. Zhu said that the previous single gift machine operation method has no use for the current consumer environment. It is necessary to change the operation mode, increase the operation content of the gift machine, and empower the gift machine. This is the future development of the gift machine.

Segment player audience

The gift machine was originally designed to go with the boyfriend to the boring women in the video game. But now, with the audience becoming wider and wider, the gift machine has become a play device regardless of gender, young and old. For the choice of gifts, it has become more practical or more diverse, from the previous plush dolls to hand-made, twisted eggs, 3C products, daily necessities. Although different people were considered in the choice of gifts, they did not give them different "treatments" and could not attract potential customers in a targeted manner. The venue can set the gift machine area to different areas such as adult area, children's area, family area, hand-held area, etc. to specifically attract audiences of different ages.

In addition to the above classification, the target users can be divided into three levels, namely potential demanders, brand followers and brand loyalists. Players at these three levels take different activities to attract them to experience or spend again. For customers who are loyal to the brand, they can adopt relatively superior gift redemption options and services. For potential customers and customers who are concerned, they can adopt more attractive preferential policies (to attract them to try), which is also a good attraction. Methods.

The era of intelligent operation of gift machines is coming. Are you ready?

Professional operations team is responsible

It is not enough to operate a gift machine store by relying on gifts. It is more and more important to have a professional operation team. The future operation of the gift machine store will be handled by a professional operation management team. It can be an outsourced team or an internal one.

Professional people do professional things, they have experience, do not need to spend time to explore, can avoid trial and error links, saving the time cost of store operations. Efficient management, diversified profitable marketing techniques and professional operational capabilities. How does the playground create a professional team? Pay attention to the following five aspects: First, recruit reliable people, then carry out a good training system, establish a sound job system, cultivate a benign team atmosphere, and correct goals and division of labor. Such a team will face more and more courage in the face of market changes and dilemmas, creating a positive working atmosphere.

IP gifts are more sought after

In the choice of gifts, prefer to choose popular, fashion, net red and other high-calorie gifts or unique, scarce IP gifts and surrounding. With the rise of a new generation of consumers, the recognition of IP value after 95s and 00s has deepened, and ordinary plush dolls are less attractive than gifts with IP attributes.

In addition to the higher value of IP attribute gifts, IP operators who choose well-known IPs will have various IP promotion activities to ensure the hot topic of IP and maintain the popularity of IP. Meng Meng's plush dolls attract girls, IP gifts, such as IP hands are not the same, IP hands to do fans have men and women, up to 40 years old, economically capable men, down to children are very fond of, More can tap the consumption potential. In the past, we often said that women's money is the best to earn, but in the video game city, maybe the man's money is better earned. The market value of a few hundred yuan is not enough to buy a hand, and it is possible to get a low price when playing a gift machine. Why not do it.

The era of intelligent operation of gift machines is coming. Are you ready?

Artificial intelligence: be a customer intimate playmate

In the summer of 1956, scientists such as McCarthy and Minsky met at Dartmouth College in the United States to discuss how to use robots to simulate human intelligence. The concept of artificial intelligence was first proposed, marking the birth of artificial intelligence. The development of artificial intelligence to the present, its application field is more and more extensive, and it gradually affects the consumer experience. When you enter a playground, a card, the management system can speculate that you like to play the kind of gift that the machine likes, and you recommend the package that suits you best. Can you recharge it with such a caring service?

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, through the user big data collection and analysis system for user portraits, we can refine the customers of each category to develop a more detailed membership program. Through the data management platform, the gift consumption of the gift machine in the store is analyzed, and the types of gifts with high consumption are analyzed to restock, which can reduce the inventory cost. In addition, there are other intelligent systems such as: doll machine anti-scan system, player excitement system, small program application, etc., is also a good choice to improve the player experience. Do the most intimate store of the player, but also worry about the customer's customer price and the number of coins?

Featured scene packaging

The word scene packaging believes that everyone has listened to it many times and seems to be not "fresh". But what do you really do to package the scene? At this year's various exhibitions, we found that more and more gift machines with Mei Chen function are more and more pleasing. However, if you want to increase the perception of the venue and enhance the player experience, the scene packaging of the gift machine is essential.

However, many operators in the scene package will enter some misunderstandings, such as: product features and target group positioning is unclear, it will make your scene packaging work become useless. First of all, we know that if you want the gift machine to become hot, you need the player to take the gift when you experience it. He will remember it here. Secondly, the gift machine has a wide audience, and if the design style is just a single style, the potential user may Will continue to lose. However, many equipment manufacturers now offer the entire design decoration and customer customized scene service, which reduces the troubles of many operators.

Improve service quality

In the past few years, I have not understood the industry, I don’t understand the products, I don’t pay attention to quality and service, and the terminal management level is uneven. Now that the amusement industry is transforming and upgrading, the operators have begun to pay attention to the service quality. In the past, when the machine was put on, someone naturally came to experience it because of curiosity. But what kind of gift do you want now? Taobao has a search. The gift machine has become a common amusement device. The sense of freshness has passed away. How to keep it popular? At this time, the service played a big role. When the customer passes by, the staff will immediately greet them, ask about the gift, recommend the popular products in the venue to the customer, or actively teach the cheats of the dolls, adjust the gift location in time, and improve the customer price and popularity. good idea.

The era of intelligent operation of gift machines is coming. Are you ready?


The times are advancing, and consumers' consumption concepts are also improving. Operators and equipment manufacturers want to gain the hearts of players, and do not want to improve their popularity. It can be said that it is a fantasy.

The era of intelligent operation of gift machines has come, and you, are you ready?

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