Why Should Keep The Water Cold In Water Park?
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2019-11-08 16:13:49
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You may not know that the national standard for the swimming pool water temperature for swimming competition is between 22 °C and 26 °C. The general swimming pool water temperature is between 26 °C and 28 °C, while the human body temperature is 37 °C, which is nearly 10 degrees. I feel cold when I first enter the pool. Why is the water temperature in the swimming pool so low?


1. Help the body dissipate heat

The same amount of exercise, swimming can consume more energy than land sports, which is why everyone loves swimming; it also determines the water temperature of the pool. Exercise consumes energy while also generating heat. The metabolism is accelerated and the body temperature rises. At this time, cold water is needed to cool the body and make you feel comfortable. The water temperature is lower than the body temperature and acts as a heat dissipator.


2. Prevention of cardiovascular disease

When just entering the water, water below body temperature will cause the skin to contract, so as to reduce heat dissipation. After exercise, the heat generated causes the blood vessels to dilate. This shrinkage allows the cardiovascular to move, which is an exercise to prevent cardiovascular disease.


3. Give your muscles a sense of strength

All the movements of the human body are done by muscle contraction. Cold water not only allows the blood vessels to contract, but also allows the muscles to contract, allowing people who move in the water to feel full of energy. But if it is in warm water, it can be counterproductive. Warm water will make your muscles relax. So if we exercise, we will feel very tired.


4. It is easy to heat stroke

Warm water swimming will make people more tired, need to consume more energy, and the energy brought by energy consumption can not be taken away by warm water, so it will cause the body temperature to rise all the way. In order to dissipate heat, the blood vessels of the skin will be exaggerated more, resulting in insufficient blood supply to vital organs in the body, which may easily cause dehydration of the human body, abnormal heart function, unconsciousness and difficulty in breathing.


Therefore, maintaining the low water temperature of the water park is especially important for the health of the child.

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