Choose these gifts, the doll machine can operate well.
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2019-10-11 16:50:51
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In China, doll machines can be seen everywhere, supermarket, video game city, children's playground, cinema, pedestrian street, restaurants, etc. As long as there is a place where high people flow, there is a figure of a doll machine. In the past one or two years, there have also been a number of doll machine chain brands that make doll market segments, such as doll empire, hot air balloons, and doll blogs. It can be seen that the doll machine has a huge market in China, but it is also highly competitive.

So, what gift is placed in your doll? Did you attract a lot of players? Today, we compiled some questions about what kind of gifts are placed in the doll machine, and I hope that it will help everyone.

Choose these gifts, the doll machine can operate well.

According to the survey data, the player chooses to play the doll machine, and more than 85% of the impulse comes from the gift in the doll machine. It can be seen that if the doll machine wants to operate well, the gift placed is crucial!

What kind of gifts can be placed in the doll machine to arouse the public's "crowd" and stimulate the player's strong "possession"?

In the Internet age, the terminology of the Internet is rampant, such as the beautiful and beautiful, the cute, the small, the cool, the cool, and so on. These terms can be popular, indicating that this is an "aesthetic" demand. Apply to the doll machine, this kind of aesthetic gift, there will also be a large number of groups to pay attention.

No.1 "beauty" gift

Good things always make everyone yearn for and want to have. Beautiful and beautiful dolls always attract the attention of the players and want to have them.

No.2 "cute" gift

Choose these gifts, the doll machine can operate well.

Meng, different from the traditional meaning of "cute", has a recognized special point. "cute" gifts can always inspire people to "pamp" them.

No.3 "abnormal" gift

Hey, it is an "abnormal" aesthetic demand.  Such gifts usually make people think and jump, and they are very happy to catch people's eyes.

No.4 "hot spot" gift

Choose these gifts, the doll machine can operate well.

The gift of the doll machine must follow the "hot spot". Such as the bald head, the small yellow man and other anime IP, the number of fans is very large, seeing such a doll, fans can not heart? Especially children's parents are more willing to catch such a doll and go to "please" their children.

No.5 "unexpected" gift

 Doll machine, originated in Japan. Most of the domestic doll machines are mainly dolls. Japanese doll machines have been developed to clip all kinds of "unexpected" items, such as seafood, fruits, slippers, ice cream, vegetables, etc., people have to feel, Japanese The brain hole is wide open.

Unexpected things are always easy to attract everyone's attention. For example, there is a network anchor, because the continuous live broadcast is too tired, and netizens apply for sleep for ten minutes. During sleep, the number of live broadcasters soars. To give another example, in order to attract customers, a seafood restaurant has several doll machines for catching seafood outside the store. The result is surprisingly good.

No.6 popular gift nowadays

Choose these gifts, the doll machine can operate well.

Often popular cartoon images, online images, film and television images, or manufacturers' ingenious production images are better choices when we buy dolls, but we must grasp the popularity of such dolls when choosing popular dolls. Validity period. Some dolls may be swept away by people for a while, of course, there are many varieties that are popular for a long time, and will launch a series of dolls.

No.7 retro style, style gift

Choose these gifts, the doll machine can operate well.

Often retro-style dolls are popular with some players, and the memories that are left for them are sometimes found on our doll gifts, giving them a special feeling for them. The remarkable performance of the era wind is the 80 90 family. Therefore, the age of the wind is also an important factor we consider. Of course, we must also consider the aesthetics and aesthetic mentality of the crowds of other eras.

When choosing a doll machine gift, you should be as "objective" as possible. The focus of the doll machine is to choose beautiful dolls that the public likes, so we ask us to spend some time thinking about buying dolls. For example, when choosing some doll gifts, there are 6 types of dolls: A cute, B cool handsome, C spoof, D special, E practical, F series is the main type, if a certain type of doll has the above characteristics And repeating the superimposition, it will definitely add a lot of color to the gift machine, thus attracting more consumers, we must know how to choose.

You "feel", you "think" good things, others do not necessarily like, the solution is nothing more than walking, watching more, watching more. Another point is to think more about what kind of gifts are suitable for placement in the doll machine, but it makes people "unexpected." Unchanging, sticking to the rules, no longer adapt to the modern society, only change, you can see the future!

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