7 ways to operate a gift machine
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2019-11-07 16:48:17
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In the playground equipment configuration, the gift machine has always occupied a relatively large proportion, and it is increasing year by year, and is very popular among young people and children. Then the gift machine in the anime venue, in addition to the various sizes of dolls, also includes single cut, multi-cut, boutique, candy machine, gashapon machine, beverage machine, etc., from the operational point of view of this kind of physical The machines for gifts are collectively referred to as gift machines. And this kind of machine is precisely because it guarantees the gift-likeness of experiential entertainment, the revenue in the venue can not be ignored, the contribution of popularity and profit contribution are very strong, so I will talk about the animation venue today. Some features of the gift machine.

operation of gift machine

1. The rise of the gashapon machine

The game machine has always played the game, but the current gashapon machine is getting bigger and bigger, the toy is getting bigger and bigger, and the gameplay is more and more diverse. Then, as a venue operator, it is necessary to take into account the quality of the gashapon and the types of gifts in the gashapon, as well as the increasing number of gashapon machines, and the gameplay and production settings are also very important. It is necessary to ensure the freshness of the players and to ensure the player's sense of acquisition.

2, doll machine pays more attention to the display of face value and gifts

At present, both the place and the business side attach great importance to the beauty and arrangement of the gifts, and to the perspective of the gifts and the sense of light. The pursuit of the value of the machine has also shifted from the concept of popular color and net red in the past to more individuality, with the theme and the look-and-see image.

operation of gift machine

3, the output of the gift machine service concept

The output of the operation mode is very important to both the equipment side and the field. At present, the gift machines of many equipment manufacturers have begun to bring their own operation plans, gift links, display methods and so on. In particular, the emergence of the two-claw machine has higher requirements for the operation of the place, some storefronts without experience, or the lack of store management personnel, this professional service output is particularly important.

4. The copyright, quality and priority of the gift

At present, the gift selection of the playground greatly tests the wisdom of the venue purchasers. In addition to maintaining the original novel characteristics, it is also necessary to pay attention to the preferences of local players and the trend of popularity. This is also the reason why some candy machines and gashapons are relatively large in the business process. So keeping the copyright, quality and priority of the gift is the key to the continuous revenue of the gift machine, such as genuine dolls, online games, pendants, etc.

operation of gift machine

5, gift machine gift new gameplay

That is to say, it breaks the gift configuration inherent in some gift machines. For example, the doll machine that catches the doll is used to catch potato chips and lipstick, and it can also catch the scorpion, and at the same time add more gifts to participate in the operation of the doll machine, like this change. There are many cases of the original gameplay of the gift machine, and it is also the accumulation of wisdom of the operators of some venues. You can learn from each other.

6, the gift machine's paving rate

In the configuration process of the gift machine, the more the number of gift machines, the more revenue. Although the number of gift machines in the venue is too small to reflect the diversity of gifts, too much will also dilute the game currency, affecting the production of the gift machine. In addition to the conventional configuration method, pay attention to the machine's money collection during the operation. Use a hypothetical situation to illustrate the problem. For example, a doll machine at a venue collects 1,000 coins per day. If there are 50 doll machines, each has an average of 20 coins. If I have 20 doll machines, the average is It is 50 coins. It is obvious that the latter is easier to produce, so only a gift machine that is relatively easy to produce will have a good revenue.

operation of gift machine

7, the gift machine production settings

Speaking of this problem, everyone will set it up. The problem is that there is nothing to be aware of except for some regular settings. First of all, we must pay attention to the industry's off-season season. In the peak season, we should appropriately reduce the production rate of the machine (slow production); in the off-season, we should appropriately increase the production rate of the machine (produced quickly), that is, because it is in the off-season. The frequency of use of the machine is different. Secondly, it is the calculation method of the gift machine, which can calculate the value of the gift individually or calculate the value of the gift as a whole. For example, if there are ten doll machines, you can set up all the dolls twenty times. Of course, five of them can be fifteen times, and the other five are twenty-five times. The above operation principle is because sometimes the player's pursuit of the gift machine game in the venue is not necessarily that he can grab it, but he can see that someone can grab it and it will be recognized by your gift machine.

The above is some of the cognition of the gift machine in the playground. The choice of the gift machine is mainly based on the diversity of the gift display and the diversity of the gameplay, not the quantity. At the same time, for the choice of gifts, the maintenance of the scene, the rationality of the settings, and the innovation of gift play, etc., these not only test our wisdom, but also patience.

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