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How do indoor children's parks innovate to gain market favor?
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2019-09-12 17:54:22
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As one of the pan-entertainment industries, Children's Paradise has always been loved by parents and children. In addition to being recognized by many consumers, it is also favored by investors. For a good children's playground to attract investors, join and maintain a good momentum of development, then from the design, decoration, operation, management, publicity and even security and other details need to pay attention.

How do indoor children's parks innovate to gain market favor?


Do a good job of analyzing the situation and keeping up with the market situation

1. From the market point of view , the domestic market is increasingly valued by global brands and large and medium-sized local enterprises, and the market competition is more intense. The cycle of new product sales is getting shorter and shorter, the display area is getting smaller and smaller, and the marketing cost is getting more and more. The higher the sales, the more complicated the sales channels, and the more domestic brands. The difficulty factor that companies want to break out of is also growing. The integrated marketing competition of “Brand, Customer and Terminal” is changing from “simple and extensive” to “systematic and refined” . We can also see that the number of school-side stores has gradually decreased in first- and second-tier cities, and the sales share of traditional children's parks in supermarket chains has increased rapidly.

How do indoor children's parks innovate to gain market favor?

2. From the perspective of consumer groups , children's play hobbies and methods have evolved from “single and passive” to “diversified and interactive” . The younger age of children's parks (6-9 years old) has a clear trend. The preference for children's parks in primary school grades (10-12 years old) has dropped significantly. The fascination with online games has increased significantly, and the base of traditional toy consumer groups has been closed. Narrow has been basically shaped. The Internet has revolutionized the way children spend their spare time, and the online games and interactive community platforms are very appealing and influential among children. It is enough to prove this. In addition, the consumption of working-class household toys has become cautious due to inflation. After 80, parents are enthusiastic about online shopping or online group purchase of children's products.

3. From an industry perspective , the outstanding enterprises in the children's paradise industry are favored and favored by the capital market, and there are many listed companies. Every aspect of the children's park industry chain is looking for market opportunities in the upstream and downstream, and cross-border operations become more and more obvious. Because "IP" communication shows a strong leverage for the sales of children's paradise derivatives, attracting more local players to test the water. At the same time, however, TV media communication is more specialized and segmented, which highlights the strong vitality from professional shopping channels and cartoon channels, and can be confirmed by better market returns.

How do indoor children's parks innovate to gain market favor?

Do a good job in market research, keep up with the market situation, and assess the market development prospects. Doing this work will also have a certain impact on the development of children's playgrounds. At the same time, for those who want to share a piece of the industry, professional brands are worth investing. .


Choose popular rides to reach your target audience

1, children naughty castle. Children's naughty castle has long occupied a seat in the most popular children's play facilities, which can be said to be enduring. Children's naughty castles include slides, marine ball pools, happy octopus, coconut trees and other items, which can be combined freely and dynamically. For children, the children's naughty castle project is rich and playable, and it is reasonable to be one of the most popular children's play projects.

How do indoor children's parks innovate to gain market favor?

2, Zhiyong is a big pass. The Zhiyong Daguan project is born out of TV programs and has a large mass base. Therefore, it has become one of the most popular children's play projects. The Zhiyong Daguan facility uses a colorful environment and a vivid image of the image to make the children feel like they are in a wonderful fairy tale world. With its stimulating, entertaining and powerful spurs, it has a strong appeal, and it can be used by many people at the same time. The styles of each level are different and the gameplay is rich.

How do indoor children's parks innovate to gain market favor?

3, beach treasure hunt. Psychologists believe that playing sand is not only a game, but more importantly, it is good for the growth of children. Sand is both a solid and a fluid. It is impermanent and easy to master. Its endless form and inexhaustible play essentially satisfy the children's inner needs.

How do indoor children's parks innovate to gain market favor?

