Where should the new operator of the childrens park start?
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2019-09-21 16:42:06
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As we all know, the indoor children's park is a promising industry. According to the survey, 93% of the parents in the city hope to have a safe children's playground, and they can take their children to participate in various games and entertainment activities. Therefore, many people are aware of the huge profits of this industry and want to invest in this industry. But how do you stand out from the rest and get a good return? As a newcomer, it will inevitably encounter many problems. Today, Xiaobian shares some experiences for everyone's reference.

Store selection

A good store can save at least one-third of the energy of the operation. From the city level, second- and third-tier cities are the best choice for the children's playground industry in recent years.

Where should the new operator of the childrens park start?

Judging from the operation status of many children's park brands, the children's paradise in the second and third tier cities is more profitable than the first-tier cities, because in the second- and third-tier cities, if the parks are relatively high-end, they are also in the local landmark shopping malls or stores. A children's playground will become a symbol of the local playground. In addition, the second and third tier cities are cheaper to rent, the wages are not high, and the operating costs are greatly reduced. Some stores have almost the same operating income as gross profit, so the net profit is also relatively high.

On the other hand, in the first-tier cities, due to fierce competition, passenger flow is more dispersed. Higher rents and higher wages, even if the business is good, there are few remaining profits.

The choice of indoor children's playground venues for children generally choose to open in several types of business districts: department stores or shopping centers, such as Wanda Plaza, Wangfujing Department Store, etc.; large stores, such as Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Auchan and other large supermarkets; community; early education center, etc. .

Department stores, shopping malls or large stores are usually recommended. If you choose a community, unless the community is very popular and the passenger flow is guaranteed, this requires investors to measure the local situation. And the cooperation with the mall usually has two ways of rent and joint deduction. If the shopping mall is cheap and popular, the rent is better. If investors are not sure about the popularity of the mall, then the way to deduct points will be more insurance.

Choosing indoor children's play equipment At present, there must be several children's parks in various urban areas, and the grades are uneven. There are soft electric and traditional naughty castles. Nowadays, with the improvement of people's living standards, everyone's requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher. High-income groups are willing to put their children in a higher-grade children's playground.

Where should the new operator of the childrens park start?

The high-quality amusement equipment has a good image and high quality, and can maintain the high-end image of the park for a long time. High-quality play equipment guarantees the normal operation of the store and keeps it attractive to children. Investors do not need to spend a lot of energy to maintain these equipment, saving time and money!

The operation and management of the indoor children's park storefront, the proactive and friendly service quality gives the park a dynamic vitality. Standardized management guarantees the long-term profitability of the park.

2. Product analysis

1. What is the difference and characteristics between the intrinsic products and other similar equipment? Dynamic, integrated, color, safe! Novelty, advanced!

Where should the new operator of the childrens park start?

2, the main performance: combined with children like to jump, climb, drill, slip, roll, swing, shake the nature. Targeted design: rotating, swaying, inflatable, water-filled, visual, tactile, auditory, natural, animal, running water, snow, forest and other products. Let the children love to play, do not hesitate to play and compete for physical strength, develop intelligence, exercise perseverance, and fully develop the body and mind.

3. The product is widely loved by children and parents. The project is suitable for installation in places where children, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, playgrounds, and communities, are densely populated. Not limited by the size and shape of the site. Low investment, simple management, low loss and high profit. For now, it is a good project for investment.

Market research

1. Now they are all only children. Providing a good environment for the next generation has become an indispensable obligation for modern families. For example, when a young parent chooses milk powder for his or her own child, the first question to go to the mall to ask the salesperson may be which milk powder is best. The Jewish business rule is to earn money for children and earn money for women. So we don't think it's necessary to consider whether parents will let children come to us to play, but to consider how to let parents bring children to play with us.

Where should the new operator of the childrens park start?

2. Another aspect is whether there are enough potential customers around the store, which is also clear in the early stage of opening the store. Need to know the experience of having more than 300 families within a radius of 500m to provide enough traffic for an image store with a play area of less than 100m2.

3. On the other hand, if the amusement equipment is stationed near the community so far, it is still unique in the market. Due to indoor recreation, the impact of the weather on our operations is greatly reduced compared to other existing rides.

Customer survey

Who are the target customers of the children's park: customers, who are our customers, some people will say children, yes, our customers are indeed those who play. And when we redefine the customer, the child's mother - parent-child activities, the child's grandparents - enjoy the fun of tea, the child's teacher - let the children's park become your amateur coach, the community neighborhood committee - the children's park is social The important harmony factor, in this way, the customer is three-dimensional, the most popular saying is that those who are likely to pay the bill are your potential customers.

V. Grasp the best time of operation

What time period is the largest passenger traffic in a children's paradise every day, every week or even every year? Few people have summed up and thought about these laws, and missed many opportunities to improve operational efficiency.       

Where should the new operator of the childrens park start?        

1. Leisure weekend: the most prosperous day of the week

On weekends, children are on holiday, parents are resting, and the popularity of the park is something that everyone can see. Therefore, in addition to health, service and safety, we should hold some special promotions or entertainment programs on the weekends. We can refer to popular variety shows for parent-child activities or weekend admission discounts. Let parents and children relax and play, the pressure of study and work is released well, and they will forget to return, thus recycling consumption.

