Do you know the biggest misunderstanding of the indoor children's park site selection?
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2019-09-15 17:43:55
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Indoor children's paradise, many people look at the excitement, the threshold is low, the management is simple, they want to share a piece of cake, but they do not know the layman to watch the lively, the insider looks at the doorway. How can an indoor children's park last for a long time and earn money? The location of the park is especially important!

It is reported that investors who are involved in the children's paradise industry are mostly looking at alternative addresses for high popularity. The flow of people is not big? Once they meet the conditions in their minds, "I think", "I think" comes, and then the head shot, it is here. As a result, it is a pity to open a shop sloppyly and leave the store after the month.

The way this kind of park is sited is very hasty and hasty, but it is ubiquitous. Investors believe that they are familiar with all aspects of the local situation and do not want to waste more time on trivial market research and analysis. Without the support of detailed data, after the opening of the park, it will not achieve the expected effect, or shut down the people, and the investment will be squandered.

Do anything, analyze people first, and analyze the customer groups we target. The customer base of the indoor children's park can be divided into fixed customers and mobile customers. Fixed customers are a relatively stable source of revenue for indoor children's parks; mobile customers are random and difficult to predict. Generally speaking, the indoor children's paradise must first strive for a fixed source of customers. Without a fixed source of tourists, it is difficult for your park to continue to operate. Under the premise of mastering the fixed source of customers, we will strive to strive for the source of liquidity, and the popularity of the park will become more and more prosperous.

In the location of indoor children's parks, fixed customers and mobile customers correspond to community-type business circles and mobile business districts respectively?

Mobile business district

Community-based business district: a single business area with a large number of fixed customers and a lack of mobility.

Mobile business district: purely commercial area, dense business, large turnover of people, and very few surrounding societies, even if there are some old communities.

Mobile + community-type business district: business-intensive business, balanced staff turnover, fixed customer resources, can radiate surrounding communities.

Obviously, the mobile + community business district is the best choice for the park address. In the survey of the site selection of the park, the number of surrounding communities is a basis, and what type of community is more important.

There are three types of communities: old communities, young communities, and new communities.

The old community: the community built in the 1990s, hesitant to get married and get married, resulting in a decrease in the number of young people and children, and the population is aging, and such communities are not strong in spending;

Young community: residential areas invested and built after 2000, old and young, coexisting, balanced population, diversified consumer demand, such community consumption capacity is stable;

New Community: The communities that have been invested and built since 2010 are mostly young people, with a large number of children, cultural life and outdoor activities, and strong spending power.

The new community with a high occupancy rate is undoubtedly the key area for indoor children's parks. The young community is second, and the old community can be ignored.

Community business district

Of course, a simple community-based business district or a mobile business district is not a place for indoor children's paradise, but it should be tailored to suit local conditions.

Choosing a community-based business district requires that the park has strong stickiness, the park must have continuous operational capability, and the park has higher requirements for the park; while choosing a mobile-type business circle investment, the investment should not be too large, so it is necessary to make a long-term profit return period. Psychological preparation.

Do you know the biggest misunderstanding of the indoor children's park site selection?

After doing the above site selection analysis, investors need to understand the nearby competitors, children's business, maternal and child toy stores, children's training, children's catering, etc. The more comprehensive the situation, the more accurate the data, the investment of children The risk of the park will be lower . I would rather spend more time and energy on the site of the park. Don't rush to choose a location in order to get started. As long as the location is selected, the continuous operation of the indoor children's park will have a multiplier effect.

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