Are you ready to build a playground?
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2019-10-28 17:14:01
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With the improvement of people's living standards, video games are very common in people's lives. For those who are preparing to operate a playground, how do you plan to build a good playground in order to have a place in the competition?

Are you ready to build a playground?

I. Site selection

The playground business address is definitely a very important factor. The correct location of the store is not only a prerequisite for its success. It is also the prerequisite and basis for standardization, simplification and specialization of management. The following is an analysis summary of the site selection of the playground (secret of site selection).

1. Stable and mature business circle. (around large shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment, pedestrian streets)

Advantages: large customer traffic, centralized and stable;

The playground is full of young people, and these are the places where these young people often go;

Have a certain spending power;

Easy to advertise, image brand is easy to establish;

Easy to do joint marketing with other businesses;

2, near the middle and high-end city community group, snacks near the street

Advantages: large customer traffic, centralized and stable;

Have a certain spending power;

The customer lives nearby and is convenient for customers;

Easy to promote, the participation rate of the event is high;

Easy to participate in community activities, easy to improve the positive image.

Are you ready to build a playground?

3, the city's commercial wholesale center (clothing, small commodities, hardware, etc.)

Advantages: large customer traffic, centralized and stable;

Have a certain spending power;

Blind areas can confuse competitors and avoid direct competition.

4. Large amusement parks in the city, near the park

Advantages: large customer traffic, centralized and stable;

Have a certain spending power;

Easy to do joint marketing with other businesses.

Are you ready to build a playground?

The location of the playground is focused on the consumption power and passenger flow. In some places, there are only people and no spending power, such as near the university town. Most of the students are busy with their studies, have no time to have money, and have to go home on holidays. There are also winter holidays and summer holidays. Near the large industrial area; the working people in the industrial area live on wages, want to entertain but have no money; another misunderstanding is near the railway station and bus station far from the city; the instantaneous flow of people, the passing people are hurrying, Although the traffic is large, few people can calm down and entertain.

Second, the venue style positioning and decoration

The principle of store decoration is to create a relaxed atmosphere. The good atmosphere of the store is the first impression of the store. The environment in the store is good and bad, and the quality of service will have a decisive impact on consumers. Customers not only have to play themselves. The favorite model, but also hope to get something other than video entertainment products. Therefore, the store has extremely high requirements in terms of hardware and software. First of all, pay attention to fashion, through a unified store decoration, elegant decoration. The neat dress and spacious service environment reflect the unique style of the store. Become a professional image store. With the transparent visual effect and high-grade clean and tidy design style, customers can feel the charm of the brand at any time.

Are you ready to build a playground?

The customer base of the playground is basically young people, so the decoration style should pay attention to taste, the young people are energetic, most of them have a little new attitude, the pursuit of fresh and exciting fun, the playground decoration should focus on the theme , fashion avant-garde, adapt to the consumer base. It must also reflect the store culture, easy maintenance, long-lasting style, and corresponding to future business activities. Some unique products must also be combined with the decoration.

The decoration style is divided into "modern minimalist style", "classical style", "European classical style" and so on. But suitable for young people, it is a "modern minimalist style" that matches the characteristics of the playground.

"should" and "shouldnt" in the decoration:

Appropriate: the style is obvious, the main color, the auxiliary color is coordinated;

Suitable: the interior decoration is simple and the key points are highlighted;

Suitable: there are image walls, modeling walls, bar counters, gift shop windows;

It is advisable to focus on the decoration outside the door, reflecting the advertising effect and image (similar to the modern style of KTV);

Should: use the general nameplate (to pursue the material);

Suitable: use durable materials (long-lasting, safe, tasteful, easy to care);

Suitable: the bathroom should be the focus, the warehouse, the office should not be underestimated;

Suitable: partition, pay attention to the stage shape of the key machine;

Suitable: focus on the passage, safety door, and wide surrounding equipment;

Suitable: use plasma TV (easy to expand activities);

Bogey: Castle, labyrinth decoration, old, not easy to maintain, not safe;

Avoid: the place is small and crowded;

Avoid: luxury decoration (customers pay attention to comfort, atmosphere, machine quality);

Taboo: grotesque (the machine equipment originally had colorful lights);

Are you ready to build a playground?

Third, the recruitment of playground personnel

The amusement park belongs to a commercial enterprise. In general, it has no different recruitment and training for other enterprise personnel. It is only because of the different nature of the operation that there is a different division of labor. Recruiters have certain skills, recruiting the right people, the long-term role in the overall operation of the playground, and the establishment of a playground culture, to a certain extent, is also a prerequisite for the protection of income.

Are you ready to build a playground?

1. Those who have similar industry experience

There are employees in chain supermarkets, Internet cafes, chain restaurants, chain hotels and other industries. These employees have basically experienced formal training and can quickly and orderly invest in their work.

2. Volunteers, part-time workers, laid-off workers

Volunteers serve the community, experience life, serve the public, organize activities, and volunteers generally do not need to pay salaries. Hiring part-time staff can save a lot of staff management troubles and save money. Laid-off workers are relatively stable, and good corporate reputation can also be established in nearby communities.

3. Planning students, marketing students, writing art students

Students are active in thinking and have strong acceptability. They can implement the methods they have learned into their work. This is a very rare resource for all aspects of the playground. Another point is that students mainly experience life and internships, and do not particularly value wages.

Do a good job in the above three aspects, a playground is really built. The playground wants healthy operation, and there are still many jobs to be done, such as marketing, promotion, and daily operation management of the playground. But no matter what, the preparation work will lay a solid foundation for the future development of the playground.

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