Improve the profit of the naughty castle, what work should be done?
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2019-10-22 14:19:21
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Now the country is developing rapidly, the city is getting bigger and bigger, there are more and more high-rise buildings, and the number of playmates is getting less and less. Parents are worried that their children will not let them go out. Although there are many toys, the children are still lonely. Today's children face the competition of the starting line from an early age. Intellectual development, physical growth, mental cultivation, and character shaping can not be lacking. They must play and learn. Naughty Fort is not only a pure entertainment occasion, but also has a significant puzzle effect. Various devices fully mobilize the child's thinking ability and imagination, helping the child to improve intelligence, so the development trend of children's naughty castle will be better and better. . Then, what kind of work does the venue operator want to do to improve the profitability of the naughty castle?

First, excellent site selection is a prerequisite for the success of a naughty castle

Improve the profit of the naughty castle, what work should be done?

Generally speaking, big cities are highly competitive. In many places, there are such naughty castles. In addition, the rents on the venues are high, the traffic is scattered, and the expenses are much higher. Convenient transportation, crowded places are naturally the ideal location for the store.

1Location: Look at what is surrounding the building, in order to determine the internal configuration and size of the child's naughty castle, and then consider starting from the traffic route, the traffic route and the number of vehicles traveling, the delivery volume as the focus of consideration .

2 Estimated per capita: Many indoor naughty castles are attached to large-scale commercial and prosperous business districts. These places tend to have large traffic and brand awareness. Other factors such as local consumption levels and the proportion of children in the population are factors that need to be considered.

Second, the correct purchase of suitable children's play equipment

Improve the profit of the naughty castle, what work should be done?

The quality of the children's play equipment is guaranteed to be the most basic, and the price of the equipment is second, and the quality is the life of the equipment. Only high-quality amusement products can gain a foothold in the industry market, there will be countless repeat customers, understand the quality value of the equipment before choosing, and then measure whether these naughty castle equipment is worth buying.

In addition, some new analog game consoles, such as swing machines, dance machines and other children's favorite electronic toys, are placed on the periphery of the new paradise, thus enriching the attraction of the electric products inside the park. At the same time, it can bring optimistic benefits to the entire park and drive the popularity of indoor children's parks. Up to now, domestic mature indoor children's parks are equipped with different types of peripheral products for children to choose to play, and most of these things do not need us to manage, directly coin-operated.

Third, equipment update

Improve the profit of the naughty castle, what work should be done?

The novelty of paradise equipment, like the past gun battle naughty castle and the frame-type naughty castle paradise, are now slowly fading out of people's sights. Today, most operators choose the type of open naughty castle and children's manual DIY such as building blocks. Because of the children's liking, the playability is strong, the novelty of the product determines your overall competitiveness under the same conditions, and losing these, maybe the business is good when you are alone, if you come out with a competitor, then your benefits It will be directly reduced.

Fourth, learn to seize the audience of the park

To better manage your own naughty castle paradise, you must first learn to capture the audience of the park - children. The children are particularly sensitive to bright colors, toys that mimic the exotic shapes of animals and plants, and devices with strong interactivity and triggering are more popular. The novelty of appearance, colorful lights, wonderful music and quirky shapes are sure to attract many children. Each type of children's toys has different ages for playing, so be sure to think about it when you buy, make a comprehensive forecast and match, pursue the overall atmosphere, novelty, and give children and parents a good impression. The design of the project and the matching of the equipment are even more important, which will also directly determine the profitability of the investment.

Improve the profit of the naughty castle, what work should be done?

V. Choose a cooperative naughty equipment manufacturer with experience and strength

Improve the profit of the naughty castle, what work should be done?

The device must first consider security, followed by fun and color. A good naughty castle manufacturer must not only have formal qualifications, but also a certain scale of development and years of experience. Investors should choose a properly registered naughty equipment manufacturer, qualified companies and products to ensure quality and after-sales protection.

Secondly, we must first go to the field to see its operating conditions and site size, and then the inspection of the production reputation, delivery, and after-sales service quality of the naughty castle manufacturers, and then carefully choose.

Sixth, the correct business model is the guarantee of profit

Improve the profit of the naughty castle, what work should be done?

Pre-opening promotion is essential, and a leaflet can be distributed around the community to let people in the vicinity know about the content, price and hotline of the service. During the business hours, you can choose a time period in the evening or on weekends. Try to open some parental early education knowledge training classes to let parents realize the importance of early education, how to protect young children, how to develop children's intelligence and exercise. The child's physical ability and so on.

After the Naughty Fort has been in operation for a period of time, there will be some guests who come to visit frequently. At this time, the operators can encourage them to apply for membership cards and give certain discounts. In addition, it is also possible to organize small events on a regular basis, such as a birthday party or with a nearby kindergarten, which is a great way to increase your popularity and increase your customer base.

Seven, operating the naughty castle paradise must have its own characteristics

Improve the profit of the naughty castle, what work should be done?

If a good naughty castle park wants to continue to operate for a long time, it must have its own characteristics. It must have a keen insight into the market and understand what children like now. At present, there are more and more naughty castles of the same type on the market. If the venue operators want to stand out, the park must have its own characteristics and be personalized.

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