How to quickly train high-quality talents in chain video game brands (2)
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Since the beginning of the rapid expansion in 2015, the resurgence has been rapidly covered in the first and second tier cities of the provincial capital by an average of 10 to 20 stores per year. Along with the pace of rapid development, there is also a large demand for talents, especially for store managers and management personnel. In order to cope with this demand challenge, the resurgence of the situation is mainly from the three aspects of selection, education and retention. In the last issue, we introduced the selection, which is the recruitment of talents [ how to quickly train high-quality talents in the chain game brand (below) ] . In this issue, we will introduce other talents in detail. The focus of talent work 

EducationEducation is actually training talents. After we recruited the talents that are suitable for the store, the next goal is to improve on the basis of the original, so that the people we recruit will continue to grow and become more excellent. To this end, the resurgence of the establishment of a very complete curriculum training system: 

(1) complete curriculum systemThe resurgence of the company will all sort out all the training contents of the company, refine and quantify one by one, form a complete curriculum system, and then carry out training through the preparation of instruction manuals, the establishment of online learning platforms, and the implementation of training programs. First prepare the instruction manual. The instruction manual is actually a book, a book about all the things that need to be learned in this position. But in fact it is not just a book, but a set of books. There is now a complete set of instruction manuals, just like a set of textbooks. For example, marketing manuals, technician manuals, art manuals, network administrator manuals, and more. Each of these manuals covers all operating standards and operating methods for the corresponding positions. Therefore, in fact, the volume of this manual was very large. In the process of writing, it also gathered the strength of the whole company. The multi-department coordinated discussion and preparation, which took nearly half a year to complete. 

How to quickly train high-quality talents in chain video game brands (2)

It is precisely because of this set of instruction manuals, whether it is new employees, or follow-up skills assessment, promotion assessment, employees can refer to the manual in the hands of the training, quickly understand the workflow and requirements, timely and accurate Master the corresponding job skills. If you encounter difficulties and need assistance in the work process, you can also use this manual to know how to solve it, or find out what department and person in charge to coordinate and help. Secondly, the current resurgence has created an online learning platform - Fengyun College. The course in this Fengyun Academy is matched with the existing instruction manual, including the current main business training content of the company, such as the introduction of corporate values, machine operation and maintenance, the operation of the intelligent platform, and even cheating in the video game city. Secrets, fire safety training, etc. are also available. This form is actually a bit like the popular “micro-course” in the past few years. It is to move the course from offline to online, so that the course can break through the limitations of time and space. The purpose of building this Fengyun Academy is to promote self-study for all employees and provide better training services for employees.Employees can choose courses, view their progress, practice before the exam, check the exam time and scores, and even live online courses. You can ask questions directly online. 

How to quickly train high-quality talents in chain video game brands (2)

The third form of training is the training program. The so-called "paper has come to an end, and I know that this matter must be carried out." The video game industry also has its own characteristics. It is not enough to have basic theoretical knowledge. It is necessary to go to the store to carry out on-site machine operation, in order to have a deeper understanding. Therefore, the resurgence of the situation requires employees to go to the store, personally learn the machine operation, and experience the gameplay of various machines. The internal assessment of the resurgence of the storm is also divided into two parts: the written test and the actual operation. These two are passed at the same time to meet the post requirements. All the three training forms mentioned above have one thing in common, that is, standardization, process, and replication. In the past, when we were training our employees, we needed training experts to repeatedly introduce company profiles, job skills, marketing plans, etc. This is actually a waste of time and effort. Employees may not be able to remember all the training content. If you forget Afterwards, there is no way to check for missing vacancies in a timely manner, and the goal of rapidly cultivating talents cannot be achieved. Nowadays, the training content is organized into a unified three-category course to form a complete curriculum system. On the basis of the traditional centralized training, the training specialists can spend less time to teach one-on-one, but at the same time, they can grasp the progress of the staff more timely and accurately, and the employees can also conduct their own courses through online and offline courses. Learn and flexibly arrange time. 

(2) Phased training programWith a sound curriculum system, we also need to build a training program in stages. This stage is divided into two phases: job competence and capability improvement. The training in the post competency phase is mainly on-the-job training and transfer training. The induction training is like this: After the new employee joins the job, the personnel of the store will perform the assessment one by one according to the contents of the “Establishment Evaluation Form of the Store Employees”. The content on this form covers all aspects of new employee induction training, including the basic rules and regulations of the store, the staff structure of the store, the specific work content and workflow. The store personnel will periodically review the progress of their online courses and offline materials, and link their training results to the positive assessment. Compared with the on-the-job training, the positive training is more focused on the on-site practice of the work. The content of the training ranges from shallow to deep, from theory to practice; even in the process of correcting training, it will continue to extend to corporate culture and business etiquette training, and the store personnel will regularly evaluate it. Affects whether employees can turn positive. 

