the venue flourish if you buy the machine in this way!
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The opening of a video game city can only achieve a stable business foundation based on high-quality machine equipment. The game machine is the basis for the normal operation of the video game city. The more stable the machine is, the better the hardware facilities are, and the more likely it is to fail. Small, everyone knows how to be depressed if you play a machine and suddenly die or get stuck when you are happy. The psychological impact on customers is huge, and the passenger flow is seriously lost. The importance of the performance of the equipment of the video game console is obvious.

1. Purchase of machine equipment

the venue flourish if you buy the machine in this way!

Video game equipment purchase refers to the principle of production technology, availability, maintainability, operability and energy supply according to the production process requirements and market supply conditions, according to the technical requirements of the production process and the market supply. Wait for the requirements, conduct surveys and analysis and comparison to determine the equipment optimization plan.

1. Preparation for machine equipment before purchase

1 The actual site is too small: to obtain a simple machine layout for the site area, such as the machine area, the placement of popular machines, the location of difficult to move the machine, and so on.

2 Popular machine types: You can investigate the machine attendance rate of the same city video game city by investigating the configuration of the peer game center.

3 Understand the types of machines: Video game machines are divided into several categories, lottery machines, gift machines, simulators (shooting, racing, motorcycles), parent-child interaction machines, etc.

4 Purchasing machine budget amount: List the machine configuration list and consult the manufacturer for the machine price.

5 Determining the site operation center of gravity machine: Determine the number of machine purchases by determining the site operation center of gravity machine.

6 Understand the characteristics of the machine. The game machine belongs to the electronic mechanical equipment, and needs to know its power, display mode, vulnerable parts, and precautions for the maintenance machine in operation.

2, machine equipment purchase considerations

the venue flourish if you buy the machine in this way!

1 Should not only compare prices: In order to save money, which machine is cheaper to buy which one, the result is that the machine has problems after the purchase is returned for a period of time.

2 When choosing a machine, you must choose a strong manufacturer: a strong manufacturer has a department responsible for installation and after-sales, and can ensure good after-sales service when there is a problem with the machine.

3 When choosing a machine, consider the configuration and procedures of the machine. The stability of the game machine is directly related to the operation of the site.

3. Learn more about video game equipment

1 understand the type of gaming equipment;

Video game equipment is divided into several categories: simulators, lottery machines, amusement machines, and frame machines.

2 Understand the characteristics of video game equipment (pros and cons)

Video game equipment belongs to electronic equipment. It is necessary to understand the voltage load, screen size and consumable parts used by it; what to pay attention to during maintenance, simple operation process, how to guide consumer customers, etc.

3 understand the price of video game equipment (open offer, wholesale price, peer price)

Like other products, video game equipment is circulated in the market, there are manufacturers, merchants, public selling prices, wholesale prices, peer operating prices, etc.; but because the price of video game equipment in the entire market is not very transparent, the same type of machine may also There are imports and domestic products; the quality of different manufacturers is also different, so the price is not the same, so take more time to understand.

the venue flourish if you buy the machine in this way!

4 understand the production location of video game equipment

Production sites are divided into domestic and imported. OEM products of imported equipment and foreign products in China are generally able to guarantee quality; the production of domestically produced products is correspondingly lower in terms of material selection and technical capabilities; however, the prices of imported products and domestic OEM products are much higher.

5 understand the production time of video game equipment

If the production time of the same video game products is different, there may be differences between the technology and the materials used (for example, some devices have previously used rear projections in the display part, and many device display parts have begun to use liquid crystal displays due to the phasing out of rear projection; As a result, the display resolution is improved and it is easy to repair and maintain); it is recommended to purchase the latest production products when purchasing.

6 understand the reputation of video game equipment

The reputation of video game equipment is divided into performance and playability. If the performance of new video game products is not good, the sales may not be quickly eliminated by the production enterprises; the playability is different in different regions, because local culture and taste are different, there are also Quite a big difference.

2. Purchase of machine equipment

the venue flourish if you buy the machine in this way!

When it comes to the placement of the machine, many people don't take it for granted. "Can you just put it on the line? Is there anything tangled?" But we calm down and analyze it, but it is still very particular. There are two main aspects: fixed factors and variable factors.

1, fixed factors

1 Site size, entrance and exit orientation, location of auxiliary facilities (fire hydrant, hand report, roller blind, safety exit, etc.), socket location, electrical circuit setting, infrastructure (pillars, walls, windows, etc.) location, fixed facilities (checkout counter) , water bar, etc.);

2 Machine type, quantity, size, attributes, etc.

2, variable factors

the venue flourish if you buy the machine in this way!

1 manager experience;

2 awareness of consumer behavior;

3 facing marketing strategies;

4 expected profit target;

5 business decision-making;

6 Business decision makers' personal preferences.

For those who want to build a video game city, we should conscientiously do a good job in the research and analysis of the game center of the video game in the early stage, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each machine and the venue, try to consider all aspects, and be prepared to have your own video game. The city wins in the front.

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