What is the best area for the Naughty Childrens Club?
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2019-09-23 17:28:40
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What is the best area for the Naughty Children's Paradise? For those who are ready to join or invest in a children's playground, many people do not know how large the indoor naughty children's paradise is.

Some people say that the bigger the better, of course, is it true? Not all, in fact, the size of the site is to consider these three factors. Next, the art style teaches everyone to judge the large area of the children's paradise is the most appropriate.

What is the best area for the Naughty Children's Paradise?

The bigger the children's playground, the better?

not quite.

We all know that the large children's playground can accommodate more types of children's play equipment, so that naughty castles can be used for children of different ages and different personalities. In this way, the large-scale naughty castle definitely has a big advantage.

However, the management characteristics of Naughty Fortress require that it be generally set up in a crowded place, and the naughty castle with large venues is not only difficult to find in places where people are prosperous, but the rent is expensive and the cost of investment will be relatively high.

Therefore, a large naughty castle has its own advantages, but the premise is that there must be sufficient funds to back up.

What is the best area for the Naughty Children's Paradise?

What is the most suitable size for naughty castles? These factors need to be considered:

1. Where is the location of the venue?

Simply put, is your Naughty Fort Children's Park to open in first- or second-tier cities or third- and fourth-tier cities? Is it in a small town, a central area or a surrounding area? Is it a supermarket or a community or a unique store? it is good.

For example, in the first- and second-tier cities and the central urban area, you can open a naughty castle of 300 square meters to 600 square meters. In the third and fourth-tier cities and towns, you can open a naughty castle children's park of 100-300 square meters. Of course, this is not absolute, look down specifically.

2, the surrounding environment

The area of the indoor children's playground also has a great relationship with the surrounding environment. Before we open the naughty castle, we must first check whether the flow of people in this place is concentrated. How many children are there? Because the quality of the venue determines the later stage. The flow of people directly affects the store business.

What is the best area for the Naughty Children's Paradise?

Attentive people will also find that in crowded places (shopping malls, supermarkets, residential areas, etc.), it is very difficult to find a naughty castle with a large location and good geographical location, and the cost ratio of rent will be even greater. This requires consideration of whether our funds are sufficient.

3. The strength of funds

Indoor children's parks generally have the best area. If you have enough funds, the large children's playground is of course the best. If you have a limited budget, 100 square meters or less is also possible because there are many such naughty. Fort, although the area is not large, but the business is also doing the same.

What is the best area for the Naughty Children's Paradise?

The premise is that the location of your site is good, the equipment configuration is reasonable, and it will be operated later.

To sum up: no matter whether it is in a big city or a country, there is no fixed answer to the question of how large a children's park is. In addition to the above three points must be considered, but also based on the actual situation of the local and its own business objectives to consider. In one sentence, it is most appropriate to generalize the conditions.

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