How to build a strong core team in video game city
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2019-10-14 17:21:11
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Once the video game city is bigger and stronger, it will be inseparable from the continuous expansion to expand the scale of the video game city. Ensuring that the expansion is successful and effective is inseparable from the strength of a strong team. How to build a strong core team of video game city, let's discuss it together.

What is the core team?

First, the core team of the company is made up of people with consistent core values, regardless of whether they are relatives or friends. 

A strong core team must agree on the core values of the company. Our core values are the business personality, result orientation, customer value and open sharing advocated by Sien. We want to build a customer-oriented company instead of Provide a place for relatives and friends to inhabit.

How to build a strong core team in video game city

Ten core elements of team building

First, a correct understanding of the team: two or more organizations with knowledge and skills complement each other, have a common goal and value system, they rely on each other, cooperate and share responsibility, it is called a team. There are six major tasks in team building, which are to clarify team goals, establish common standards, establish full trust, guarantee free communication, advocate cooperation and complement each other, and achieve win-win sharing.

Second, select team members: the choice of team members should examine three aspects. The first is comprehensive literacy, including ideals and responsibilities, morality and character, passion and reason, perseverance and perseverance, inheritance and innovation, decisiveness and meticulousness. The second is professional skills, including business ethics, professionalism, and professional authority. The third is the comparative advantage of core members, such as the comprehensive advantages, the comparison of professional advantages, and a full understanding of the lack of comparison.

Third, the incentive team: Incentive team needs to meet the needs of employees, in accordance with Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory and expectations theory, take the following incentives: continuous recognition; sincere praise; honor and title; special guidance; moderate authorization; team aggregation; Carry out activities; set an example; present new goals and visions; and pass on passion.

Fourth, the management team: First understand the staff, understand their quality, real needs and work status. Second, make good use of some methods: ancestors afterwards; make good use of people's strengths, give play to their advantages; avoid short people, expensive combination; classification management, differentiated treatment; treat "Roman" well; "hot furnace" rule. Finally, foster employee loyalty by focusing on employee career development.

V. Cultivation leadership characteristics: Excellent leaders must have four key characteristics: vision, courage, mind, responsibility. The cultivation of leadership charm is reflected in different aspects: personality charm; ideological charm; dream charm; noble quality; adventurous spirit; rationality and passion; ability to preach and confuse; peace and gratitude.

How to build a strong core team in video game city

6. Learn to make decisions: Decisions should be global, systematic, and forward-looking. The decision-making process is as follows: decision-making preparation; listing all the possibilities of the decision-making plan; decision-making argument; decision-making; planning and action; supervision, evaluation, and revision. Need to pay attention to the five traps of decision-making: the "anchor" trap; the "beneficial evidence" trap; the "Hobson selection" trap; the "Bridan selection" trap; the "group thinking" trap.

7. Encourage team innovation: clarify innovation goals, improve innovation systems, continue to innovate and motivate, and consolidate innovation culture to create an innovative environment and stimulate group wisdom.

8. Strengthen performance management: The basic steps of performance management are: performance planning; performance coaching; performance appraisal and feedback. In the process, five misunderstandings should be avoided: performance management

It is the human resources department; performance management is the assessment; performance management is the survival of the fittest; performance indicators are too much and too complicated; performance communication is not thorough, discontinuous.

Nine, foster team spirit: the cultivation of team spirit should establish a series of foundations: common vision and goals; trust and respect; unity and collaboration; good team atmosphere; common values.

X. Pay attention to management details: let each team member find their own position; create a passionate team; share the principle of responsibility, power and profit; maintain a moderate distance between leaders and employees; learn empathy; fairness and justice; pay attention to core employees Be prepared for danger; improve the professionalism of the team.

How to build a strong core team in video game city

One of the things that must be done in team building is that there are suitable people in the team and they all have consistent goals.

The right team must have the right people. An efficient team will undergo several changes during the construction period and during the development period. We can see this in the history of McDonald's development. The team is tied to the team's role based on personal preferences to improve the assignment of roles. Team members must have the competency to perform their job duties and be good at working with other team members. Only in this way, each member will be clear about his role, knowing where he works in each functional process, as well as the previous process and the next process. Only in this way, everyone who enters the team can truly become a team member.

The team is a formal group of people, so the goal is indispensable. Without the goal, there is no direction. Without the goal, the team has no motivation. A clear and workable goal is the key to success. When implementing this goal, there are certain clear guidelines for the implementation process. The team not only has a clear understanding of the goals, but also believes that this goal contains one or more important results that are worth pursuing. Team leaders need to identify and grasp core tasks and goals, and encourage members to sublimate their personal goals to team goals. In an effective team, members are responsible for the team's goals, know what the team expects them to do, and understand how they can do together to achieve organizational goals.

How to build a strong core team in video game city

In the daily management of our video game city, we must arrange the right people in the right place, instead of arbitrarily configuring, listening to the employees' voices, understanding the staff's strengths, and arranging the employees to the right place. Although the employees' goals are different in different positions, as a member of the team, teamwork leads to their big goals. Everyone coordinates the various parts of the work and finally forms a big overall goal. Have the same goals as the employees, do not require a big goal, can be divided into small goals that are easy to accomplish together, and then give corresponding encouragement, ignite the passion of employees, make the work more aggressive!

How to build a strong core team in video game city

Finally, it is worth mentioning that good team building is inseparable from effective communication. “Working together and brainstorming” is the usual method of efficient teams. A good team must have good communication channels, and there is an organizational level relationship between the teams, but there is no communication class relationship, everyone in the team is equal, good ideas, good ideas often come from front-line personnel. Team leaders are equivalent to the role of a blender in team management, organizing meetings, discussions, learning, tackling and leisure activities, forming good communication with members and ultimately forming informed decisions.

Create a positive working atmosphere

The operation of a company consists of a large number of individuals. Each individual has the right to express different constructive opinions. Some people will be emotionally emotional, and some will be rational and wise. We must report warm applause and sincerely encourage others to appreciate and respect others. Because this is a team, not an individual, centripetal force, cohesiveness comes from the inner motivation of the team members, from the values of consensus, if there is no team that demonstrates self-opportunity, common goals and vision, and consensus values, it is impossible to form a real Centripetal force; there is no possibility of a willingness to cooperate and a way of collaboration; it is even less likely to form true cohesion.

The good management of video games is not limited to individuals, especially when it comes to chain operations. Team efforts are essential. Reasonable staffing, listening to the team's voice, appropriate incentives and consistent goals are the foundation for the ongoing operation of the video game city!

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