With these, the venue will be favored by the market.
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More and more children's amusement parks introduce the latest rides and the services and concepts of brand amusement parks, so that children can experience different life roles while playing, and improve their communication, hands-on and coordination skills. Promote the development of children's brain development and spiritual cultivation.

1. What kind of interaction does the children's amusement park need most?

01. Interaction between children and paradise

Children's amusement parks are not only a place to provide equipment for children to play, especially for children's playgrounds with a strong interaction of amusement, sports, puzzles and fitness. Operators need to make different according to the characteristics of their children's playground facilities. Marketing plan.

The amusement equipment of different projects has different interactive effects. It is necessary to do a full market survey, understand the local folk preferences and children's favorite direction, choose the appropriate children's play equipment, and then use the product modeling, related equipment and overall design style for the children. Create a comprehensive amusement park that suits them.

Children can also be given prizes, and some small prizes are offered to encourage children to increase the friendly interaction between the children's playground and the children, thereby promoting secondary consumption, multiple consumption, and further gaining more benefits.

The gift of choice is an incentive for children to be more motivated to participate in it, and to make children who strive to get rewards have a greater sense of accomplishment and a more enjoyable children's paradise.

With these, the venue will be favored by the market.

02. Interaction between children and children

With the accelerated pace of urban life, the space for children's activities is getting smaller and smaller, and the communication with other children is also reduced. At the same time, the communication between parents and children is gradually decreasing.

At this time, if there is an environment where children and children can be communicated together, so that children naturally break the shackles and play together, parents will be more willing to let the children play.

03. Interaction between children and parents

As far as the child is concerned, how much security, personality type, temperament type, trust in the parents, and attachment to the parents will have a certain impact on the parent-child relationship.

In the game, accompany the children, let the children fully exert their imagination, judge and solve the problems in the game in their own way, thus not only exercising the ability to solve real life problems, but also promoting their own thinking. ability.

With these, the venue will be favored by the market.

2. Children's amusement park business misunderstanding

01. The more amusement equipment, the more attractive the customer

Scientific and rational planning of the venue can create a better atmosphere. There are many equipments that can really attract customers to stay in the game, but they should also be properly matched according to the size of the venue. Each channel is reserved for each user to watch, so as to attract tourists' interest and increase profitability.

If you simply add equipment to reserve space, it will only give customers a messy and congested feeling, affecting the play experience.

Combined innovation is a low-cost, easy-to-implement method in the amusement industry. This includes an internal combination between different rides and a combination of water play and land rides.

By combining products that form a new leisure experience, most people prefer experience-based products with interactive features, which requires our portfolio to be innovative, unique, comfortable, and functionally balanced.

With these, the venue will be favored by the market.

02. Only operate the recent hottest rides

Some operators will go into a misunderstanding, blindly follow the trend, and recently what children's play projects are hot.

If the operating amusements are too similar, it will cause unnecessary competition and separate the group of customers. Therefore, in the face of a wide variety of amusement projects in the market, operators must observe whether they have new ideas, but also understand the market conditions, combined with their own circumstances, can not blindly follow the trend.

03. The content of the play is just "stupid play".

Lack of competitive differentiation

At present, the domestic children's park is basically a “stupid play” children's paradise, in which cultural and social manifestations are very few, and the leading companies in the world such as “Disneyland” and “Casania” are leading. Because it introduces culture and sociality into the amusement.

However, the combination of culture, society and amusement is a very broad topic. The Chinese children's play company has made bold and beneficial attempts in this regard. For example, some parks have a business model and an entertaining and playful concept, and have achieved good economic and social benefits.

It can be seen that connecting with a well-known cultural image of children is a very effective way to differentiate children's paradise from competitors and quickly increase their popularity.

More importantly, by digging deep into the social image and personality embodied in the cultural image, children can experience novelty, happiness and subtlety in the process of amusement. This difference will become the real competition between children's paradise in competition. The gap between hand-drawn and open, so that competitors can not catch up, while giving children customers the perfect shopping experience ultimate mode.

With these, the venue will be favored by the market.

3. Popular items in children's amusement parks

Children's paradise wants to make a profit. We must choose the grade of the children's paradise according to the local consumption level, choose the children's paradise style according to the objective market environment, and choose the different amusement items for the children's hobbies and temperament.

The amusement equipment is the skeleton of the children's paradise, and the innovative theme and interesting equipment can continue to attract children's attention. More popular projects will bring more new experience products, new operating models, more personalized brand scenes, and more fantastic entertainment experiences.

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