Are these jobs ready before the investment park?
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2019-10-10 16:59:14
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In today's rapid development of children's business, everyone wants to share a piece of the children's business, but it is not enough to have strong funds. If you want to invest in a children's playground, you can't be like a blind fly. Good market analysis, risk analysis, and how to manage correctly, and understand children's playgrounds in depth, in order to establish a foothold in the children's playground.

Are these jobs ready before the investment park?

Investing in children's playgrounds

City business centers have become more inclined to entertain rather than shop. Urban consumers are very interested in a unique and time-consuming play experience. In recent years, a large number of newly-funded cultural and tourism complexes are in urgent need of high-quality content filling. Indoor play projects are weather-proof, modular, adaptable, and reproducible. At present, most of the children's theme parks are located in shopping centers, and a small part is located in the community. The farther away from the city center, the larger the area. Some children's theme parks are popular with young family of three, and the weekend is often full of passengers. A number of shopping center related persons said that the children's theme park can enrich the shopping malls, attract family-style consumption, and promote food and beverage consumption, female consumption, etc., so it is very popular among shopping centers.

Before investing in a project, the first thing we need to do is to analyze the market prospects. Combining with the current situation we have mastered, we need to do a good job in four aspects of analysis before opening an indoor children's amusement park. 1. Product analysis; 2. Business investigation; 3. Market research; 4. Customer survey, starting from these four aspects to start our business. Today, we will explain some of your previous questions from these four aspects. The main purpose is to let you know the products, understand the market, understand how the project works, and let you make better decisions.

Are these jobs ready before the investment park?

1, product analysis

First of all, we should be clear, what is the difference and characteristics of our products compared with other similar devices? What is certain is that our equipment is dynamic, integrated, color and safe! Novelty, advanced! The main performance is: we combine the nature of children like jumping, climbing, drilling, sliding, rolling, swinging, shaking. Targeted design: rotating, swaying, inflatable, water-filled, visual, tactile, auditory, natural, animal, running water, snow, forest and other products. Let the children love to play, do not hesitate to play and compete for physical strength, develop intelligence, exercise perseverance, and fully develop the body and mind. Since the product went on the market, it has been widely loved by children and parents. The project is suitable for installation in places where children, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, playgrounds, and communities, are densely populated. Not limited by the size and shape of the site. Low investment, simple management, low loss and high profit. So for now, it is a good project for investment.

2. Business investigation

The problems faced by children's amusement parks in the business process need to be resolved and the points that need to be understood. First of all, we need to know the costs incurred in our business process, that is, the cost. We believe that the main components of operating costs are: fixed costs + floating expenses. The fixed costs include: store rent, water and electricity property fees, staff salaries, cost of equipment, and handling fees for business documents. Tax fees. Floating expenses include: advertising fees, gifts, POP concessions, accessory wear and management expenses. As long as we know the detailed structure of the new store costs, we can clearly understand our break-even point, which is convenient for our expectations and decision-making.

Are these jobs ready before the investment park?

3. Market research

They are now single-child families. Providing a good environment for growth for the next generation has become an indispensable obligation for modern families. For example, when a young parent chooses milk powder for his or her own child, the first question to go to the mall to ask the salesperson may be which milk powder is best. The Jewish business rule is to earn money for children and earn money for women. So we don't think it's necessary to consider whether parents will let children come to us to play, but to consider how to let parents bring children to play with us. Another aspect is whether there are enough potential customers around the store for us to develop, which is what we need to know in the early stage. According to our experience, having more than 300 families within a radius of 500m can provide enough traffic for an image store with a play area of 100m2. In the last aspect, if our products are stationed near the community so far, it is still relatively small in the market, because professional indoor amusement parks like us have not yet formed a competitor. Since our amusement park is indoors, the impact of the weather on our operations is greatly reduced compared to other existing rides.

4. Customer survey

The customer is indeed the child who plays. And when we redefine the customer, the child's mother--parental activities, the child's grandparents-- enjoy the fun of the child, the child's teacher--Let the children's paradise become your amateur coach, the community neighborhood committee-the children's paradise is social Important harmony factor. In this way, the customer is three-dimensional. The most popular saying is that those who are likely to pay the bill are your potential customers, so these are not negligible people.

The amount of investment in the children's park depends on the size and theme of the project.

Are these jobs ready before the investment park?

Although many investors are interested in children's theme parks, they think that the investment is higher and they don't want to know more. But in fact, the investment cost of children's theme parks depends on factors such as scale, internal or outdoor, and the need for amusement facilities. The investment in the previous period is very common, and there are also projects that can be accessed by hundreds of thousands of yuan. In terms of fees, the parks with the theme of training and quality education are generally charged according to the amount of courses. Amusement-themed parks are mainly charged through rides, and different rides have different fees.

How to invest in a children's theme park?

Are these jobs ready before the investment park?

1. How many districts are there within ten kilometers, how is the per capita income of this area, and whether children's consumption has potential;

2, market demand to choose more popular projects and brands, pay attention to rich diversity and uniqueness, think about how to stand out among many competitors;

3. Professional people decorate the storefront and design a theme park that matches the style;

4. The experienced team decides how fast to return to the book, so choose an experienced team;

5. Constantly update the theme and project of the theme park according to the development of the market;

6, find ways to attract more target customers.

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