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five major factors in the success of the indoor childrens park
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2019-09-19 17:48:42
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In recent years, indoor and outdoor children's parks, large and small, have been favored by all walks of life because of the influence of the mass entertainment era. Therefore, there are more and more businesses to operate, regardless of the children's playground, whether it is a large shopping mall or a community supermarket. Almost everyone can see the indoor children's playground. Nowadays, indoor children's parks not only become the standard of major shopping centers, but also become the “people flow engine” of many industries.

There is competition in the market, and there is competition to win or lose. How to stand out from the competition is not only the management skills and management methods of the operators, but also the safety, ingenuity and education of the indoor children's playground amusement equipment. And as people's spiritual needs continue to improve, indoor children's parks need to meet the emotional principles and experience design concepts while satisfying the above three levels.

five major factors in the success of the indoor childrens park

Children are naturally curious, especially in the needs of indoor children's playground rides, preferring rides that challenge unknowns and uncertainties. Therefore, in an ever-changing environment, the state of motion of the same object is definitely more attractive than the relatively static state.

In addition, children are particularly sensitive to external stimuli, and with the experience of design trends in recent years, users are emotionally impressed and children's cognitive abilities are improved. The development of indoor children's playground rides is gradually approaching children in the dynamic direction. The world meets the emotional needs of children.

Characteristic patience is indispensable

For the shopping center, the children's business is a high-speed engine with the magic of one person to drive the whole family, but in the fast-paced social life, it is a disadvantage. The development status of children's business is: the industry will be shuffled in the development, the children's park brand has no characteristics, and the poor management will eventually be eliminated. Even if the characteristics are found, the children's business brand has to go through a long profit cycle.

The investment in the opening of indoor children's parks includes fixed equipment investment, technology investment, rent, equipment depreciation, labor costs, and water and electricity property fees. The competition in the same industry and the single form have reduced passenger flow. The indoor children's park brand needs to create IP cooperation, create more fun, and constantly innovate, so that the space amusement is more distinctive to attract consumers' attention.

Make good use of "free" derivative consumption

Some insiders believe that in general, a large part of household expenditure is carried out around children, and children's business will promote "concessive consumption" or "derived consumption." According to the data released by the RET Ruiyide industry research report, domestic children's theme parks are profitable, and ticket sales account for 79%. Compared with foreign countries, such income structure is very simple.

While the children's business brand has established a long-term business plan, the shopping mall as a property side should also be far-sighted, and ticket sales should not be the main target. The orientation of children's business should not be commercial profitable. It is necessary to strengthen the service of children's business, and to create the economic value of shopping centers with children's services as the entry point. The challenger of innovation is already trying more models.

five major factors in the success of the indoor childrens park

A reasonable mix of colors to attract children’s attention

The color that children are suitable for and the color they like are related to their age. They should choose different colors according to their age. Concerned about the growth of children, they should pay more attention to their mental health and cultivate their optimistic and uplifting personality. In general, children between the ages of 0 and 6 are called preschool children. They intuitively perceive the world through sensory stimuli such as color, shape, sound, etc. In their eyes, there is no popular color, as long as the contrast contrast is large and strong. Bright and pure colors can arouse their strong interest and help them to know the world they live in.

Designing the children's space to be colorful is not only suitable for children's innocent psychology, but also the bright colors will be filled with hope and vitality. The color of the environment has a profound impact on the growth of children. For example, green is good for children's vision. Blue and purple can shape the child's quiet character. Pink and light yellow are suitable for cultivating girls' gentleness and well-being.

Integrated industry chain market refinement

A “post-80s” parent said that there will be different trainings in different directions at different ages. 2-6 years old is the age of play; after 6 years old, it will increase investment in education. It is reported that Disney operates entertainment program production, theme parks, toys, books, video games, media networks and other businesses, itself is a collection of children's industry-wide industrial chain. The demographic structure changes and the number of infants and children continues to increase, but the existing children's format has exceeded market capacity.

The indoor children's park brand independently builds the entire industrial chain, which is easy to form vicious competition in the market, and the characteristics are not clear enough to support the entire market. The market should be further subdivided, and the children's park brand will refine its own business, and the market mechanism will integrate the refined brands to create higher attractiveness.

five major factors in the success of the indoor childrens park

Cross-industry cooperation, expand the membership pool to ensure stable income

A good indoor children's park must have its own characteristics in order to continue to operate for a long time. It must have a keen insight into the market, understand the needs of children, and allow children to accept new things and help their minds and minds while playing. development of. In terms of promotion, organizations related to the nature of children can cooperate with each other and establish member files to better serve and promote them later. The most important thing is to highlight personalization.

At present, there are many children's entertainment places on the market. If a new type of children's park wants to attract customers in a short period of time, it must use new equipment and visual impact products to attract children's attention.

In general, running an indoor children's park is not as simple as you think. There are many factors to consider in a successful indoor children's park. First of all, we must have a correct business philosophy. As an indoor children's paradise, we should think about the problem from the perspective of children and parents, whether it meets the consumption requirements of parents, and whether it is attractive enough. The richness, safety, and scientific nature of the park may be factors that parents consider. Similarly, we must improve our own grades, good environment and quality service are all necessary factors for business success.

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