To run a childrens playground, the three primary problems must be solved!
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2019-10-29 15:26:33
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To run a childrens playground, the three primary problems must be solved!

The rising level of economic development is based on national income, and the proportion of consumer spending on children's daily lives and parent-child interactions has also increased significantly. Nowadays, the children's paradise market is highly competitive, although new children's play projects with novel themes, innovative themes and eye-catching are emerging. But no matter what kind of innovation, we must first solve the following three pain points, and children's amusement parks can achieve long-term healthy development.

01. How to increase the frequency of each consumer's consumption in the store?

To run a childrens playground, the three primary problems must be solved!

At present, the children's parks in major cities, for the necessary profit-making purposes, the door fare will naturally not be set too low, but the long-term experience consumption of the family, coupled with the limitations of the venue area, the game after the repeated consumption of play items decreased. Not only that, the health of indoor children's parks is getting more and more worrying.


Properly open the closed garden sanitation and disinfection work, online mutual entertainment and reciprocal, offline intimate service experience.

First, adjust the indoor children's play project in stages, and make some adjustments and changes according to the profit situation. Of course, it is necessary to cooperate with the promotion of the event to ensure the immersive play experience of the home park to the utmost extent.

Second, there must be a guarantee of safety guards and disinfection, we must insist on doing it, taking the marine ball cleaning as an example:

1. Install the marine ball in the ball pool with a container such as a fishing net or a pot, and make a comprehensive cleaning of the bottom of the ball pool.

2. Dilute the marine ball with soapy water, disinfectant detergent, bleaching powder, detergent, etc.

3. Spray directly to the spherical surface with a disposable disinfectant to disinfect and remove odor.

4. Dry with a soft, damp cloth.

5. If it is a fine sea sand, it can be sprayed on the sand pool with a disinfectant extracted by traditional Chinese medicine. It not only has good effect, but also naturally decomposes without residue.

6. If it is Cassia, it can be sterilized by sun exposure in the sun regularly. It can not be washed by water and it is easy to germinate.

7. The large garbage and objects in the sand pool are directly picked up and thrown away. If it is mixed with sand, it will be removed with the spatula and the sand, and the sand should be replaced at the right time.

8. The most important thing to clean the sand pool is to clean and dry. At this time, you should choose a sunny and good weather according to the weather forecast. Generally, it can be cleaned on the same day.

In addition, the activity room, the ground, the wall, etc., are disinfected by ultraviolet radiation every day. The room should be ventilated frequently, and disinfected once a week with peracetic acid.

To run a childrens playground, the three primary problems must be solved!

Third, the use of online interactive platform to enhance consumer stickiness, maximize the length of stay and repurchase times for adults and children in the mall. In this way, the children's paradise business flow and the shopping mall flow can be 100% fully shared. This not only enhances the overall entertainment atmosphere and consumption experience of the shopping center, but also brings more sales opportunities to other cooperative merchants in the mall.

02. How to operate a children's playground to the maximum extent possible?

To run a childrens playground, the three primary problems must be solved!

Since many indoor children's parks are limited by funding, it is difficult for the park to increase the visitor's experience with the largest effective area.


Make effective spatial layouts and increase interaction.

The brand image is especially important for the pulling of the passenger flow. It is necessary to carry out a reasonable layout of the plan and give full play to the space and the facade to improve the efficiency. This is an effective expansion. Using the unit area of the floor to maximize performance and profit, such as the combination of children's slides in the park and interactive projection technology, the slide can change a variety of games, and children can also interact with the projected game content; On the basis of children's play, the possibility of cooperation with other businesses has been reached.

03. How can the endless stream of children's play avoid homogenization?

To run a childrens playground, the three primary problems must be solved!

As the number of children's amusement parks continues to increase, homogenization is a problem that cannot be avoided from beginning to end.


Integrate cultural and social into it and create a personalized IP.

For example, "Disneyland" is leading because it introduces culture and sociality into the amusement.

Therefore, the park is connected with a cultural image that is widely known by children. By digging deep into the social and individual expressions carried by the cultural image, the children are immersed in the novelty, happiness and subtle feelings during the amusement process.

This difference separates the children's amusement park from the competition, making it impossible for competitors to catch up, and giving the children the ultimate mode of play experience is also a very effective way to quickly raise awareness.

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