How to quickly train high-quality talents in chain video game brands (2)

After the new employee turns right, he enters the capacity improvement stage. At this stage, the resurgence will take different training methods according to different training objectives. Because the professional requirements of each position are different, the training methods and contents will be different. Most of the special trainings such as financial training and amusement host training are concentrated in the headquarters for unified face-to-face training. The frequency is not high, and it may be several times a year. The management training and technical training, the combination of face-to-face and on-site practice, the frequency is relatively high, but each time will not be very long, and sometimes even through the online form, asking them to solve a current store. A ubiquitous detail issue. If this problem is solved within the specified time, then the training assessment at this stage will be passed. The phased training program makes the company's training work different at different stages of the staff, and it has a different approach and focus. This is actually a more scientific and reasonable way. 2. stay Staying means retaining talent. We always believe that if we don't want employees to go, we must rely on both material and spiritual levels. The material level refers to protecting the material needs of employees, raising wages, and improving welfare. This spiritual level means that employees have a cultural identity with the company. This identity and consumer recognition of the brand is not the same. This kind of employee's cultural identity is actually more from the recognition of the company's overall management and operational level. Therefore, within the company, there are strict requirements for middle and senior management. For example, in management we have always emphasized two principles: “leading by example” and “doing things right”. What is leading by example and not right? Leading by example means that managers must take the lead and set their own example first. What is wrong with people? The most important thing is the performance of the store. The store manager took the lead and focused on the store's performance to start the work. Others, do not say something that is not there, do not engage in so many bells and whistles, everyone up one heart, improve the store performance, is the most important thing. So to do this, employees will really recognize your company from the heart, and will be more willing to stay in the store. This refers to something on the spiritual level. 

How to quickly train high-quality talents in chain video game brands (2)

Within the resurgence of the situation, all positions can flow between each other. The company also has a relatively sound mechanism in the direction and promotion of talent development. However, there are times when, on the one hand, in order to retain talents, of course, the more important aspect is to give more space to the particularly prominent talents. The company also has a special “talent promotion plan” for special outstanding talents. Special training. This talented promotion plan is aimed at candidates with high job matching. The company will be hired, improve his welfare and speed up his promotion.In the case of Liansen, the employee who made a comeback, he started his career in August 2016. Before that, he had no experience in the video entertainment industry. However, during the initial interview, we found this young man to have great potential. Later, after observing the internship period and communicating with him, the company decided to include him in this “personal talent promotion plan”. Putting more resources into him to cultivate, let him get a rapid growth in a short time. So in August 2018, he took over as the manager of the Taiyuan Mouse Street Store in Taiyuan, Shanxi. After the store, the performance was very good. The store's efficiency was very good and did not live up to our expectations. Generally speaking, it is so fast to be the manager. This situation is rare in our company, but it also proves that in the aftermath, as long as you have the ability and potential, the company has corresponding policies and systems to ensure your Capacity and potential are fully utilized. 

Talent work results

At the end of the article, I would like to share with you the results of the talent work that has been going on in the past few years. To say this result, I want to tell you that talent work is really important. Don’t ignore it. Even if you are just a single video game city, you can’t ignore the cultivation of talents. If you stick to it, you will definitely get rich. The reward, training talent is a very cost-effective job. 

1. Create a store operation management reserve echelonThe first and most important point is that through a large number of talented people, the resurgence of the store can provide an excellent store operation management team for each store. Since the beginning of the rapid expansion phase in 2015, we have been opening stores at a rate of 10 to 20 stores per year. Then, in order to support such a store opening speed, we have built a store operation management reserve echelon. In the middle, the number of store managers has remained at around 15~25, and other positions such as management posts, technical posts, etc., have more talents to reserve. At present, this store has re-started this store operation management reserve echelon, and has the ability to pick up stores and open stores at any time. Can do it: someone in the new store picks up, eliminates someone to change. It can be said that this part of the talent is the most important force for the company's future development. 

How to quickly train high-quality talents in chain video game brands (2)

2. Excellent business performanceAll talent work ultimately depends on performance, and the store's performance can best explain all the problems. I believe that everyone has heard about it. The success of the store in Shanghai People’s Square, the store in Beijing’s Xidan, the store in Hefei’s Huaihe Road Pedestrian Street, and the stores in Nanjing are not only in the air, but also in the entire video game industry in the country. Far ahead. 3. Large training base and lecturer teamIn order to better cultivate talents, Fengyun has set up a large-scale talent training base in Nanjing Changfa Plaza Store this year. The base area of this base is 1,600 square meters. The equipment in the store covers all the categories currently in operation. The company is also preparing to establish a second large-scale training base in the north, and strives to make a comeback. All new store managers and senior executives are trained by the base, which has become the output base for the country's store management talents. 

How to quickly train high-quality talents in chain video game brands (2)

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