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Operation of amusement venue equipment (1)
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2019-10-07 16:54:28
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Operation of amusement venue equipment (1)

The classification of the animation venues can be divided into four categories from the perspective of venue operation: traditional machines, gift machines, parent-child machines, lottery machines.

The traditional machine refers to the large classification of some machines that have followed the animation field for many years. They all have a heritage of two or three decades, and slowly form a tradition. For example: fighting machines, basketball machines, car machines, motorcycles, guns, etc. Basically, it is a standard equipment for some integrated venues, just the problem of matching quantity and quality. By the way, the concept of the simulator mentioned in the industry, the so-called simulator refers to the early development of animation equipment, mostly the types of machines set up to simulate sports games, such as hockey, bowling, and some of the above mentioned machines. Taiwan category.

The gift machine refers to the doll machine, scissors machine, boutique machine, egg machine, candy machine, Coke machine, etc. that are usually seen, including some putter-type, lever-type gift machines, and a special game of gift machines. That is to say, all the machines that carry out physical gifts are defined as gift machines. Of course, there are also some machines on the market that have physical gifts and lotteries in parallel. The industry also defines it as a gift machine.

Parent-child machine refers to some parent-child interaction machines. The parent-child machine mentioned here mainly points out the parent-child machine of the lottery. The choice of parent-child machine is very important for the lottery venue, and the selectivity is also relatively large, because there are more manufacturers.

Operation of amusement venue equipment (1)

The lottery machine indicates that the amount of lottery tickets is relatively large. Generally, the weekly currency is more than 1,500 coins. It is defined as a large lottery machine. Of course, it also includes a coin-operated lottery machine. Because of the high amount of money collected by such lottery machines, Strongly sticky, especially favored by lottery venues.

Operation of amusement venue equipment (1)

Operation of amusement venue equipment (1)

The following focuses on the traditional machine, the perception and problems in the field.

As the animation playground has become more and more popular among commercial complexes in recent years, the requirements for the animation equipment are getting higher and higher, and the role of the traditional machine in the venue is getting heavier and heavier. The bigger the investment, the higher the proportion of investment. From the past, to the current popularity, it has also gone through a tortuous and long road, traditional machines, especially some car machines and guns, music machines. Often the cost is high and the return on investment cycle is long, which makes investors discouraged and integrates the current domestic playground. This paper summarizes the operation problems of traditional machines in the field.

Problem 1. Cognitive Problems At present, some investors believe that the traditional machine is not important and is a non-profit product. Therefore, when the machine is selected, there will be some reservations, and the machine experience will be poor.

Problem 2, game setting problems The author observed a lot of playground simulators, basically maintain the factory settings, rather than set according to the situation of the venue players: first easy and difficult, cultivate player interest, enhance the sense of experience.

Question 3: Game currency setting problem Some venues are set up on the issue of how many game currency boot games are tangled, and some want to set less to increase the venue atmosphere. The author suggests that in addition to music-based machines, the number of coins can be appropriately reduced. The setting of the machine should not be low, because it is not only related to the revenue of the machine, but also the problem of depreciation of the machine.

Question 4: Competition problems Some traditional machines in the venue are often important machines for activities and competitions. Now the playgrounds focus on the lottery machines and gift machines. The competition is an embodiment of the vitality of an anime venue, like a basketball game, a racing game, and a fighting game. There are fewer and fewer venues now, and it is worth thinking about.

The above is some of the operational problems of the traditional machine in the current playground. The author believes that the traditional machine is not only important, but also can enhance the atmosphere of the venue, enhance the sense of the screen, and achieve good returns. Although operators often look at the machine's receipt rate, they must be aware that traditional machines only have maintenance costs and no gift costs. We hope that our venue operators will pay attention to the configuration and operation of traditional machines.

In the next issue, the author focuses on the venue operation of the gift machine, so stay tuned!

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