On the Four Methods of Innovation and Development of Childrens Paradise
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2019-09-24 17:05:28
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On the Four Methods of Innovation and Development of Children's Paradise

1. Recognize the functional nature of the children's paradise

Nowadays, the functions and modes of children's amusement parks are more and more comprehensive, from simple play functions to later educational and fun, and now can cultivate children's self-confidence, improve their physical fitness, etc., children's paradise is no longer It is a simple children's entertainment center that carries more social responsibilities.

In the education of children, most parents choose to go with the flow, which also reflects that the parents' educational concept is constantly updated. Parents realize that children can grow freely only in a natural environment, and parents' educational expectations are also It tends to be rational. In the face of the social value orientation of this big environment, parents are more willing and more willing to give children a more natural and more close to children's amusement park to cultivate their children's character.

02. Familiar with the development of the future children's park industry chain

In addition to increasing the park area of the park, children's amusement parks can also introduce children's bookstores, commodities, toys, clothing, children's catering, cultural formats and other children's formats to realize the comprehensive amusement park experience of paradise + retail, catering and culture. development of.

03. Make use of existing resources to make positive changes

1. Diversification of amusement equipment. First of all, we must position the theme of the amusement park. For example, Disney, Lego theme and other successful cases, the theme amusement park is not only the theme of children's play equipment, but also the interaction between amusement equipment and tourists. The indoor children's amusement park can only interact with children and parents. Good to maximize the role of amusement equipment.

On the Four Methods of Innovation and Development of Children's Paradise

2. Planning for the playground. Abandoning the traditional playground layout, no longer pile up the equipment, from the perspective of the operation of the children's park, combined with the current market hotspots, rational layout, make full use of the space, and lay the operational foundation at the beginning of the park operation.

3. Regularly renovate children's play equipment according to their own positioning. The basic functions of the amusement equipment are unchanged, the amusement facilities are modified and some experience methods are changed, so that people are different every time they play in the children's amusement park, which arouses people's curiosity. Stay fresh with a little bit of updates.

Tips: If you want to upgrade the playground in the later stage, it is recommended to invest a part of the cost in the early design of the children's park to make wiring renovation, so that you will save a lot of money in the later period, whether it is equipment replacement or re-planning.

4. For the operation of the playground members. The understanding and mastery of the members affects the income and expenditure of children's amusement parks to a certain extent. 80% of the income comes from 20% of the customers. If the services are not obtained because of the members, the customer loss or the customer resources are not effectively utilized. It will not be worth the candle!

It is especially important to differentiate and market the different categories of customers. It provides nearly tailor-made services for the target customer base, understands the customer's needs, and greatly enhances the customer's consumption experience, thus greatly enhancing the customer's reputation. This creates loyalty.

5. Cross-industry combination management to achieve a win-win situation. If your children's amusement park is opened in the mall, the multi-business integration model is used in the operation, that is, through the integration of different formats to open up the consumption needs of children, parents and young people.

For example, the integration of children's play + children's retail + parent-child restaurant + hair manicure + cross-border e-commerce, etc., will integrate the seemingly different formats, behind the family consumer market demand, when children are completing amusement, education, When the maternal and child supplies are purchased, the parental consumer demand is also completed.

And because they are in the same theme park, they have reached the maximum share of the consumer groups between brands.

This difference will create the ultimate advantage of the children's playground itself, so that competitors can not catch up, while giving children customers the perfect shopping experience.

04. Adopt Internet marketing

With the rapid development of the Internet, many industries are now using Internet thinking to enhance the competitiveness of the industry. Therefore, for the operators of children's amusement parks, they can also change their business models by using Internet means.

For example, integrating malls, communities, live broadcasts, vibrato, official websites, and cross-industry alliances to create a paradise fan life circle, improve brand reputation, and achieve precise marketing, to achieve fan self-exposure and quickly drive traffic.

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