Shopping centers want children's business to be more 'live', these indoor zoos are burning!
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2019-10-15 17:43:03
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The concept of “pan-retail” continues to heat up, and consumption upgrades, the evolution of consumption structure, and the expansion of urban business districts have brought many opportunities for trendy species. In the modern shopping center, a number of newly-received popular hot items have emerged. They have high brand awareness and reputation. With value proposition, content innovation, experience change, scene reshaping, and marketing creativity, they quickly become potential. Star. Focus on high-end brands in 20 sub-categories such as nail art, flower art, pet shop, e-sports hall, children's haircut, post-natal care, real gun shooting hall, etc., providing reference for the industry brand knowledge reserve, project investment and adjustment. Directory."

With the emergence of “lazy economy” and “weekend economy”, more and more young families are beginning to favor relaxed and casual “micro-tourism” products compared to traditional tourism. After summing up, there are several factors that are suitable for the household consumption format: high interactive experience , suitable for all ages, and natural leisure mode. The indoor zoo is such a mature product that integrates the concept of family consumption. Based on the core elements of the children's business format, it integrates various factors such as experience, educational entertainment, leisure play, parent-child interaction, etc., enriching the scene of indoor scenes and breaking the scene. Limitations of single entertainment or early childhood education. In recent years, such a format has gradually become the first choice for family leisure consumption.

Shopping centers want children's business to be more

The indoor zoo is sublimated from the plane for three-dimensional, giving children more real experience, while also ensuring safety, effectively reducing the risk of outdoor wandering and exposure to animals. The introduction of a zoo in a shopping mall is not uncommon for the commercial real estate industry. Many shopping malls have already made such an attempt. From the perspective of chaining, it is mainly based on small chain.

Shopping centers want children's business to be more

From the price point of view, the average fare for indoor zoos ranges from 100 to 200 yuan, usually in the family. At present, most shopping centers in the country are aiming at the positioning and adjustment of the family's customer base. The indoor small zoo has various forms of family business such as children's entertainment, children's education, parent-child and peripheral product retailing, and has become a clear project positioning indicator. And the flow of the engine, and has a stronger viscosity, the radiation range is also more extensive. At present, most indoor zoos have put into use the indoor fresh air system, and the indoor sterilization system, while ensuring the living environment of the animals, does not leave any odor, so it will not bring unnecessary trouble to surrounding shops or shopping centers. . In addition, many indoor zoos also offer services such as pet medical care, pet foster care, and pet sales. It integrates all the chain items related to animals. This aspect can save equipment investment, effectively and fully use the existing functional areas, and expand the business channels on the other hand. The multi-faceted operation makes the living space more extensive. Not limited to play, it has become a life of pet owners.


Some indoor zoo brand analysis

Only zoo (ZOONLY): Based on pocket animals, it creates an open interaction with animals.

Shopping centers want children's business to be more  

In the 3,000-square-meter super-large venue, the pavilion is divided into ten theme areas, which can be eaten and can bring home themed products. The family can play here for a day. 100% of the restored tropical forests, the overall decoration not only has a small fresh style, but also a magical forest, as well as the ocean underwater world, the real scene to the consumer thinks that they are in the jungle and the ocean, completely forget that it is still in the downtown shopping mall. And only zoo evades the ills of the traditional zoo, the fresh air and the sterilization system let the air in the pavilion flow freshly, and the animals can enjoy the fragrant and pleasant.

Meyazoo (Mengya Animal Park): Committed to providing continuous parent-child services to middle-class families from product to experience

Shopping centers want children's business to be more  

The meyazoo indoor zoo is a family entertainment center that integrates animal interaction, science education, camp training, and ip cultural creation products. Committed to providing continuous parent-child services for middle-class families from products to experiences, allowing children to acquire knowledge and develop good habits in education. Thirteen kinds of interesting space scenes are created. The four major science training systems and over 30 kinds of independent ip products are sold, which guarantees the novelty of space experience, the continuity of service and the richness of products. The theme display space includes: explore the rainforest, cute pet adventure, Persian secrets, animal mobilization, fantasy theater, multimedia interactive space, bird language jungle, fairy tale town, magical waters, microscopic behemoths IP market, etc. .