4. Track racing. The children's playground equipment of the track car has created a relaxed and free psychological environment for the children to have fun in the track racing game. Simulating the real racing track, a variety of accessories, real simulation of the racing scene, full of technology, entertainment, competition, puzzle, interactive four in one, entertaining and learning, is one of the most popular education methods It is very popular among children!

How do indoor children's parks innovate to gain market favor?

5, parent-child interaction class. Interactive, parent-child, and ingenious projects not only attract children, but also attract parents who are happy to pay for their children. These projects not only promote the feelings between parents and children, but also enable children to learn to use their hands and brains during play. Conducive to the child's intellectual development, very popular with parents.

How do indoor children's parks innovate to gain market favor?

6, puzzle class. Wang Zicheng is the psychology of many parents. It is the most satisfying for parents to learn to learn and learn. The simulation driving school, children's education, child development and somatosensory training are popular among parents and children.

How do indoor children's parks innovate to gain market favor?

7, manual DIY. DIY is the abbreviation for “Do It Yourself”. Initially emerging from the computer assembly, it gradually became a popular lifestyle. To put it simply, DIY is a do-it-yourself production. There is no restriction on professional qualifications. If you want to do it, every craftsman can use DIY to make a privately-made "product" to express yourself. Not only can children play, but parents can also participate, and their good parent-child interaction is very popular among children and parents.

How do indoor children's parks innovate to gain market favor?

8, children's indoor expansion. The children's development training is based on the characteristics of children's characteristics, through a scientific three-dimensional combination to form a new generation of indoor children's amusement park project integrating amusement, sports, puzzle and fitness. Most of the children's indoor development training consists of traversing projects. It sets up and builds various difficult and super-stimulus levels in the vertical space, allowing children to experience high-altitude climbing and feel the thrill of crossing obstacles. Hurricane children's will, challenge themselves, stimulate their potential, enhance self-confidence; mainly suitable for children aged 4-15.

How do indoor children's parks innovate to gain market favor?

Safety first

Protect your own paradise with a responsible attitude

In the past two or three years, many large shopping malls and supermarkets in the urban area have launched a number of large indoor children's playgrounds, which are very popular. These indoor children's amusement parks can promote the growth and development of children to a certain extent, and bring happy childhood time to children, but many of the hidden dangers of the sanitation of the park are lack of corresponding laws and regulations. Relevant experts suggest that in light of the current supervision status of small amusement facilities, relevant departments should speed up legislation and implement the supervision system. At the same time, they can learn from the excellent experience of foreign children's park management and formulate a series of strict small children's amusement facilities management system.

How do indoor children's parks innovate to gain market favor?

In foreign countries, children's playgrounds emphasize management. Every living and residential area in Germany must be equipped with children's playgrounds for children. These children's parks in Germany belong to public places, which are planned, constructed and managed by local government departments, and are regularly cleaned. Weeding, refurbishing, etc.; also emphasizes that the facilities need to be suitable for children, interesting, safe and reliable. At the same time, mandatory measures are introduced in terms of safety standards, sanitation, etc., so that "someone has control and there is law."

How do indoor children's parks innovate to gain market favor?

At present, China's "Regulations on the Administration of Public Places" does not include children's playgrounds in the scope of the "Regulations". The seven categories and 28 public places specified in the "Regulations" do not involve children's playgrounds. Therefore, there is no corresponding health management standard that can effectively supervise the health status of children's parks in shopping malls and supermarkets. The health situation is entirely borne by the operators. Some parents have called for operators of children's rides in supermarkets, shopping malls and restaurants to strengthen the management of health and safety issues before the relevant departments legislate to ensure that the public can be assured of consumption. More people in the interview said that no matter what kind of rides they choose, they still have to rely on parents to get better.

