What is the correct customer management in the video game city?
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2019-10-23 15:05:26
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Customer management has always been a problem of video game industry. However, many video game city managers still have many misunderstandings in terms of customer management, resulting in the work of customer management. What is the correct customer management? Let's analyze it together.

What is customer management?

We will obtain good customer evaluations with excellent service quality, attract, maintain and enhance customer relationships with good reputation, so as to achieve the goal of sustainable business. Good customer management is the lifeblood of the sustainable operation of the video game city.

What is the correct customer management in the video game city?

The status quo and problems of customer relationship maintenance

1. "Customer relationship" is unclear

Today, most video game towns still stay at the level of “I want to be good to customers and good to all customers”, but don’t really know where my target customers are? Only by clarifying the target customer base and providing quality products and services, can they provide the impetus for the survival and development of the enterprise to form a true customer relationship. The customer relationship is to change the one-time consumption behavior into a regular behavior, so that customers only choose to spend in your video game city, it is your life-long customer, such customers have higher loyalty.

2. partial service, light management

Some companies simply focus on service and despise customer maintenance, which will increase the customer's excessive desires, and then raise unreasonable demands and undermine normal customer relationships.

What is the correct customer management in the video game city?

3. There are many policy contents and less personalized services.

The policy requirements and mechanical content of the customer relationship maintenance system with the customer manager as the main responsibility cause the customer manager to simply follow the form in the daily work, which is more important than the completion of the mechanical work. While being busy with coping, they neglected the personalized service to customers, resulting in the loss of customers.

4. Emphasize service standards and ignore service details

The core of customer relationship maintenance is the maintenance of interests. The service allows customers to achieve the desired expectations, which is the essence of service. When many video games cities strive to improve the quality of service, they only use their brains in service standards and service facilities, but they neglect some details. The result is inadvertently aroused the customer's dislike, thus losing a certain range of consumption. group.

5. The purpose of promise to customers is not clear

Many video game cities promised to consumers through advertising before opening: After opening, we must treat our customers as God, always thinking about everything, always thinking about customers, and warm and thoughtful service to ensure that every customer is satisfied. After opening the business for a period of time, I did work according to my own commitments, and I was praised by the customers, and the business was very prosperous. However, after a long period of time, I forgot my promise. The phenomenon of short-selling and two-story has occurred. The act of shoddy behavior, playing with packaging, and deceiving customers have also happened... making customers happy, disappointing. And return.

What is the correct customer management in the video game city?

How to manage customers?

Customer data collection

The customer's information is numerous and varied. We must collect customer information from multiple parties to prepare for the construction of the customer management system. Because of the complexity of customer management, the collection of customer data is particularly important. So how do you collect it?

1. When the customer calls to play the city and handle the membership card;

2. Introduce more friends through customer friends;

3, through the relevant forums, WeChat group, QQ group to collect local young people's information (not necessarily just phone number, there can be established WeChat group, QQ group, forum to stabilize);

4. Obtain customer information by borrowing the mobile/telecom/Unicom platform to send information and get customer feedback. 

Analysis of customer information statistics

After the customer information system is complete, it needs to be sorted out to organize people who are suitable for video game consumption. Through the general consumption questionnaire, or the record of usual consumption, analyze the customer's consumption habits, consumption time, consumer demand and so on.

What is the correct customer management in the video game city?

Develop customer service strategies

As a video game city in the service industry, the three major elements of competition should be: the pros and cons of video game products, the level of operation management and the quality of service. The quality of service directly determines the survival and death of the company. The benign evolution of the customer is: the customer of the experience - the satisfied customer - the loyal customer; therefore, the service strategy of the video game city is customer-centric. For the customer, the operator can serve the normal heart and be consistent; think of what the guests think, the urgency of the guests; customized service, differentiated service.

Customer care

The longer the life cycle of a high-value customer, the higher the relative return on investment of the company and the greater the profit it will bring to the company. Retaining quality customers is very important to the business, and retaining customers depends on comprehensive customer care. Improving customer loyalty and retaining quality customers is a very challenging job. Effective customer care strategies can help achieve this goal: urgency for customers, surprise customers, comprehensive customer contact, customer satisfaction center.

What is the correct customer management in the video game city?

Good customer management can not only maintain customers, but also add value to your video game city, create customers' own value, customers drive customers, become the word-of-mouth driver of your video game city, are you afraid of no one?

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