Is your child's paradise experiencing a bottleneck? How to break through?
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2019-10-08 17:42:24
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Is your child's paradise experiencing a bottleneck? How to break through?

In order to successfully break through the bottleneck period, we must first figure out exactly what is the bottleneck period of the park. The bottleneck period of the park can also be called the stagnation period of the development of the park. It means that as the market competition intensifies, the average profit rate of the park gradually declines.

There are three main reasons for the bottleneck period of the park. One is that the children's facilities and equipment are highly similar, and the similarity of the amusement activities makes the children's business situation show similar development. The second is the lack of systemic and comprehensive management and service, which does not allow customers to have a loyal consumer experience. The third is to focus on the children and ignore the potential consumption power of the parents. This problem has been recognized by many businesses, so the current parent-child activities will be so hot.

Based on the characteristics of not prominent, neglecting family consumption and citing cultural resources that are not strong, the development of children's theme parks needs to break through the inherent model, not only to identify the real target consumer groups, but also to seek new ways and new ways. New development. The Future Children's Theme Park will present three major trends:

Trend One, combined with high-tech interactive technology, brings more freshness.

As high technology enters our lives, the children's business will also be combined with the latest technology, so that the “new and tired” children's consumers will always be fresh, in order to continue to increase brand loyalty and consumption stickiness. Children's entertainment, games, video, animation, education and other children-related full chain, industry-wide products, experiences and services will appear in front of consumers through the Internet, the future business model will be a technology The revolution of new consumer behavior brought about by the advancement.

Trend 2, triggering the “family-style consumption” of a family of three or even a family of three, creating a “micro-tourism” in the parent-child city.

More parent-child activities will be active in the children's business. As the short-distance travels heat up, operators can also incorporate the concept of family-based parent-child urban “micro-tourism” to play the great power of the weekend economy. It makes shopping malls and shopping centers the preferred place for family holiday weekends and popular destinations.

Trend 3, powerful layout planning.

The children's paradise is getting bigger and bigger, this is not the only way to make yourself stand out from the competition of other children's parks. Choosing a large business area, almost a gambling bureau, if the "big" image of the passenger flow is greater than the performance loss caused by the reduction of the flat effect, is to earn, and vice versa is lost. Therefore, it is an option to expand the business area, but with the help of professional partners, we must carry out reasonable layouts, make full use of space, façade, and improve the efficiency. This kind of expansion is the expansion of power, or it is bloated.

Is your child's paradise experiencing a bottleneck? How to break through?

In fact, the bottleneck period is not terrible. It is a normal phenomenon. In the process of development, the park will eventually face bottlenecks. From another perspective, it is a signal that reminds the owner that your park needs to be upgraded and transformed. We must adjust our mentality. It is an era where opportunities and challenges coexist. A successful transformation may bring a new and vibrant scene to your paradise!

Next is the question that everyone is most concerned about. How do you break through the so-called bottleneck period? we summed up the measures in three aspects. If there is a better way, you are welcome to add.

01. The whole layout is built

The simple and messy display of amusement projects has long been unable to meet the consumption needs of parents and children for children's playgrounds. Only through the combination of innovative and distinctive themes and subtle combinations of projects can the children's paradise be endowed with vitality and soul. If your children's paradise ignores this problem during the pre-equipment selection process, it's time to create a distinct theme for your paradise and give it a soul.

Young parents and the current middle class are more willing to pay for a good experience, so for newly opened shop owners, they should attract customers with a whole entertainment atmosphere rather than specific amusement equipment. They have a sense of design and beauty to cater to consumption. The entertainment atmosphere required for the upgrade is the goal that the operators have to follow.

Is your child's paradise experiencing a bottleneck? How to break through?

02. Partial upgrade to build

For a large children's playground, the overall transformation is difficult. It may be worthwhile to consider adding some fresh blood to the park through partial project adjustments or upgrades to help the park to revitalize. The most popular element at the moment is parenting and interaction, which is the root and the rib of the paradise. A variety of interactive projects, from interactive sand pools, interactive ball pools, to interactive trampolines, interactive climbing, choose one or several paradise that suits you best.

Is your child's paradise experiencing a bottleneck? How to break through?

03. Adding a single device

Keeping the “new and tired” children’s consumers fresh at all times can continue to increase the consistency of consumption. In the selection of equipment addition, it is the ultimate goal to strive to improve the efficiency under the premise of reasonable space layout. Simply adding a game gift area may make consumers fall in love with the joy of getting something new through experience!

Is your child's paradise experiencing a bottleneck? How to break through?


Everyone's paradise is more or less faced with their own incurable diseases. If you want to solve the problem, you must have the right medicine, and you want to get rid of the bottleneck period faster, but also rely on your wisdom and action!

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