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How does the doll machine grasp the hearts of consumers?
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2019-09-20 16:49:22
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How does the doll machine grasp the hearts of consumers?

The doll machine has been in existence for more than 20 years. At present, there are all kinds of doll machines in the market. It is not only a must-have item in the game hall and video game city, but also in shopping centers, cinemas, supermarkets and pedestrian streets. Such a "simple and cute" game device is not only eliminated by the new and tired players, but also popular among fans of all ages. What kind of psychological secrets are behind this wonderful attraction?

01. Small-scale addiction brought by dopamine

Don’t underestimate the doll machine. When people are throwing a few coins to the doll machine, when they are looking forward to catching the doll they want, the joy of expectation and excitement is The stimulus provided by the reward circuit in the brain—the addiction process.

If the doll is caught successfully, the reward circuit will further give the sweet feeling of dopamine, and if not caught (in most cases), the dopamine level will drop to a lower level than normal, giving a feeling of "disappointment". At this time, in order to re-raise the experience, people tend to catch it again, and the secretion of dopamine will be “intermittently enhanced” in this process of repetition. The process is fascinating, even if the probability of catching the doll is far less than the chance of failure. It is still difficult to give up the temptation of "again."

The more the number of attempts, the greater the cost of sunk, and the more difficult it is for people to extricate themselves, the more people want to take out coins to play a few times.

How does the doll machine grasp the hearts of consumers?

02. Fragmented entertainment is more suitable for daily needs

The process of “small-scale addiction” is also a process of intensive consumption of attention resources, which helps people release stress and regulate emotions, so even adults will not refuse to “catch a few” occasionally. Compared with other psychological adjustment methods that require long-term investment, there is another important reason for the popularity of the doll machine, which is its "fragmented entertainment" trait.

There are several factors in this trait: one is the “low threshold for economic and time cost”. No matter how adults or children are, no one will mind this expenditure, why not; and the second is “high in the relaxed environment”. "Contact rate", where the doll machine is placed, it is a place for leisure and consumption. Under the premise of having corresponding psychological preparations, people are exposed to a sufficient number of images and amiable dolls, plus current mobile payment. Developed, even the trouble of changing coins is saved. "Go and grab it" becomes a very natural action; the third is "convenience, fun", although some people specialize in the skills of catching dolls, but they can also have skills. Play, simple operation and a fun-filled atmosphere further enhance people's participation.

How does the doll machine grasp the hearts of consumers?

03. Reduce the defense of others to close the psychological distance

There is also an interesting phenomenon about catching dolls: young couples tend to grab dolls more than children and give dolls to each other, and even mature, serious adults are often not ashamed to catch dolls, and even happy to socialize. Show the spoils on the web.

This is actually a kind of interpersonal interaction driven by a defensive mindset. It is undeniable that the act of “caught the doll” itself, the behavioral process of focusing on the doll, and the image of various dolls are all “staying in the air”, and this “staying in the Meng” is precisely in the interpersonal relationship. Distance invisible weapons. Couples catching dolls together convey the feelings of intimacy and innocence, while in the social network, the dolls are silently expressing the attitude of "I am so cute, I am harmless." These transmissions and expressions, whether intentionally or unintentionally, are reducing the defenses of others, and at the same time, they also strengthen self-defense, and the beauty of them is worth knowing.

Doll machine foreground

01. The rise of the second, third and fourth tier cities

Due to the hot profit in the market, the points in the first-tier cities are now crowded with the doll machines of various businesses. Just like sharing bicycles, as long as there is a large traffic flow, there will always be one or two doll machines.

Therefore, many entrepreneurial teams are now beginning to market their strategies to second- and third-tier cities, centering on the urban market, and then radiating to the secondary county theaters and supermarkets. Implement the strategy of rural encircling the city, avoid the fiercely competitive first-tier cities, and go to the second, third and fourth-tier cities for pioneering.

As the trend of population return in second- and third-tier cities continues to increase, the market demand for catching doll machines has also migrated back. These returning people are the main consumers of consumption. They not only bring back certain cash savings, but also bring back the life philosophy that has been developed in big cities. Whether it is the pursuit of light luxury products, or the catching doll machine for the people, they have cultivated the habit of consumption.

The sinking of the channel of the cinema line is also one of the factors driving the fall of the doll machine market. Beginning in 2015, film industry giants such as Wanda Cinema, Dadi Cinema and China Film Star have expanded their markets beyond the first-tier cities, so the completion of a large number of theater constructions has provided more business opportunities for doll machine merchants.

How does the doll machine grasp the hearts of consumers?

02. The prevalence of mobile payments

In order to win more merchants to join and join, many manufacturers continue to innovate technology and develop the smart doll machine mentioned above to subvert the traditional doll machine game. This kind of smart doll machine is the product of the "Internet +" era, and now has people's lives. Habitual features - with the function of mobile payment.

The traditional doll machine with coin or game currency as the main game has its drawbacks out of the times. When mobile payment has not yet arisen, the scene of consumers using coins is not much, and the game coins are mostly when there is change. Go to redeem. This reduced the possibility of a lot of consumption in the first place.

If it is necessary to exchange coins or game coins to play the doll machine, then it is now limited by mobile payment, which improves the payment process and improves the efficiency of use and the frequency of transactions.

The same is true, the development of mobile payment makes it unnecessary to exchange coins, and it also keeps the guests with no change for the doll machine.

The smart doll machine supports WeChat and Alipay payment, as long as you can use the QR code on the WeChat and scanning doll machine to exchange coins, then you can use any smart doll machine of the same type in the mall. Nowadays, people are becoming more and more accustomed to cashless consumption, and mobile payment currency technology will become the standard function of the doll machine in the future.

At the same time, merchants can use offline payment to divert offline traffic to WeChat public account. When renting a venue, merchants can use this as a bargaining chip. Consumers can pay attention to the public number of the mall or enterprise. .

How does the doll machine grasp the hearts of consumers?

03. Experiential consumption

First of all, it must be the user experience. After all, users are food and clothing parents, how can a doll machine with broken claws attract a female consumer to watch. The success rate of doll crawling is the most concerned issue for users. The strength of setting paw strength is to take a balance point that can be profitable. It is too strong, the success rate is high, the merchant loses money; too weak, the success rate is low, the user experience is not good.

Of course, the appearance of the doll machine can not be sloppy, can not be the same, should be able to attract attention from the theme and color at first sight, in order to attract more people to experience.

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