Precautions Before Buy Inflatable Castle!
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2019-09-14 17:35:57
shikewei    2019-09-14 17:37:25

Now, most kindergartens and large public children's play center use "inflatable" castle, which are safer, less cost, and more adaptable to the wider use. They are already widely used in various places. So what should pay attention buying inflatable castle?

Precautions Before Buy Inflatable Castle!


一: Fabric ingredients


The fabric part of the inflatable castle determines its service life and environmental protection. It is best to use anti-fouling, environment-friendly high-strength PVC. This fabric is characterized by flame retardant, low toxicity, strong resistance to breakage, strong tear resistance, UV resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, and temperature resistance. The range is minus 40 degrees Celsius - 40 degrees Celsius.


二: Craft and beautification


1. Printing and inkjet printing, using high-grade nylon ink is the best, the characteristics are green environmental protection in line with standards, bright colors, strong adhesion, can guarantee 5 years without fading under ultraviolet light;


2, product technology, from three aspects, including product appearance, sewing process, structural design.


Product Appearance: To meet the full and beautiful appearance, natural arc, paste flat clothes, clean and tidy.


Sewing process: All products are made of three-line sewing, with protective strips at the seams, and windproof measures, etc., with safety as the first consideration.


Structural design: The air outlet adopts three protection devices with buffered air retaining plates.


In a word, the first option for inflatable castle is safety and the second is service life.

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