Children's play is inherently dangerous. In addition to hoping for safety supervision, parents who are guardians must be accompanied at all times to avoid accidents. At the same time, in order to avoid cross-infection due to less strict disinfection, parents should stay away from the 'three no' rides and try to choose a standardized business location. "Experts suggest that parents should not let their children play games that are particularly old, broken or rusty, have exposed wires, have abnormal noise during operation, or have abnormal shaking. The crowds in the free play area are crowded. If you have children who are particularly tall, or play very naughty, let the children wait. Don't let the children try to do something dangerous without ensuring safety. The action, such as jumping from a height, rolling down or rolling back and forth, and so on.

How do indoor children's parks innovate to gain market favor?

Do a good job in all aspects of the children's paradise, especially the safety issue is a responsibility that every paradise can not ignore, be friends with customers, treat each child with a responsible attitude, such a paradise will be deeply loved by children.


Management has skills, every detail is not missed

1. Expand influence before opening. First of all, the promotion of advertising flyers before the opening of the business, with this single to the children's paradise free experience, so that nearby parents, children know that there is this children's playground, so that parents can bring their children to continue to spend regularly. On the opening day, organize an event, such as baby crawling games, parent-child games (ballooning, ballooning, leggings, etc.). At the same time, it is necessary to give parents a good impression while stimulating the atmosphere of the scene, so as to attract future parents to bring their children to play or participate in activities. Increase the visibility of the store in the area, and do regular collective activities in the store.

How do indoor children's parks innovate to gain market favor?

2. At the beginning of the store opening, customers can enter the store for free and give a small gift with the logo of the park. Prepare some small gifts to make parents feel very warm. As long as the parents who bring the children, find some people with more sales experience to introduce the benefits of recharging cards, and the discount card is more powerful, and the funds will be returned as soon as possible. And register the child's birth date, you can have special discounts on the children's birthday, such as free to play on the venue or send a small birthday gift.

3. Increase the promotion of membership cards and increase the level of membership preferences, so as to cultivate customer loyalty. Friendly reminder, membership card to do personalized cartoon design, will better get the children and parents like.

4. Enhance the internal management of the park. If the waiter is ceremonial, the parents wear disposable socks when they accompany the park to improve the cleanliness of the store. These jobs can enhance the brand image in the customer's heart.

5. Train staff to strengthen the cultivation of responsibility. It is recommended to recruit teachers with early childhood education experience, so that not only can children be guided correctly, but activities can be carried out in the park to increase the richness of the game.

How do indoor children's parks innovate to gain market favor?

6. What kind of activities are planned to be launched each month. Especially on statutory holidays, it is very meaningful to introduce fun and interesting activities for parents and children! At the end of the event, a reward is selected. When there are many children, our caregivers can organize activities randomly from time to time, such as organizing children to dance, jumping well to win prizes, or organizing competitions on the field, playing games according to actual venues, hiding some in the venue. Items, children who find items, prizes and other activities to attract children.

7. Parents who have already done the card encourage more consumption. The parents who just attended persuaded to do the card for the child. It is best to build a WeChat group for these members and let everyone share their participation.

8. Good service is also a very important word of mouth. The tourist service center and the ticket office are always the busiest places in the park, so that visitors can feel the smile service at the first sight, the warm reception of the reception desk, the intimate and due diligence of the guide. I can give the park a lot of points. For example, the park guides understand the duties of the guide, that is, from the perspective of the operator, it is to do terminal sales, maintain the safety and atmosphere of the park, and from the perspective of the parents, it is a good guide for children. Only by satisfying customers can sales performance be gratifying.

9, not only to serve well, the amusement park is clean and tidy is also very important. It is also possible to establish a sound environmental cleaning system, disinfecting and cleaning twice before opening the park, closing the park twice a week, vacuuming, cleaning, regular inspections, regular inspections, strict maintenance and finishing, and special soft cloth for the staff. Carefully scrub each device and carefully check that the connection parts of each device are secure, that the circuit electrical appliances and common components are not damaged, that all parts cannot be spiked, and so on. Providing a clean and entertaining environment will attract more parents to bring their children to play.

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