These three details determine the success or failure of the children's paradise
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2019-10-09 17:44:32
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Indoor children's playgrounds are becoming more and more popular, and they are popular in the domestic children's play market. Many of the investors who run a children's playground have earned a lot of money. So how do indoor children's parks operate in order to make their indoor children's parks perform the best business benefits? We often say that the details determine success or failure, so what is the key to determining the success or failure of the children's paradise?

First, the activities of publicity

Store promotion is a very important aspect of the store opening process. We all know that effective publicity can bring more popularity to the park. So how should we promote it?

1. Advocacy should be precise

First of all, we must determine the target of the promotion, so that we can target the promotion before the promotion. If you want to attract more new customers, you can choose the most special items in the park for discounts, fun competitions or events, etc. If the park is to maintain old customers, you can pick out special items that are only open to members and pass The SMS method informs the member customers to highlight the importance that the park attaches to the old customers.

2, the activity should be eye-catching

In terms of preferential strength, you can use a popular project to match a popular project. The less popular items are more favorable, and the higher popularity is less. The average discount is enough to attract enough. .

3, the activity should be summarized

Analyze and understand the advantages and disadvantages of the activity process, you can prepare before the next activity, can develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, so that the next activity can directly hit the customer's heart, let them think of their children first in the holidays and daily entertainment. paradise.

Second, how to decorate the decoration to attract people

In the space layout and color decoration, the children's playground is best to choose the direction of brightness, relaxation and pleasure. You may wish to compare more colors.

These three details determine the success or failure of the children's paradise

The colorful world of children's play is not only able to attract children's innocent and lively curiosity, but also the hope and vitality in the colorful colors. The color of the environment has a profound impact on the growth of children. For example, green is good for children's vision. Cold colors such as blue and purple can shape the quiet character of children. Pink and light yellow are suitable for cultivating children's gentleness and well-being...

For overly irritating colors such as red and orange, it is best not to use it in a large area for children. It will make children feel excited and excited, but it can be used for small areas. When decorating the wall, avoid using those grotesque images and dark tones, because these decorations will make terrible associations for young children.

Third, let parents recognize

1. Adults are free and earn more.

The indoor children's park is not only a small business, but also a parent's business. If this is not seen, the park business will not grow much. For example, the cost of the child is charged according to the hour, and the place for the rest of the adult is provided, so that both the adult and the child can enjoy the excellent service in the park.

These three details determine the success or failure of the children's paradise

2, paste disinfection notices, drive people.

The child's resistance is low. The parents are most concerned about the hygiene problems of the playing place. They need to stick the disinfected tips at the door. Be sure to keep the disinfection of the sanitation site at all times. Don't let the parents feel that this is just a show. In addition, each child and parent who enters the game will be simply disinfected and washed with a hand-washing liquid that is free of water. This way, parents can rest assured that they are willing to put their children in the paradise.

These three details determine the success or failure of the children's paradise

3. Establish a “parent exchange area”.

Nowadays, the average family likes to play with a family of three, so it is necessary to set up a “parent exchange area” for parents who are waiting for the rest to exchange here. In addition, you can set up a message board, which will be viewed from the online media. The good parenting experience is extracted from the above, not only for parents to see, but also allows parents to exchange experiences with each other, and invisibly brings a lot of loyal customers to the park.

Of course, there are still a lot of meticulous work to be done in indoor children's parks. I will not express them here. I believe that as long as the operators have the thinking and transposition thinking, they will put some good measures into practice, and the indoor children's paradise will not flourish. Under the words.

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