2, winter vacation and holiday leave: the most abundant time of the child in a year

As we all know, the average student's winter vacation and holiday leave are the best time for the indoor children's park business, because only at this time, the children have plenty of time to come and play. Like ordinary holidays, such as the "June 1" Children's Park can hold family entertainment programs such as "The Whole Family Mobilization" to promote family feelings and feel the warmth of the home, thus creating a sense of belonging and belonging to the park. In addition, during the 1-2 months of winter and summer vacations, in general, parents have to go to work and take care of their children. How can they let their children learn and play together without worrying about their child's food and clothing? In this regard, it is recommended to create a “learning” image for children's paradise, to create a good growth hall for children to eat, drink, play, play, and learn, so that parents can safely and safely send their children to the children's paradise! Although it is known when the traffic will increase, the site's own safety, sanitation, and site equipment (the air conditioning, the quality of the equipment) are also important factors.

Six. Operational tricks

Where should the new operator of the childrens park start?

1. At the beginning of the store opening, customers can enter the store for free and give a small gift with the logo of the park. Increase the visibility of the store in the area.

2. Increase the promotion of membership cards and increase the level of membership preferences, so as to cultivate customer loyalty.

3, enhance the internal management of the park, such as the waiter etiquette, parents accompanying the park to wear a disposable socks to improve the cleanliness of the store. These jobs can enhance the brand image in the customer's heart.

4. Train the staff and strengthen the training of responsibility. It is recommended that teachers with early childhood education experience be recruited, so that they can not only guide children to play correctly, but also engage in activities in the park to increase the richness of the game.


1. Blindly compressing costs, causing security risks

Regarding the safety of amusement equipment, it has always been a top priority. The "Quality Law" stipulates that all products produced and sold in China should be marked with the name of the factory, the site and the certificate of conformity, and should be clearly marked with Chinese characters. It is a smart move for operators to choose safe and environmentally friendly amusement equipment.

 2, the choice of children's playground equipment, no one interacts with people

To create a popular children's naughty amusement park, the most important thing is the children's play equipment. Good children's play equipment is the foundation of profit, and good interaction can make the amusement equipment extend the life cycle and repeat the play many times without getting tired, so not only To realize the interaction between people and machines, we must also realize the interaction between people and the competition.

 3, do relevant investigations, do not subjective judgment

Operators generally have a misunderstanding when choosing a project: seeing a new project elsewhere, and feeling good after the experience, will immediately decide to buy, but after the project is put into the operation of the site, it is not so It’s not only that there is no expected aggregate effect, but also less attention and welcome. This is an investment into the misunderstanding. When investing, you should not rely on subjective judgment. Instead, you should consider the analysis from the position of the consumer, consider the surrounding consumption level, play habits and other issues, since the opening of the indoor children's playground It is necessary to set up an indoor children's playground project for the consumer group to analyze the preferences of the customer group. Where conditions permit, some relevant investigations should be done to ensure that the indoor children's amusement park maximizes profitability.

Where should the new operator of the childrens park start?

4, with "big" as a competitive weapon

The reason why the current children's paradise is getting bigger and bigger is that the operators of the children's paradise seem to have no other way to make themselves stand out from the competition with other children's amusement parks. However, after the expansion of the area, there is no reasonable layout plan, resulting in excessive waste corners, resulting in lowering of the efficiency. Therefore, after a large business area, if the "big" image is more powerful than the lowering efficiency of the passenger flow, The performance loss that comes is to earn, or it is lost. Therefore, expanding the business area is an option, but with the help of professional design companies, we must carry out reasonable layout of the effect, give full play to the space, the facade, and improve the efficiency. This expansion is the expansion of strength, otherwise it is swollen. . More important is to improve the playability and game richness per unit area. For example, let the slide combine interactive projection technology, so that a slide can change a variety of games, and players can also interact with the projected game content. The game content can be continuously upgraded and updated, not only slides, but also many naughty castle equipment in traditional children's amusement parks can be combined with interactive projection technology.

 5. Unwise practices of greed and quest

Some indoor children's amusement parks can be seen in the market, but there are not many projects that can be played, which makes visitors feel empty. For operations, it is difficult to bring together the atmosphere of the playground; while some indoor children The amusement park is very small in size, and there are so many machines and equipment. I feel that I can't wait to put it all on. The whole space is very depressing and even breathless. The misunderstanding of these two situations will bring poor experience to the customers. Therefore, when planning the indoor park for the venue, we must make reasonable project planning according to the size and shape of the site, and scientific arrangements must be evaded. This is not a sensible approach.

 6, did not do the primary and secondary points

We can see that many indoor children's amusement parks are generally named "xx Children's Theme Park". However, when planning the project, I forgot what my own theme was, so that the equipment purchased later was not targeted. Finally, the planned equipment had no meaning at all. So how should we avoid this misunderstanding? To avoid the misunderstanding of the primary and secondary, it is to be on the site decoration, decoration equipment and amusement equipment. In addition, you can also focus on the theme of the park during the planning, promotion and promotion of the indoor park. For a long time, your theme is in everyone. There is also a label in mind.

Where should the new operator of the childrens park start?

 7, the degree of cold and heat is not properly matched

Generally speaking, a reasonable match of a venue is to combine the hot project with the unpopular project. As we have seen in some indoor amusement parks, some areas are soaring and some are unattended, which is not conducive to indoor travel. The operation of the park. The area is limited. If the hot items are concentrated, the crowd will be crowded together, which will cause some tourists to lose because they can't get in. The unpopular projects have not been concerned. Therefore, we need to intersperse science into hot and cold projects, to have popular projects in popular projects, and to have popular projects in the unpopular projects, so that tourists can fully play, and can also drive the operation of the unpopular projects through popular projects. The project runs through the entire site, and only in this way is the customer as much as possible.

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