Precautions For Playgrounds Are Important
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2019-10-26 16:08:28
shikewei    2019-10-26 16:10:51

Kids play equipment

The amusement playground is a happy paradise for children, but when so many naughty children get together, it is inevitable that there will be no accidents. So what can be done to avoid these accidents?


If two children have a fancy at the same time, it is very likely that there will be contradictions for competing for the same piece of amusement equipment. If the contradiction is not resolved in time, it will be upgraded, and even the parents of both parties will be involved in the contradiction. Come.


There is another situation that is more serious than the contradiction between the two parties. That is, the children have accidents during the play. For example, some children are injured when they play because they are not obeying the order or fall from the trampoline because they are not careful. It causes physical injuries, etc. Although we do not want such an accident, as a playground operator, we need to take precautions.


The direct method is to increase the number of staff in the playground and arrange special personnel for care. For example, arrange one or two staff members in each play area. In addition to maintaining the order of the playground normally, it can also be timely. Find the problem and fix it. For those children who are younger, we can't arrange a caregiver for each baby. When parents bring their children to play in the playground, we have to be informed of the obligation to inform parents to take care of their children. An accident has occurred.

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