Future Animal City (FUTURE ZOO): The concept of the third generation of "immersive" zoo

Shopping centers want children's business to be more  

Future Animal City (FUTURE ZOO) is a new type of animal theme park integrating animal science, exhibition, interaction, performance, entertainment and leisure. There are more than 60 rare wild animals from around the world in 10 exhibition areas. Future Zoo City FutureZoo Animal Science Center is dedicated to creating a humanistic environment that combines human and nature. The pioneering concept of space design and moving line design guides seamless interaction between visitors and animals, and proposes the third generation. Immersive "the concept of a zoo. In addition, the Future Animal City Animal Science Center has also built four theme spaces - grassland, rainforest, sky, ocean, decorative layout to return to the original style.

Small animal element (Mr Zoo): a zoo that can take home

Shopping centers want children's business to be more

MR.ZOO Small Animal Element is a new type of cute pet theme park integrating display, interaction, amusement, experience, science and education. The whole museum has more than 150 kinds of animals, and it has more than 1,000 small animals. Eight sections of the cave, the rainforest, the stream, the sky, the jungle, the farm and the experience area. The small animal is a natural internal hatchery project. It is a zoo that enters the shopping center and is also a zoo that can be taken home. The small animal element controls the area within 500 square meters to facilitate standardization and scale. The space within 500 square meters contains 300 kinds of creatures (such as aquarium, birds, reptiles, insects, small mammals, plants, etc.), as well as 80 interactive scenes, 50+ experience courses.

JOLI ZOO: Provides animal health, animal beauty, animal foster care, etc.

Shopping centers want children's business to be more  

Julie Zoo, a fantastic indoor animal park, creates a theme of relaxation, change and mutual entertainment in the city. Let people living in reinforced concrete cities interact with animals at close range and feel the wonderful moments of harmonious living together on earth. JOLIZOO 茱のの Zoo Shanghai Longhu Hongqiao Tianjie Store covers an area of 3,000 square meters. The whole store is divided into two floors, covering sea, land and air animals. According to the characteristics of animals, it is divided into different areas, even rare animals such as red pandas and alpacas. . The store's profit model is mainly based on tickets, while selling "pets" and derivatives, as well as animal health, animal beauty, animal fostering and other services.

Big Ear Pocket Zoo: The main person and animal close contact experience

Shopping centers want children's business to be more  

The Big Ear Pocket Zoo is the first indoor zoo in Chongqing. It covers an area of about 2,500 square meters and is located in the core area of Chongqing's Langzhong. It is adjacent to the large-scale business district of Jiefangbei. It is a rare species breeding, exhibition, animal knowledge popularization, catering and shopping. A high-end indoor recreation and entertainment venue. This is a brand new experience category. On the one hand, with the high degree of networking of information, people's curiosity is more and more easily satisfied. You can learn about animals without leaving home. On the other hand, indoor entertainment projects. The increasing homogenization makes the indoor zoo stand out among the many indoor entertainment projects. The big-ear pocket zoo is not just about satisfying the outdated taste of the tourists watching the monkey play through the cage. More of the main thing is the close contact between humans and animals. In view of this close interaction, the fine scenes are naturally indispensable, and the choice of animals is naturally more strict. The selection of some animal species with less odor, smaller size and gentle personality to ensure the uniqueness of animal species. Such as rare species of parrots, auricle foxes, pandas, monkeys and turtles. With the principle of loving animals and protecting animals, the zoo refuses to carry out animal performance projects, and will also make every effort to use scientific feeding methods and reasonable space allocation to ensure that all small animals in the park enjoy good animal welfare. Let all visitors feel the “love” of the animals in order to get a better experience from the garden.

Natural City KAKAZOO: a combination of themed entertainment science education

Shopping centers want children's business to be more  

The Kakazoo Eco-Eco-Experience Museum of Nature has restored a real and natural animal paradise by a first-class design planning team, a first-class operation management team, a multimedia and internet team, and animal experts in various fields, so that the children growing up in the city are here. Feel the beauty of nature and ignite the desire to explore. KAKAWORLD breaks through a single traditional marketing method and upgrades to a multi-purpose sales mall with derivatives sales, experiential pet stores, one-stop pet supplies supermarkets, children's entertainment, and leisure water bars. KAKAWORLD is full of experience and purchases a simple and reasonable one-stop package for pet products, creating a fun, simple and convenient consumer experience service for consumers, while pet classrooms, pet clubs and other forms continue to provide additional service value, will be popular science Values such as knowledge and equality and fraternity are passed on to a wider audience.

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